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Celebrating the Power of Positivity
Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2020 with a special Girl Positive theme
that focuses on positivity and inspiration throughout the community. The
power of positivity really has been a driving force for so many of us this past
year, and will continue to be as we enter a new decade with exciting en-
hancements at the magazine. We plan to celebrate the theme of positivity
all month long starting with our printed issue that is enjoyed monthly by paid
subscribers, available on select newsstands, and also digitally. Our digital
edition which is active daily, highlights stories posted in over 10 captivating
sections, covering local content for 20+ towns. If you love the stories fea-
tured in our print issue, you’ll be truly amazed at how much more
there is to love digitally. Be sure to subscribe to your com-
munity today! Digital subscriptions are free.
Thank you for reading and here’s to a year filled with
passion, inspiration and positivity ahead!
Lindy Kleivo
Publishing Director, West Suburban Area
January 2020
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January 2020
Vol 19
Girl Positive
Kicking off the new year with positivity and
inspiration, this issue features positivity in-
fluencers, health enthusiasts, shopping
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Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 5
January Features
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6 • WESTERN SUBURBSJANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
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KING, JR. • Sunday, January 19
NAPERVILLE–Sinfonietta traditions meld
with impactful social issues during one of
its most stirring MLK tribute concerts to
date! Take part in a poignant musical
conversation between CS Assistant
Conductor and Project Inclusion alum-
nus Jonathan Rush and his sister,
"The Voice" semi-finalist Kymberli
Joye. Plus, other moving perform-
ances including the Waubonsie Valley
High School Mosaic Choir as they
take the stage for Joel Thompson's
moving testament to those lost to po-
lice violence, "The Seven Last Words
of the Unarmed."
171 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville
5 Things to Do
tribute to ABBA from London with a re-
turn engagement to The Arcada!
ABBA was the biggest band world-
wide in the 80s, and "Mamma Mia" is
one of the most popular musicals in
history! Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen,
Take A Chance On Me, SOS, Fer-
nando, Knowing Me, Knowing You....
Other upcoming shows include Night
Ranger, Howard Jones, Richard Marx
and more!
Arcada Theater, St Charles.
DOWNERS GROVE–Get out of the house for a week-
end of fun, shopping and dining for all ages! The An-
nual Downtown Downers Grove Ice Festival returns
February 7-9. Watch carvers demonstrate their art in
person Friday evening under the lights at 5:30pm on
the southeast corner of Main and Curtiss and on Sat-
urday with live ice carving demonstrations from 11am-
3pm at the Main Street Train Station as well as south
of 5150 Main Street. Details at www.downtowndg.org
or (630) 725-0991.
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 7
WHEATON–One of the greatest places in the area to watch
the game, Arrowhead Golf Club Bar is an Official Miller Lite®
Bears Headquarters Bar. Bears fans will enjoy:
$2 Miller Lite Pints
$4 House Wine Glasses
$6 Chicken Wings
$13.95 Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Plus weekly giveaways & monthly drawings for Bears gear!
Visit online for more details www.arrowheadgolfclub.org/
Through January 19
Paramount Theatre In Aurora
AURORA–One of Disney’s most
beloved animated films comes to
life on stage with all the en-
chanted castle characters in a
holiday extravaganza that will
thrill, entertain and amaze young
and old alike. Beauty and the Beast
is recommended for ages 5 and up
due to some scary moments in the
performance. Single tickets are $38 to
$77. www.paramountaurora.com
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8 • WESTERN SUBURBS JANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
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You’ve Been
Photos by Mike Catuara
Visit Us Online for  Many Additional
Photos from Each of these Events at
Chipping Fore
Charity (Nov 17)
JWC hosted ‘Chipping
Fore Charity’ at TopGolf in
support of Family Shelter
Service of Metropolitan
Family Services DuPage.
This was one of many
fundraisers held through-
out the year for NJWC.
Photos by Mike Catuara
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Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 9
Jeans & a Cute Top
Shop, Hinsdale
Opening (Oct 26)
What a fabulous day and
night it was in Downtown
Hinsdale as Jeans and a
Cute Top Shop celebrated
its Hinsdale opening! The
shop moved to 34 E. First
Street in Hinsdale from
Downers Grove. Its two
other locations remain In
Wheaton and St. Charles.
