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This issue has been so enjoyable to put together with #TeamGlancer,
as it is themed Summer Bliss and filled with pages that are meant to
make you smile. With everything that our community has endured
these past few months, it’s time for some happiness to be spread
around town ♥ and we are happy to be part of that mission through our
uplifting stories and heartfelt local tributes.
As businesses were just starting to open up and rebuild after the
COVID-19 ‘Shelter In Place Order there was a certain sense of relief
in the air– a feeling that everything would be OK. We would all come
back stronger than ever.
Then, the west suburban community was stricken with unthinkable vi-
olence in Naperville as looters who were disguised as protesters, infil-
trating a peaceful protest being held in the name of
George Floyd. With protests still going on locally,
many businesses are boarded up, but remain
May you find peace in the coming days and
be kind to everyone you meet. Thank you for
reading from all of us at Glancer Magazine.
Lindy Kleivo
Publishing Director, West Suburban Area
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JUNE 2020 | Vol 19
Backyard Summer Bliss
This month we celebrate summer at home
with backyard bliss including outdoor party
planning, landscape design, fun for the
kids and more. Plus, resident features that
will uplift and inspire. Subscribe today at
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Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS •5
Downtown Downers Grove (June 5) After a
night of peaceful protesting in Naperville turned vio-
lent, Downers Grove businesses boarded up in
preparation of an upcoming protest. DG residents
came together to decorate with colorful symbols and
words of peace and kindness.
Photos by Mike Catuara •
Invite Us to Your Next Event • www.GlancerMagazine.com
Downtown Naperville (June 5) After a week of peaceful protesting,
with one night leading to the destruction of 30 downtown businesses, res-
idents of Naperville came together to post signs of unity and peace.
by Mike Catuara • Invite Us to Your Next Event • www.GlancerMagazine.com
You’ve Been
Photos by Mike Catuara
Visit Us Online for Hundreds of Additional
Photos from Each of these Events at
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS •7
LEARNING EXPRESS–4 Ocean Bracelets! Every bracelet pur-
chased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean
and coastlines. Wear it as a reminder to curb your plastic habit, live
more sustainably, and encourage others to take action to protect
what they love. Available at Learning Express in Glen Ellyn. Check
website for hours. www.learningexpress.com/
5 Things to Do
Open June 4 at the 95th Street Library
Naperville Park District and the 95th Street Li-
brary are pleased to announce that the 95th
Street Farmers Market will open for its third
season on Thursday, June 4. The Market
will be held on Thursdays from 3:00-7:00
p.m. in the parking lot of the 95th Street
Library, located at 3015 Cedar Glade
Drive in Naperville.
NAPERVILLE– Recognized as a premiere remodeling company,
with a 10,000 square foot showroom in Naperville, HomeWerks
has a beautiful online gallery of photos and ideas to help you plan
your next remodeling dream come true. Now’s a great time to
start planning your next kitchen, bath or basement project!
Family owned and operated since 1996, HomeWerks specializes
in full service remodeling. The kitchen and bath displays are in-
teractive, allowing visitors to experience many product features
first hand. With the focus of providing high quality products, pro-
fessional installation and exceptional customer service
HomeWerks Kitchen and Bath • www.myhomewerks.com
Experience Grape-To-Glass In North-
ern Illinois at this beautifully rare find
just 50 miles outside of Chicago.
Acquaviva Winery is a serenade
to the sense. A pastoral palace
fueled by award-winning wine.
We're a full service winery, tast-
ing room, & bistro overlooking
the grapes that sculpt our wines.
Located in Maple Park, Illinois ,
our family invites you to absorb
the sights, sounds, and flavors of
Italy, livened by a Midwestern
pulse. Check website for event
NORTH AURORA–Re-opening of what was previously known as The Vintage Mar-
ket. Come shop some of your favorite vendors and some new favorites! Open 10-6
in North Aurora at 21 South Lincolnway. www.thevintagemarketplacecompany.com
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 9
10 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Naperville Couple Shares on
their Endeavor of a Lifetime
A Message to Follow Your
Dreams and Live Fully
The “Stay at Home Order” can provide just the right amount of time for
most to sit back and reflect on their life while also projecting future goals.
It can allow one to ask the question, “am I living every day to its fullest –
following my dreams – remembering life is truly short”?