Photos by Mike Catuara
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Colin Egglesfield Visits Naperville (Dec 14)
The Hollywood actor, best known for his portrayal of Dex opposite
Kate Hudson in the movie "Something Borrowed" and Erica Kane's
son, Josh, on "All My Children" was at North Central College in Nap-
erville. He met with fans and signed copies of his new book, Agile Art-
ist. He also sat with Glancer Magazine for a one-on-one interview.
Visit our website for the complete interview and more photos.
Photos by Mike Catuara Invite Us to Your Next Event
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10 • WESTERN SUBURBSJANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
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WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGO–Jim was born and raised in Aurora and had lived in
the same house for 42 years before moving to his current home. He has fond mem-
ories of his grandparents and their farm, and loved every chance he had to ride his
bike with friends down to the Fox River after a day of chores. Jim grew up knowing
the value of hard work, family commitment, and teamwork to get the job done right.
After graduating from Marmion Military Academy, he went on to earn a B.A. from the
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and an M.B.A. from the University of Chi-
cago Graduate School of Business.
He kept it local and took his first job as a math and science teacher at Waldo Junior
High School in Aurora; yet, never settling for status quo, he next launched Oberweis
Asset Management which now manages approximately $3 billion in growth stock as-
Jim might also have minor celebrity status for the guiding hand as Chairman of Ober-
weis Dairy and the success of 43 ice cream stores and restaurants with more than
1,200 employees, as well as his philanthropic endeavors with the Oberweis Founda-
tion helping those less fortunate in our community.
Somewhere along the way, Jim found the time to not only get married, but have five
children and 22 grandchildren (with 2 more on the way), while also maintaining a
deep interest and familiarity in the policies implemented by the local, state and federal
“Despite having been involved as a volunteer in the Republican Party, I did not se-
riously contemplate running for office until I finished raising my family and establishing
my businesses,” Jim says. “The defining moments usually occurred annually on April
15 and on the semi-annual property tax due dates.”
Jim is frustrated that both Illinois government and the Federal government have the
same problem, “They seem to see no correlation between spending and revenue
streams, which leads to higher taxes, higher debt and an unstable financial foundation
for American government and American society,” he says of why he is pursuing his
role as a Congressman. His courage to continue to seek change comes from the
gratification he has found in getting various bills signed into law as an Illinois Senator.
“You hope your work will make the government function more efficiently and less ex-
pensively,” he says.
At the core, Jim values creating change for a better future, not only for his own family
but for his community. -Kristen Kucharski
Photo Submitted
WHEATON–When Wheaton resident and author, Lauren Mansy, was a teen-
ager, her mother was diagnosed with a heart condition, which led to an unex-
pected heart surgery. Her heart stopped six times on the way to the operating
room, and the doctors warned her family that if she survived, it was very pos-
sible she may not remember them due to the trauma she’d experienced. She
did make a full recovery, but the collision of fear and then joy Lauren felt was
what first sparked her idea for her novel, The Memory Thief. “I was struck by
how memories make up so much of our identity and relationships with others,”
says Lauren. “My mothers unwavering courage to heal inspired me.”
The Memory Thief is a young adult fantasy novel set in Craewick, a city where
memories are the currency. When her mother’s life is threatened, seventeen-
year-old memory thief, Etta Lark, must return to the world of theft she left be-
hind the black market of memories to complete the greatest heist of her
life and save her comatose mothers memories from the auction block.
“The memories of that time were hard to relive,” says Lauren, “but the writing
of this story became huge source of healing for me as well.”
The Memory Thief can be found at all online retailers and in bookstores.
Know a Local Author in DuPage, Kane or Kendall County?
Introduce Us at editorial@glancermagazine.com
GLEN ELLYN–Career Vision is com-
mitted to the highest professional
standards and offers programming
locally and nationally via online ses-
sions with face-to-face computer
technology, or via in-office one-on-
one sessions. Aptitude testing be-
gins at age 16 and continues
through adulthood to assist stu-
dents deciding on post high school
endeavors, adult career changers,
those caught in workforce transitions,
those returning to work, and those con-
sidering more schooling or encore careers.
eeeerr II
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 11
WEDDING SHOWCASE–Don't let it overwhelm you! The Wedding Showcase
is a great place for busy brides and grooms to find out how to make your spe-
cial day one to remember. In the historic setting of the Pre-Emption House
and Century Memorial Chapel, brides and grooms have one-on-one personal
consultations with the best in the bridal business including photographers, flo-
rists, ministers, musicians, bakers, caterers, and more.