Mary Roy and Bob Covert are both physicians with long careers in Nap-
erville. They have six kids; all Benet Academy graduates with successful
careers. They lived full-time in Naperville from 1995-2015 where Mary
owned and managed Midwest Center for Advanced Imaging near White
Eagle. Bob is a Neonatologist still working every few weeks in the Edward
Neonatal ICU, a member of DuPage Neonatology Associates, and has
been Medical Director of the Neonatal ICU, caring for critically ill babies
at Edward Hospital since 1996.
About 10 years ago, Mary and Bob were considering their future in retire-
ment and received a brochure in the mail advertising an online program
in Winemaking and Viticulture, and next thing they knew they were imag-
ining the real possibility of carving out a niche in wine country as their
After a two-year exhaustive search for the perfect property, they found
their dream in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California and pur-
chased it in 2013, subsequently building a wine cave, tasting room, green-
house and gardens, and ultimately transforming the site into the most
charming winery in Northern California named Capo Creek.
Mary and Bob began producing wine and revitalized the vineyard with or-
ganic techniques, new vine plantings, modern irrigation, soil amendments,
beneficial cover crops, and bluebird boxes and opened their wine cave
in 2017 and the Winery Tasting Room in 2018.
Capo Creek has now become a hidden-gem wine destination known for
its unique and private wine and food experiences with tours. When
COVID-19 hit, they began offering virtual tasting experiences, where all
their Illinois west suburban friends, and those from other states, could join
an online interactive food and wine tasting, as well as WINE BINGO.
The Capo logo reflects a lifestyle that intersects love, laughter, sunshine,
music and of course, great wine……and is a simple reminder to everyone
to follow your dreams and live life fully because you never know when
the world will stop as we know it.
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 11
12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
14 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
TREND #1 | Local Meat Markets
With the local meat shortage due to the pandemic, many are turning to their
local meat markets for quality items. Popular for summer include unique,
never-tried-before recipes. Grilling isn’t only for hot dogs, hamburgers and
chicken! Visit your favorite local meat markets and try something new this
summer. A couple of favorites include:
Caseys Foods, Naperville, www.caseysfoods.com/recipes
Ream’s Meat Market, Elburn, www.reamsmeatmarket.com
Prime & Tender Meats, Hinsdale, www.primentendermeats.com
TREND #2 | Albariño Wine
There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting out back, taking in the sounds of
summer, sipping your favorite glass of wine. Trending wines for summer in-
clude Riesling, for its sweet aroma; Albariño, Spain’s quintessential refresh-
ing white wine made from a variety of white grapes; and, of course Rose– a
steadfast favorite! We can’t forget to mention Moscato. Aldi’s Moiselle Mos-
cato to DELIGHTFUL! Cheers.
Create Your
Own Backyard
FunWith these
TREND #3 | MinniDip Pools
Who says blow up pools are for kids? The pandemic brought the
closure of countless west suburban pools and with it came the de-
sire for a solution to hot summer days. With these you can splash
away your days in style. Available at MinniDip.com
TREND #4 | Printed Pillows
If you’re looking for one way to bring the indoors out, add some
splashy patterned pillows - the more colorful, the better. Many
stores are offering pillow covers now, so you can switch up, mix and
match, and trade trends from season to season. Visit Nona Jo’s and
Velvet Grace for fun home accessories, some pillow styles avail-
TREND #5 | Mocking
One of the hottest trends of summer is the Hammock. Are you ready
to start mocking? Mocking enthusiasts are spending their after-
noons setting up and chilling in a hammock with no plans at all but
to enjoy the pure relaxation while suspended effortlessly in a sling of
fabric, rope or netting.  July 22 is National Hammock Day, so don’t
be surprised if you see mockers hanging around in the trees.
TREND #6 | The Outdoor Bar
COVID-19 has many of us retreating to our backyard on more
summer evenings than we may have originally planned. Now’s a
great time to put in an outdoor bar complete with a counter, re-
fridgerator and bar stools. There are many creative DIY designs
available, or hire an expert. Cheers to summer!
TREND #7 | Exterior Rugs
Outdoor rugs are an easy way to add some traditional decor to your
outdoor dining or lounging area. The latest styles are showing tradi-
tional patterns in natural, taupes and gray hues. Ther ideal way to
jazz up your deck or patio. Beautiul styles availabel at your favorite
local home decor shop or interior design gallery.