January2020-2_Layout 1 12/20/2019 4:11 PM Page 11
Michelle Leibfried of Naperville
Michelle is School Counselor at Gregory Middle School; a proud wife and
mother of two daughters; she has always enjoyed helping others. In 2013,
she was inspired by Hillary Shumate’s POW (Powerful Outstanding Women)
program and brought it to Gregory Middle School to inspire and empower girls
to believe in themselves, discover their unique gifts and talents, dream big
and flourish self-esteem. She has also recently started BAM (Becoming
Amazing Men) for boys to be responsible and active members of society and
to increase their self-confidence and intellectual bravery.
She unwinds and rejuvenates by running, walking the dog, unplugging from
all technology, going to the beach, volunteering, spending time with family and
friends, doing random acts of kindness, and keeping a gratitude journal.
Hal Honeyman of St. Charles
Hal lives each day to make a positive difference. He believes that you should
never give up; no matter what the situation. As the founder of The Bike Rack,
Creative Mobility, and Project Mobility in St. Charles, he applied that belief to
finding a way, not only for his own disabled son, Jacob to participate in family
bike rides, but all persons with disabilities.
As an active guy himself who loves physical activity to reduce stress and
maintain health, he believes a bike can be life changing. He has also worked
with injured veterans, frequenting the White House 10 times, meeting 3 dif-
ferent Presidents.
One of Hal’s favorite events is ‘Everybody Rides’ - an adaptive and inclusive
fundraising event held each year in St. Charles.
The power of positivity is a beautiful thing, helping to keep us balanced and
inspired. As we start a new year, it’s important to always remember to stay
positive and to surround ourselves with positive influencers. Here are five of
them who we recently had the pleasure to meet. Each is truly so inspirational!
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos by Mike Mantucca
and Mike Catuara
12 • WESTERN SUBURBSJANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
January2020-2_Layout 1 12/20/2019 4:29 PM Page 12
Suzanne Gagner of Winfield
As a 73-year-old widow with two children who is also on the DuPage Care
Center Foundation Board (DPCC) and on the Fundraising Committee, as well
as a member of the Wheaton-Glen Ellyn AAUW, Suzanne feels fortunate to have
the life that she does. This gratitude gives her a positive attitude which exudes
optimism, energy and a commitment to serving others. She is especially pas-
sionate about gender equity and chairs the LUNAFEST Traveling Film Festival
which will be held in Naperville this year and will champion women writers and
filmmakers who are "telling stories that have to be told".
Suzanne’s lifelong hobbies are reading, gardening, and sewing which provide
the outlet to de-stress and recharge her positivity so she can continually radiant
goodness and compassion.
Meg Burns Lietz of Geneva/St. Charles
As a single mom of four children, Meg’s whole life is centered in building deep
connections with people. She attended Geneva public schools, graduated from
Rosary High School in Aurora, has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from
Northern Illinois University, and currently works as a local realtor for Baird &
Because of her business, Meg is “friends” with a lot of people on Facebook that
she has never met. With the wantonness to develop meaningful relationships
with her circle, she began a social experiment called ‘In Real Life’ to learn more
about each individual to gain appreciation for other’s opinions and ideas; there-
fore, fostering more acceptance and love for your neighbor. Of the 700 “Friends”,
she has met 73 so far through coffee meetups; attending events; and even host-
ing a ‘In Real Life’ party thanks to the generosity Blue Goose owner, Paul Len-
cioni in St. Charles who offered his new wine bar as a meeting spot.
Meg loves these opportunities to spread positivity and shares that joy each
Christmas at her home as a reflection of how much she honors friendships. Her
dining table is set for 14, although she wishes she could seat more. It is sur-
rounded by women she has met at different periods of time - some dating back
to high school, while others are newer friends, one even from a recent ‘In Real
Life’ meetup. Each year she reflects on friendships that have had an impact on
her that year and ensures to share her appreciation through this dinner.
Charles Zayed and Emmit Flynn
of Clarendon Hills/Hinsdale
Charles and Emmitt, both Hinsdale Central graduates, have partnered to bring
the message of being yourself and promoting positivity through a clothing line
called Awful Cloth. On the surface, this may seem counterproductive to their
overall goal; yet, instead of “bad”, they think of “full of awe” – reminding people
that it’s all about perspective - you can see it one way or you can see it another.
Charles loves the corporate end of their business, while Emmit manages the
artsy side. Both offer a light and humorous side to life which exudes positivity
overall to those around them and further validates the brand they believe in.
They have confidence that the most important thing in life is to be thankful and
then everything else will fall in line.
Special Thanks to these Residents for Sharing their Story with Our Readers.