TREND #8 | Backyard Yoga
Bring a little om into your backyard with yoga. One of yoga’s (many)
beauties is it can literally be done anywhere. And it turns out nature
enhances your practice in an entirely different way than a studio
does. Enjoy increased wakeful relaxation and internal focus—two
pretty important components of a rewarding yoga practice.
TREND #9 | LED Lighting Kits
Good lighting is a must for any dining and lounging area, allowing
you to get the absolute most out of your backyard. One of the best
ways to install lighting outdoors, according to John Barnes, who is a
design expert with Lamps Plus, is using a DIY Landscape Lighting
Kit. “Easy to install plug-in kits come complete with everything you
need: LED lights, plug-in transformer, and wire.”
TREND #10 | Miss Kim Lilacs
Looking for just the right addition to your backyard landscaping, but
you don’t want to over do-it or under-do it? The Miss Kim lilac has
smaller flower clusters and is a smaller shrub than the traditional
common "French" lilac. Being compact, it is a good choice if you're
pressed for room in your yard. Its flower buds are less likely to be
damaged by frost as it is a later-bloomer. Available at your favorite
ocal nursery.
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 15
16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Peaceful Protest
In Yorkville
On June 2 in Yorkville’s downtown business district
a peaceful protest took place. This photo was
posted in social media by Yorkville Police Depart-
ment with the following sentiment:
“We take great pride in our community and all of
its members. This photo was captured at the pro-
test. The YPD believes in unity and equality for all.”
#respect #equality #community
Locations In Wheaton & Geneva
Meet Michelle Schaub, Author
of Dream Big, Little Scientists:
A Bedtime Book
DOWNERS GROVE–When Downers Grove author, Mi-
chelle Schaub’s three children were little, they were natu-
rally drawn to science. As a family, they visited many
museums and read stacks of nonfiction science books.
The early love of science stuck with them, and they are all
now headed into STEM fields. “The love stuck with me,
too,” says Michelle. “It inspired me to write a children’s
book to spark the next generation of little scientists.”
Dream Big, Little Scientists: A Bedtime Book is an innova-
tive bedtime story focused on twelve kids and their individ-
ual love for different STEM fields, from astronomy to
oceanography to physics. Their bedrooms are decorated to
highlight their field interest, including posters of real scien-
tists. As each child prepares themselves for bed, the young
reader is immersed in descriptions and facts for each
science, written in simple terms. Michelle has also written
extension materials on her website to further explore any
interest that has been sparked.
A previous middle school language arts teacher and author
of two children’s poetry collections, Michelle is passionate
about educating and boosting literacy through children’s
picture books. Dream Big, Little Scientists: A Bedtime Book
is available locally through Anderson’s Bookstores or online
through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Literary Local
by Mindy Kyle
Photos Submitted
We’d Love to Meet Them! Introduce
Us at editorial@glancermagazine.com
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 17
Leah McCloskey
A Picture is Worth Thousand Words
On a typical weekend summer day, Leah, a henna artist and py-
rographer, would be drawing on people at festivals or going to art
fairs and seeing live music at local pubs. She would also be help-
ing people relieve stress and pain through her licensed massage
therapy practice and Brinka Chiropractic.
During the “Shelter in Place” order, she began creating sidewalk
chalk art to show love and support through the only way she knew
When civil unrest proceeded to hit the world just as we entered
Phase 3, Leah chalked the State of Liberty donned with a mask
with arms of all races raised together - “Liberty is not Liberty un-
less for all”.
It was a picture worth a thousand words.
She drew the piece to express her emotions – “my heart hurt, my
head hurt, and my soul was weeping,” she shares. “I felt power-
less to help and it is not my voice that needs to be heard today;
so, the only way I felt I could get my emotions out and create a
safe space was to draw what I felt.”
She first created a Liberty piece in henna on her hand, then de-
cided to attempt to burn it on wood. The original design has an
American flag in the background and is titled "Liberty is Weeping"
– with viral tears to represent the virus. In the next drawing, Leah
added the fists because she is angry and wants her friends and
community to know she supports them and is here for them.
After receiving many requests, the drawing will be made into prints
and other items with all net proceeds being donating to Black
Lives Matter and the Brave Space Alliance.
“I will continue to use my voice and my art to spread Alliance and
peace; but, it is not my voice that needs to be heard, right now it
is my job to shut up and listen and let the voices of those that have
been oppressed for far too long be heard.” -Kristen Kuchraski
NOMINATE A NEIGHBOR editorial@glancermagazine.com
the Gallant
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 19
This proud Naperville resident shares that helping local sellers and
buyers doesn’t feel like work making it easy to be dedicated and re-
sults oriented When she is hired to list a home she gains much of
the marketing inspiration from her sellers when she asks “ what do
you love about your home?” From there she designs high end cus-
toms booklets with professional photography & drone shots, de-
scriptions of updates, & develops unique ways to target the right
buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings with professional stag-
ing , 3D tours great for out of state buyers and constant follow up
with all parties are all included for her recipe of success! Susan is
currently meeting with sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-
ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent Susan Colella anytime
to discuss your real estate goals for 2020.
Susan Colella, Baird & Warner, (630) 946-3813
Susan Colella
20 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
JUNE 9-12
GLEN ELLYN–Situated on three-plus wooded acres with
sprawling lawns, 1S415 Sunnybrook Road in Glen Ellyn, Illi-
nois will auction online next month with bidding to be held
June 9-12 via ConciergeAuctions.com. Previously offered
for $3.695 million, the property will sell No Reserve, to
the highest bidder. This incredible, sprawling New Eng-
land-style estate combines luxury and privacy with spa-
cious grounds and elegant details. With an open floor
plan and soaring ceilings, magnificent windows and
doors, and hardwood floors throughout, the estate is
filled with thoughtful touches. The historic village of
Glen Ellyn offers shopping at boutiques on Main
Street, outstanding locally-owned restaurants, and is
set just 20 miles from downtown Chicago. The prop-
erty is available for showings daily by appointment,
virtual open houses, and for private virtual showings.
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 21
PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that
consistently comes to clients’ minds
when they think of Penny O’Brien is
“hustle.” As a Seller Representative
Specialist, she loves meeting with
sellers to discuss pre-market home
improvements and guide them to make
their home “showtime ready” when it hits the market. She strongly be-
lieves in professional staging and offers it as a complimentary service.
With a reputation for “good-looking listings,” she helps clients realize a
higher return and quicker sale. Penny says “Staging transforms a home
from average to amazing”.
Penny O'Brien Broker
Relocation Specialist / Negotiation Expert
(630) 207-7001 • penny.obrien@bairdwarner.com
Read Penny’s Local Industry
Expert Column at www.GlancerMagazine.com
Penny O’Bien
22 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Beautiful Home In Lisle
LISLE–This home is a rare west suburban find, tucked away off of Warrenville Road. The 5 bed-
room (+office), 4 bath, 2 story hillside ranch sits on 1 2/3 acres, providing nature views year-
round. Newly remodeled throughout with high-end finishes. Granite counters, marble backsplash
and windowsills, heated master bath floor, hard woods and ceramic tile on first floor. New fur-
nace, 2 hot water heaters and roof. Charm and quality of a home built in 1950's, the Prairie-
style home is steps from the Morton Arboretum. Very private area but close to expressway,
dining and shopping. Top ranked Lisle schools and convenient to Benet Academy.
Listed by Caroline Neveril of At Properties. www.atproperties.com/agents/7604/caroline-neveril
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 23
118 • WESTERN SUBURBS • MAY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
To Give,
To Inspire
A Monthly Caring + Sharing Column
24 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Our community shut-down due to
the COVID-19 pandemic has af-
fected all of us in so many ways.
Everyone has their own unique ex-
periences and struggles, but one
of the groups I personally worried
about was victims of domestic
abuse and how they were faring
being secluded with their abusers.
Mutual Ground, the Aurora-based,
not-for-profit social service agency
for domestic and sexual violence
victims, had concerns as well.
Since 1975, Mutual Ground has provided free and con-
fidential victim-centered services for southern Kane and
Kendall Counties, as well as Aurora in DuPage County.