The Power of Positivity Truly Is So Inspiring. Find Each Story Online at
www.GlancerMagazine.com for Posting and Sharing In Social Media
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 13
January2020-2_Layout 1 12/20/2019 4:30 PM Page 13
14 • WESTERN SUBURBSJANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Family Dentistry
Valley View Dental offers an array of general and cosmetic dentistry, periodontal, den-
tal implants, oral surgery, and orthodontic procedures, including traditional braces,
Invisalign, teeth whitening, CEREC one-day crowns and even same day emergency
With a large staff of multi-lingual doctors, on-site labs at each location, and extended
business and weekend hours, Valley View Dental has the ability to treat patients ac-
cording to their own schedules and convenience. Stop by and see why others in the
community have trusted Valley View Dental for almost 20 years.
Valley View Dental www.vvdental.com. Located In Naperville, Montgomery &
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Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 15
GLEN ELLLYN–Step into another world known as The Gnome
Colony Co. in the heart of beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn.
With its tagline "a store full of love, whimsy and wishes," this
shop is the creation of renowned beauty guru Michael Perich.
The Gnome Colony Co. is a 1,700 sq. ft store that leaves you
feeling as if you’ve stepped into a "living storybook" upon entry–
and that is exactly how Michael Perich, who designed and owns
store, wants you to feel. As if by some kind of fairy magic, wha-
tever is on a woman's mind that might be weighing her down
emotionally immediately vanishes as she gets deeper into the
store. If she already feels good, she will feel even better.
The attention to detail is overwhelmingly impressive and shows just how
much Mr. Perich loves what he does, along with his genuine love for women.
Rest assured, this shows in every step you take through this store. The front of the
store has clothing in all sizes, beautiful jewelry that ranges from the classics to eclec-
tic, other worldly scents and a makeup area which showcases his PERICH Skincare
& Makeup product line. This brings people from as far away from Chicago, Winnetka,
Hinsdale, Barrington and West Dundee into downtown Glen Ellyn to sit in his makeup
"I do not take any booked appointments nor do I travel offsite any longer. I do what
I do because first and foremost having a woman in my chair brings me joy, and watch-
ing her feel good about how she looks is soul food. Women just walk in everyday,
get comfy and away we go. To me that is how it should be!”
said Michael.
“Truth be told, my product line sells itself because of my dedication to uncompromis-
ing quality, my ‘no sales pitch’ reputation and the fact of the matter is it will outperform
anything put up against it, and I own that with great pride. Some people have told
me I boast and it is true genuine passion that drives me, not boastful-
ness,” he added.
“I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years, and lasted, for
a reason. If you have a passion that drives you the moment you
open your eyes for the day, you know exactly what I mean."
Michael points to another curtain and says, "Beyond there is
the second half of the story, go enjoy yourself and explore!”
You step through and are even more overwhelmed by what
can only be described as pure magic with little twists, turns,
nooks and crannies filled with pure eye candy and things that
give the soul joy, laughter and happiness.
"The energy of my store attracts people in with an open heart, an
affinity for the imagination, whimsy, wonder and the magic of all life
has to offer, " said Michael.
His biggest achievements, in addition to being a one-man operation, is that he has
personally raised awareness and tens of thousands of dollars for such charities and
organizations as:
Charlies Corner c/o Luries NICU, Glenbard West High Scool Boosters, Glen Ellyn
Public Library, Westfield Elementary School, Glen Ellyn Childrens Resource Center,
Glen Ellyn Food Pantry, Italian America Women's Organization benefiting CAMP One
Step, Phil's Friends, Canine Companions for Independence, Glenbard South High
School Boosters, Metropolitan Family Services, Bridge Communities, Margarets Vil-
lage, Glen Ellyn Infant Welfare Society, Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce and The
Service Club of Chicago.
Visit The Gnome Colony Co. today at 485 N. Main Street in downtown Glen Ellyn to
see for yourself just how special this store is and to meet the person behind all of its
beautiful success, Michael Perich.
Beautiful Success
Photos by Mike Mantucca
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16 • WESTERN SUBURBSJANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
St. Charles
As we work our way
deep into the season
of cold and snow,
the comforts of a
warm, safe, dry
home is something
we can be grateful for.
However, life’s down-
turns and changes can
sometimes land you in unex-
pected places. Lazarus House in
St. Charles is a not-for-profit home-
less shelter program that has a mis-
sion to take care of the members of
our community that find themselves
in need.