Their services include crisis hotline, emergency shelter,
legal advocacy, individual, group and family counseling,
hospital response and prevention education. “Our serv-
ices are so comprehensive that we really ‘wrap our arms’
around the client to provide for a variety of needs so they
can effectively move forward towards a safe and healthy
life,” says Kathy Melone, Advancement Director of Mu-
tual Ground.
According to the Illinois Coalition against Domestic Vio-
lence (ICADV), one in four women and one in seven
men will experience domestic violence in their lives. In
2019, Mutual Ground provided support services for 1055
adult victims and 406 child victims and responded to
7,278 domestic violence and sexual assault hotline calls.
They also believe heavily in prevention education and
had presentations at over 100 area schools to close to
59,000 students.
The challenge during these times is
to still be available to provide these
much- needed services to victims.
Their emergency shelter remains
open to current clients and to new
shelter residents on a case-by-case
basis, dependent on situation and
health risk. “We have been extremely
lucky to have had a strong community
support,” says Kathy. “Many meals
have been dropped off for residents,
as well as cleaning and essential
supplies.” Emergency hotlines have remained open and
staffed 24-hours-per-day, and counseling services are
offered through telehealth services, although this has
been more difficult with the increased lack of privacy
from abusers.
Although their volunteer program has suspended all ac-
tivities at this time, they are still accepting volunteer ap-
plications for a variety of upcoming opportunities. Other
ways to currently help are meal and supply donations as
well as financial donations, since the cancellation and
rescheduling of their Spring Gala Fundraiser has left a
huge whole in their budget. More information on vol-
unteering and donating can be found on their website at
www.mutualground.org . We thank you, Mutual Ground,
for working to keep our community residents safe
Mindy Kyle is passionate about helping
people discover what brings them joy
and to live a full, healthy and happy life.
She has her Master of Fine Arts degree
in creative writing from DePaul Univer-
sity and is a veteran of Chicago’s the-
ater and commercial world as well as a
graduate of the Second City Improv
School. Mindy lives in Naperville with her
husband, three children and the cutest dog
in the land.
An Inside Look at
Mutual Ground In Aurora
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 25
26 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Keeping your family well is your top priority right now and at DuPage Medical
Group, it's theirs too. They recognize that your healthcare needs don’t disappear
during a pandemic like this, which is why they're continuing to serve their patients
safely at their clinics and through virtual visits.
Whether you need primary or specialty care, you can connect with your physician
securely on your mobile device or computer through the MyDMG Health app. Visit
face-to-face with a provider via video visit, message with a physician over e-Visit
or schedule your next in-office appointment online, all from the comfort of home.
Take care of your family’s healthcare to-do list today at www.ScheduleDMG.com
time to take care of #1! This
program is best for individuals
with very specific needs who
require dedicated attention. H-
4’s sessions focus on the spe-
cific goals of each client with
workouts tailored to each per-
son. Visit online t learn more
and to check out the many
other programs available to
you. Watch for a Q & A inside
every issue of Glancer Maga-
zine in 2018 written by H4
Training's founder, Hank Ebel-
ing. H4 Training, Wheaton &
Geneva locations.
cal Spa is a luxury medical spa with highly
trained physicians, nurse practitioners
and estheticians offering the most com-
prehensive esthetic medical services.
From body contouring to highly advanced
future-forward restorative and non-surgi-
cal cosmetic procedures, our esthetic ex-
perts are some of the best in the industry.
As the number one provider of Cool-
sculpting in the Midwest and Top 200 in
the country of Allergan injectors, our serv-
ices produce excellent results and have
high client satisfaction.
WESTERN SUBURBS–America's nurses are on
the front lines of the fight against coronavirus, pro-
viding safe, quality, compassionate and nondis-
criminatory care to those they serve, many of
whom are doing so at significant risk to their
own well-being. The American Nurses Foun-
dation, the philanthropic arm of the American
Nurses Association, created the Coronavirus
Response Fund for Nurses to provide direct
financial assistance, mental health support
and science- and data-based information to
nurses serving on the front lines.
"Nurses always answer the call to serve
their patients, communities and country dur-
ing times of crisis," said American Nurses
Foundation Chair Tim Porter-O'Grady, DM,
we confront the new and emerging challenges
of this pandemic, nurses are and will continue
serving on the front lines in extraordinary ways."
NAPERVILLE–The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
announced today that it must make the painful deci-
sion to permanently close the Kroehler Family
YMCA effective June 1, 2020. The Kroehler Family
Y is one of three centers that will not reopen - the
other two locations are Lattof YMCA in Des Plaines
and the Leaning Tower YMCA in Niles. The clo-
sures are necessary to safeguard the financial sta-
bility of the overall association so that it can
continue to serve families and youth across the Chi-
cagoland area.
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 27
28 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Valley View Dental offers an array of general and cos-
metic dentistry, periodontal, dental implants, oral surgery,
and orthodontic procedures, including traditional braces,
Invisalign, teeth whitening, CEREC one-day crowns and
even same day emergency visits. With a large staff of
multi-lingual doctors, on-site labs at each location, and
extended business and weekend hours, Valley View Den-
tal has the ability to treat patients according to their own
schedules and convenience. Stop by and see why others
in the community have trusted Valley View Dental for al-
most 20 years. Valley View Dental www.vvdental.com.
Located In Naperville, Montgomery & Romeoville.
Glancer Magazine • JUNE 2020• WESTERN SUBURBS • 29
Residential Eating
Disorder Facility
Brings Hope to
Adolescent Girls
Eating disorders can affect people at
any age, but the risk is higher for ad-
olescents. And with the COVID-19 crisis,
eating disorders are unfortunately more of
a concern than ever. To help, Clementine
Naperville will open this month, offering eating
disorder treatment for adolescent girls between the
ages of 11 and 17.
Clementine is an affiliate of Monte Nido & Affiliates, the na-
tion’s leading provider of eating disorder treatment. Its Nap-
erville program will offer residential programming for
adolescent girls seeking treatment for anorexia nervosa, bu-
limia nervosa, binge eating disorder or exercise addiction.
According to the National Eating Disorder As-
sociation, 20 million women in the U.S. will
have an eating disorder at some point in
their lives. Adolescents with eating dis-
orders may try to hide their symp-
toms from those around them, but
warning signs that parents should
look for include constant or repet-
itive dieting, evidence of vomiting
or laxative use, hiding, hoarding or
stealing food, and excessive exer-
cise patterns, among others.
“With any eating disorder, early treat-
ment intervention is optimal. Clementine
provides customized treatment that cor-
relates with long-term health and greatly im-
proves chances of full recovery," said Joel Jahraus,
MD, Chief Medical Officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates.
When eating disorders are left untreated, they can lead to
grave physical and psychological consequences. Eating dis-
orders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health
illness, and young women who have anorexia nervosa have
a mortality rate twelve times higher than their peers.
Teatment for Adolescents
30 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JUNE 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic,
those recovering from eating disorders
could be at risk of relapsing. With daily
routines disrupted and social interaction
limited, adolescents have been forced
out of activities that may have been a
part of their eating disorder recovery
“The mission of Clementine Naperville
is to help adolescents replace their eat-
ing disorder with healthy skills and a
deep understanding of how to live a life
that reflects their individuality,” said
The new facility provides the highest
level of medical and psychiatric care
outside of a hospital setting, with 24-
hour nursing in a comfortable, home-life
environment. Treatment is integrated
with personalized clinical and nutritional
care, as well as academic and family
support. For more information,
contact 855-900-2221, or visit
to the
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Summer is here and it’s time to treat yourself to some local din-
ing delights. Here’s a fun list to help get you started. Bon appe-
WHEATON–If you’re looking for a SUPER CUTE breakfast and
lunch restaurant focusing on a more decadent but healthy al-
ternative to your average breakfast lunch restaurants, you’ve
found it! Offering unique Mimosas with variations including a
signature apple cider mimosa, as well as Bloody Mary’s. Bev-
erages are also available for pickup because as they say,
‘brunch without bubbly is just a sad breakfast’.