“Homelessness is a season, not an
identity,” says Leanne Deister-Good-
win, Executive Director of Lazarus
House. The organization works to
get their guests back on their feet
and give them hope for the future by
providing hospitality, food, safe
shelter and education. “Lazarus
house is based in love and grace,”
says Leanne. “We find it a privilege
to come alongside our neighbors in
crisis without shame or judgment.”
She explains that connection fuels
healing and with their staff and vol-
unteer help, they can work on remov-
ing barriers that their guests
encounter. Besides shelter and food,
assistance in building up skills and
finding employment is a strong focus
in the program. Each guest has
coaches to help them with their spe-
cific needs and challenges.
Since its inception in 1997, Lazarus
House has served 6,252 community
members and just in the last year,
has provided 20,434 nights of service
and over 61,000 nutritious meals.
Community members can assist the
organization by volunteering, as they
rely on volunteers 24
hours/day, 365
days/year. Vol-
unteer opportuni-
ties can be
anything from
overnight assis-
tance, daytime
shelter help, and
childcare on-site.
You can also follow
their webpage and fulfill
many of their needed items, a
list that is updated weekly.
Additionally, Lazarus House is having
their “Unmasking the Face of Home-
lessness” annual gala and benefit
event on Saturday, January 25th at
the Q center with dinner, live auction,
entertainment and dancing. Come
be a HERO and help support their
For more information on the gala or
volunteer opportunities, visit www.la-
zarushouse.net .
Mindy’s January Giving Inspira-
tion: Become someone’s mentor.
There will always be someone
younger or less experienced than
you that could benefit from your
Mindy Kyle is the
owner of Be In-
spired Studios
and is passion-
ate about help-
ing people
discover what
brings them joy and
to live a full, healthy and
happy life. She has her Masters in Fine
Arts degree in creative writing from De-
Paul University and lives in Naperville
with her husband, three children and the
cutest dog in the land.
oo GG
oo IInnss
community living
January2020_Layout 1 12/20/2019 12:34 PM Page 16
New restaurants to try in 2020 and healthy eating take center stage for the month
of January.
New to Naperville is Seoul Taco at 206 S. Washington Street. This marks the
sixth location for the brand, with existing locations in Chicago’s River North and
Hyde Park, and St. Louis. Just like the others, Naperville features murals, art in-
stallations, and hip-hop music like. How fun!
The beautiful Calla Lily Tea Room located in Historic downtown Aurora is
the perfect way to start the year with the freshest foods and highest quality teas.
Their scones, desserts and finger sandwiches are all handmade; salads are fresh
from the market and assembled before served; soups are piping hot off the stove,
made from scratch with the freshest ingredients.
The goal at Atlantis Vegan and Gluten Free Grill in St. Charles is to share de-
licious and nourishing plant-based foods that heal, fuel, energize and balance
the body and the mind. They feature a unique menu with freshly harvested ing-
redients and never compromise flavor because they are passionate about feeding
their customers hearty, inspired meals that have a positive impact on their health
& the planet.
Manna Kitchen in Lisle is now open and is the first-plant based restaurant in
Chicago’s western suburbs promoting an elegant, fast casual, family-run. foodie-
approved atmosphere. Register for their special lunch event on January 9th from
12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. and taste their affordable comfort vegan food.
Because life is all about balance, be sure not to miss Chicago’s Bacon Bash
on January 25 from Noon to 3 p.m. at Waterford Banquet and Conference
Center in Elmhurst presented by 97.1 FM The Drive. Dig into a veritable pork-
a-palooza of delectable treats! Bacon and pork-inspired dishes from some of the
best restaurants and chefs in the Chicagoland area including: Livia Italian Eatery,
Q-BBQ, Avanzare Italian Restaurant, Northern Fork, Rackhouse Tavern, Broken
Barrel Bar, Lee N’ Eddies, Philippe C'est Bon, Lady Gourmet’s Popcorn and
more! -Kristen Kucharski
WWiinntteerr DDiinnee TTiimmee
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 20209 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 17
Belladonna Tea & Coffee
101 W. Van Emmon St., Yorkville
(630) 882-9217 • www.belladonnateaandcoffee.com
Dynamic Duo: Adrian Frost & Jarrod Johnson
When it’s brisk out the perfect place to curl up with a great book and sip
some hot pomegranate cider is just around the corner. Meet a friend for
lunch, warm soup and conversation, or start your day with a perfect coffee.
Get inspired about your New Year resolutions in this uplifting cozy café. Bel-
ladonna Tea and Coffee has a small town feel with artisan lunch items, a
broad loose leaf tea selection and specialty coffee that will beckon you back.
Belladonna first opened in Sandwich in late 2016. With a desire for larger
kitchen and gathering spaces they moved to Yorkville and reopened Sep-
tember 2018. The new location includes a warmer weather outdoor terrace
and a rooftop garden, while taking a step inside provides a peaceful back-
drop to the delectable items on the menu.
The dynamic duo behind the Belladonna philosophy, “an experience for the
mind, body and spirit” is Jarrod Johnson and Adrian Frost. Johnson uses
his creative talents in the kitchen while developing the specialty coffee bev-
erages and menu. Frost finds his creative passion in the garden, the loose
leaf tea and the marketing end. What Adrian grows in his garden Jarrod then
utilizes in his seasonal selections. As the seasons change, so does the
menu, aura and aromas that surround you at Belladonna.
The pomegranate mulled cider is a definite favorite and only around as long
as the fresh apple cider is available. Looking for a specialty espresso bev-
erage the Caramello Latte is not too sweet with the perfect hint of Vietnam-
ese cinnamon. The soup du jour, Sweet Curry Cauliflower, is smooth, well
balanced and tantalizing to the taste buds. Pair a Chai Tea Latte with a bagel
and some cream cheese made in house. The orange cranberry and the gar-
lic and chive both were bursting with flavor. One of our many favorites is
the flatbread topped with caramelized onions; roasted acorn squash drizzled
with maple syrup, brussel sprouts, bacon, Chevre and a balsamic reduction.
The combination is extraordinary.
A local pastry chef from Ginger and Soul provides the sweet treats that
shouldn’t be ignored. A warm cinnamon roll goes quite well with
a cup of coffee. The New Year will bring weekend small
plate, cheese and wine nights that are sure to be enchant-
ABOUT THE CRITICS Stephanie (right) & Tiffany (left) Schmoker are west suburban sisters
who have always shared a love for dining out and they also enjoy cooking together. They
came from a family of 7 and grew up on farm with fresh fruits, veggies and more. Watch for
their review of a different west suburban restaurant in each issue of Glancer Magazine. Invite
them to your eatery at editorial@glancermagazine.com.
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18 • WESTERN SUBURBS JANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Mary Poppins
at Drury Lane
Through Jan 19
OAKBROOK –Introducing Disney &
Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins, a
musical based on the stories of P.L.
Travers and the Walt Disney Film. Mary
Poppins flies to the stage to delivery
whimsy, excitement, and memorable
songs to a story that will melt your heart.
Nominated for seven Tony Awards and
winner of the Olivier Award for Best
Theatre Choreography, Mary Poppins is
a must see for the entire family. Based
on the Academy Award-winning film of
the same name and the beloved chil-
dren’s books by P.L. Travers, Mary Pop-
pins is an entertaining adventure of
enchantment and fun. Mary Poppins is
Rated G. Order tickets online at
NAPERVILLE–Ever wonder how a box be-
comes a box? Children do. At How People
Make Things, a new exhibit opening Janu-
ary 20, kids learn firsthand about the tools
and processes used to make every day ob-
jects. It’s just one more way we inspire chil-
dren to think outside the box. This exhibit
was inspired by the Mister Rogers’ Factory
Tours - He believed that explaining real life
to children is important to their development.
Plan your visit to DuPage Children’s Mu-
(630) 637-8000
Naperville Park
District Girls’
NAPERVILLE–Get ready for the
2020 season of Girls’ Softball
“SLIDERS” for girls in grades 3-9.
Online registration begins January
28, 2020. The season runs from
mid-April through the end of June.
This is a fun, team-based program
where participants enjoy a lot of ca-
maraderie and time spent learning,
developing and enjoying the sport of
softball. napervilleparks.org
Enchanted Railroad
at The Morton Arboretum
Jan 17 to Feb 23
LISLE–All aboard! Marvel at a world of tiny enchantment! Watch an
intricate miniature model railroad wind through magnificent scenery
that the whole family can enjoy. Watch as more than 10 model
trains wind through a two-level display of tree collections from
around the world. The trains run at a child-friendly height to thrill
even the littlest fan. www.mortonarb.org
Fun at FermiLab!
BATAVIA–Fermi National Accel-
erator Laboratory invites fam-
ilies to take a FREE tour with
the kids. Learn why Fermilab is
America’s premier particle
physics laboratory and the ac-
celerator-based neutrino re-
search capital of the world.