Please view each establishment website for operational up-
dates due to COVID-19
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From Alter Brewing In Downtown St. Charles
ST. CHARLES–Catchin' Rays 6-packs are now available at Alter
Brewing + Kitchen in St. Charles! It’s their first low-cal beer is a
crisp, clean, and crushable IPA brewed with Cascade hops for a
subtle grapefruit citrus aroma. Dad will LOVE it. This location is
a full service restuarant with a 10-barrel brew house, 16 taps, pri-
vate dining room event space, and an awesome all-seasons patio
with a container bar. www.AlterBrewing.com/st-charles-brewery-
Hale Street Cantina Invites You In
WHEATON–OK, how fun is this? Get ready for de-
licious Mexican-American Fare, creative cocktails
and great service. The owners of a few local favor-
ites are now bringing the authentic flavors of classic
Mexican dishes with approachable American
dishes to the heart of Wheaton. They started their
business with Jackson Avenue Pub in Naperville,
expanded to Main Street Pub in Glen Ellyn and
Main Street Pub in St. Charles, and now Wheaton.
The menu is evolving and the building is cozy–
what more could you ask for? One more thing.
Don’t forget to ask for the beer menu.
A Beautiful View at Hotel Baker
ST. CHARLES–Hotel Baker is excited to open the
patio overlooking the Fox River on the weekends.
Food, beverage and live entertainment are to be
expected throughout the summer - check website
for updates. www.HotelBaker.com
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ORB Sprouti Palz are cute,
stylized, fun-loving characters
that sprout hair. They come in
three styles, each with a differ-
ent vibe. Kids can have fun
trimming the tresses. Maybe a
mohawk or a mullet? It’s up to
the stylist! At Anderson’s Toy
Shop In Naperville
Now you can create your own
scented Tie-Dye colored slimes.
Have fun mixing and stretching slime
creating tie-dye color effects! It's so
fun and easy! At Learning Express
Locations In Geneva, Naperville & 
Glen Ellyn
Art projects boost creativity,
fine motor skills and emotional
expression. The kids will have
lots of creative fun with this
giant inflatable easel. At
Learning Express Locations
In Geneva, Naperville & 
Glen Ellyn
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Naper Settlement Opens
to the Public with New
Safety Requirements
NAPERVILLE– Naper Settlement, Naper-
ville’s award-winning outdoor history mu-
seum, announced today it will reopen to
the public on Tuesday, June 2 with limited
capacity and strict social distancing and
safety requirements for staff, volunteers,
and visitors.
The announcement and the museum’s opening
plan aligns with the state’s five-phased approach to
reopening the economy, the City of Naperville’s rec-
ommendations, and follows guidance from health officials.
All visitors will be required to wear face masks inside all build-
ings and when social distancing cannot be maintained out-
doors. Visitors are required to maintain social distancing
guidelines by staying 6 feet from other visitor groups at all
times. A visitor group is defined as a group of people who have
been social distancing together.
Beginning on June 4, the museum will offer several new tour
options that promote social distancing on the 13-acre campus,
including guided tours of the grounds and select
building interiors with no more than eight
people in a group, plus Naper Settlement
staff, following Phase 3 guidelines.
Guided tours will be available on a rol-
ling basis during normal operating
hours. Visitors can also participate in
self-guided tour options of the exteriors
of the buildings using the museum’s
mobile tour app.
Areas with high touch potential, including
the Rita (Fredenhagen) and John Harvard
Early Learning Playscape, will remain closed
to the public with the goal to move towards reo-
pening all amenities safely at a later date.
“The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors is of the up-
most importance. Naper Settlement has done extensive re-
search and has created a comprehensive plan that changes
the way we operate both internally and externally to the pub-
lic,” said Rena Tamayo-Calabrese, president and CEO of
Naper Settlement. “While the visitor experience may be dif-
ferent from previous years, we will continue to safely provide
engaging and unique experiences that connect visitors to
Naperville’s history.”
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Diana Piedra & Mia Boseo
Spreading Sunshine and Social Graces
NAPERVILLE–What began as a “Shelter in Place” past-time
has turned into something bigger given the civil unrest of today.
According to Kennedy Junior High student, Mia Boseo, it can
begin with a simple “Hello”.
A few weeks ago, Mia and her mom, Diana Piedra had created
chalk drawings and messages in the areas surrounding their
Naperville home - a bright yellow sun, cheerful and colorful de-
signs, as well as a painted Adirondack chair beautifully named
“Joy” and placed at the entrance of their cul-de-sac.
They live in a subdivision connected by miles and miles of trails
that are frequented daily by individuals from many walks of life.
On outings with her mom, Mia noticed that people seemed to
be looking down more and that it was almost like “we have a
new armor on with our face masks,” she said. “We felt if we
made an area that felt joyful, perhaps more people would be
encouraged to truly see and acknowledge one another.”