You’ll be amazed at all each of
you will learn! www.fnal.gov
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Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 19
Kids in the
January always brings
New Years Resolutions
and changes in our eat-
ing habits but getting
the kids to eat healthy
can be exhausting! It’s
very difficult to get one
of my girls to try any-
thing new or remotely
vegetable looking, so
when Aunt V invited us
to her kitchen to learn
some kid-friendly
healthy eating cooking
skills, I thought it would
be the perfect opportunity to win my
daughter over through a Mom’s Little
Black Book food adventure.
I first met Aunt V with some girlfriends
when we did an olive oil and charcute-
rie board tasting with her. Cooking
with Aunt V is like hanging out in your
favorite family member’s kitchen and
relaxing with friends. The ambience
in her commercial grade kitchen is
welcoming and comfortable, so I was
excited to bring the kids back as I
knew it wouldn’t feel like a traditional
school-like setting; but, when Aunt V
pulled out the Tofu, my niece, daugh-
ter, and her friend had one foot out the
door to get the heck out of dodge as
fast as they could!
The saving grace was the mention of
cooking that Tofu in a non-traditional
sense frying it almost like having
French Fries! We proceeded to make
a spring salad that had pecans, ap-
ples, beets, spinach leaves, and
onion topped with balsamic vinegar
that had the just the right amount of
sweetness that the kids all savored
the flavors. We next made home-
made spring rolls and inserted our
fried tofu and guess what? They
loved it! Not sure if it was the fact that
we made it ourselves or that fact that
we were working with a chef that
knows how to com-
bine the right flavors,
but it was great to
walk out knowing we
had some healthier
choices to consider in
Ask Aunt V’s kitchen
rocks for toddlers,
kids, tweens, teens,
and adults offering a
wide range of classes
plus fun date and
girls’ night out op-
Great cooking isn’t about recipes…it’s
about technique. Offering hands on
cooking classes where you learn how
to prepare the dishes and enjoy tast-
ing them with a focus on organic,
healthy food that tastes good! All
classes are adaptable to meet dietary
requirements or preferences.
Ask Aunt V (inside Liam Brex)
222 S. Main Street, Naperville
(630) 717-0716 www.askauntv.com
Hours: Check website for class
schedule or book a private party at
your convenience
Price $: Prices vary depending on
class selected or event booked
Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski
graduated from Illinois State
University in 1992 with an
International Business
Degree. She has two
energetic daughters and
her house is always full of
children. Kristen’s column
titled, Mom's Little Black
Book, is a monthly feature written
for moms who are looking for ways to keep their
kids busy. Read her past columns at www.glan-
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Festivities bring excess foot traffic,
and spilled food, toys, and drinks
that can wear your hardwood
floor. Buff & Coat’s dustless,
odorless, done in a day process
removes unsightly surface
scuffs and scratches and
creates a beautiful, more easily
cleanable, refinished surface.
Refresh your current finish with
matte, satin, semi-gloss, or a
high gloss sheen to make a stun-
ning change.
Call Ray at (630) 689-3800 or
visit www.buffandcoatnow.com.
This proud Naperville resident shares
that helping local sellers and buyers
doesn’t feel like work making it easy to
be dedicated and results oriented When
she is hired to list a home she gains much
of the marketing inspiration from her sellers
when she asks what do you love about your
home?” From there she designs high end
customs booklets with professional photog-
raphy & drone shots, descriptions of updates,
& develops unique ways to target the right
buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings
with professional staging , 3D tours great for
out of state buyers and constant follow up
with all parties are all included for her recipe
of success! Susan is currently meeting with
sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-
ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent
Susan Colella anytime to discuss your real
estate goals for 2020. Susan Colella, Baird
& Warner 630-946-3813
Susan Colella, Baird & Warner,
(630) 946-3813
20 • WESTERN SUBURBS JANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Recognized as a premiere remodeling company, this
10,000 square foot showroom is truly inspiring. Family
owned and operated since 1996, HomeWerks specializes
in full service remodeling. The kitchen and bath displays
are interactive, allowing visitors to experience many pro-
duct features first hand. With the focus of providing high
quality products, professional installation and exceptional
customer service, HomeWerks has been a welcomed ad-
dition to the Naperville community. HomeWerks Kitchen
and Bath • 1154 E. Ogden Avenue, Naperville (866) 265-
8895 • www.myhomewerks.com
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Chicago’s west suburban real estate market boasts a variety of unique homes
for sale in beautiful neighborhoods with award-winning school districts and more.
We invite you to schedule a tour of this featured property today and get to know
this listing agent for your next move!
4147 Royal Mews Circle, Naperville
Offered for $455.000
Impressive Victorian inspired townhome with an ELEVATOR that takes you to all 4
luxurious levels. Maintenance free & includes water usage. 2 master bedrooms, fin-
ished basement makes a wonderful 3rd bedroom, 2 fireplaces, front porch, balcony
and deck great for grilling! Luxurious features include central vac, hardwood floors,
white crown moldings & open concept chef's kitchen.
Call Luxury Listing Agent Susan Colella at (630) 946-3813
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 21
PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that consistently comes to clients’ minds when they
think of Penny O’Brien is “hustle.” As a Seller Representative Specialist, she loves
meeting with sellers to discuss pre-market home improvements and guide them to
make their home “showtime ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in
professional staging and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for
“good-looking listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale.
Penny says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”.
Penny O'Brien Broker | Relocation Specialist
Negotiation Expert • (630) 207-7001 • penny.obrien@bairdwarner.com
Read Penny’s Local Industry Expert Column at www.GlancerMagazine.com
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1. Anicca Float Club
NAPERVILLE–Find a quiet space to just
BE. Float in 10 inches of skin tempera-
ture water with 1,600 pounds of Epsom
salt to keep you afloat even if you fall as-
leep. You have your own private Float
Room and can control the underwater
LED light and white noise.
4S100 N. IL-59, Naperville,
5. Power Yoga by Twist Yoga Lounge at Os-
wego Brewing Company
OSWEGO–Every Sunday morning at the Oswego
Brewing Company, the instructors of Twist Yoga
Lounge design a yoga class to awaken and detoxify
each muscle of the body. What, then, is a better way
to finish off the class than with a beer? Students are
welcome to a pour of draft beer from whatever is avail-
able in the tap room. 61 S. Main St., Oswego,
3. Healing Arts Metaphysical Center
BATAVIA–Through holistic healing
and shamanic healing, the center
offers different services from cul-
tures around the world to bring balance
and harmony to your physical and emotional
planes. Find unique classes like drum circles,
restorative yoga and gong meditation here.
4 E. Wilson St., Suite 101, Batavia,
2. Cheveaux Salon and Day Spa GLEN 
ELLYN– Leave the demands of your busy life
and sink into the luxurious atmosphere of the
Cheveaux Salon and Day Spa where their spe-
cialists help you select the perfect treatment to
make you feel relaxed and beautiful. Settle into
an aromatherapy wrap, massage or facial or let
your skin soak in their Rehydrating Paraffin Body
Cocoon. 532 Pennsylvania Ave., Glen Ellyn
4. Power Yoga by Twist Yoga Lounge
at Oswego Brewing Company
OSWEGO–Every Sunday morning at the Os-
wego Brewing Company, the instructors of Twist
Yoga Lounge design a yoga class to awaken and de-
toxify each muscle of the body. What, then, is a
better way to finish off the class than with a beer?
Students are welcome to a pour of draft beer from
whatever is available in the tap room. 61 S. Main St.,
Oswego www.oswegobrewing.com/yoga
7. Concierge Med Spa
GENEVA/NAPERVILLE–Whether you visit their full spa
located in Geneva or their express spa located on the sec-
ond floor of the ZaZu Salon in Naperville, you will be able to
choose from an extensive menu of amazing skin treatments to
make you leave looking and feeling refreshed. 1 W. State St.,
Geneva and 135 S. Washinghton St., Naperville,
6. Chinese Foot Massage
NAPERVILLE–A quick 30-minute foot reflexology mas-
sage may be all you need to reinvigorate your day. Ho-
wever, if you want to add in a head massage or a
shoulder massage, you have the option to do that as well.
Experience a traditional Chinese massage that has you
walking out with happy feet. 1234 W. Ogden Ave.,
Naperville, www.chinesefootmassage.comerville
It’s time to put away the plates of cookies and holiday candy and get yourself on a healthy path for the new year. The healthier you are, the happier you are.
The holidays can be hectic, so this month focus on you, relax, take time for a beauty treatment or two and just BREATHE! A visit to any one of these health
and happiness hot spots will be a welcome break in your routine.
22 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
by Mindy Kyle, Features Writer
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January 2020
Girl Positive | Joy. Purpose. Positivity.
Vol 19 / Issue 180
Featuring the Best of West Suburban Chicago
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