Mia and her mom hope to encourage others by initiating their
own concerted effort to extend everyday social graces not only
in their subdivision, but beyond.
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Glancing the
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos Submitted
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Spend a Morning
with Your Mutt Among
Friends • June 20
Whether you added a new four-legged
friend to your family in the last few months
or you’ve had canine companions for
years, there’s no better time to treat them
and yourselves to some exercise and a
chance to mingle with other pet owners.
Join the St. Charles Park District’s new
Morning with your Mutt on Saturday,
June 20 for a leisurely walk around Hick-
ory Knolls Natural Area. The free event
starts at 7:30 a.m. and includes a beautiful
morning walk through the natural area.
Register early as this event is limited to 9
participants due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Another free walk will be held on Saturday,
July 25 at 7:30 a.m. at Primrose Farm.
While each walk is free, registration is re-
quired. Dogs must remain on a 6-foot
leash throughout the walk. Though dogs
and their owners will be spaced out along
the path, the parade of pets and people
will be a great way to greet some neigh-
bors. Register at www.stcparks.org
S. Charles
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GENEVA–V Fusion Studio trainers (pictued above) take con-
sideration to increase your quality of life when creating
classes - and now also virtually (join facebook page). Local
area owner, Rachel Kowal, is currently pursuing her masters
degree in exercise physiology, and she bases all classes in
the latest research. The current schedule has a variety of ef-
fective, fun, and unique classes. V fusion will improve your
core strength, endurance, and physique safely so you “train
for life” with this popular fitness studio. You’re invited to come
out and see why so many love it! Enjoy 30-days of unlimited
classes for just $95 or try one week for FREE when you men-
tion Glancer Magazine. V Fusion Studio, 129 W State,
Geneva, www.vfusionstudio.com
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Little Black Book
Summer of Service
It’s June – the month we celebrate
our dads. I had big plans to take my
own dad on a #MomsLittleBlackBook
adventure with my daughters to
Guaranteed Rate Field and take a
tour of the White Sox Stadium and
participate in a Fan Experience.
Instead, I reflected on what my dad
has taught me over the years when I
find myself in tough times. You see,
my dad is always available to me, day
or night regardless of how busy he is;
he has taught me to be self-confident,
independent, hardworking, tolerant,
and loyal. He demonstrates love, re-
spect, faith, honor, hope, compas-
sion, and empathy to everyone he
meets regardless of race, color, or re-
ligion. Above all, he provided a loving
home and taught us to give of our-
selves before others.
Service work became my therapy to
get me through the tough times; so,
in the midst of the pandemic, I took
my girls on one of the greatest adven-
tures of the times and we volunteered
with Hesed House to serve food to
the homeless.
It’s hard to #StayHome when you
don’t have a home.
It was eye-opening to walk into the
warehouse while donning a mask and
see rows upon rows of individual
tents to keep clients socially distant
from one another; however, when the
food line opened and it was time for
us to serve, I forgot all about the pan-
demic and remembered what my dad
had taught me all these years – smile,
be grateful, serve others.
We were a part of this on-site vol-
unteer crew before they suspended
on-site volunteering and relocated,
but there are still so many ways to
help with their urgent needs which
can be found on their website and
dropped at 659 S. River Street in Au-
#MomsLittleBlackBook plans to con-
tinue to find adventures of service this
summer, such as one of the many op-
portunities through Giving DuPage
So, this Fathers Day, I hope to al-
ways remember to spread a smile
and help those around me.
Hesed House is the second largest
homeless shelter in the State of Illi-
nois, and the largest shelter outside
of the city of Chicago, utilizing more
than 7,000+ volunteers from over 90
area churches, businesses and serv-
ice organizations to assist individuals
and families experiencing homeless-
ness every year.
Hesed House
659 South River Street
Aurora, IL 60506
(630) 897-2156
Hours: See website for opportunities
Price $: FREE
Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski grad-
uated from Illinois State University in
1992 with an International Business De-
gree. She has two energetic daughters
and her house is always full of children.
Kristen’s column titled, Mom's Little Black
Book, is a monthly feature
written for moms who
are looking for ways
to keep their kids
busy. Read her
past columns at
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