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8 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
1. Best Selling Author Jennifer
L. Holm with Anderson’s
Bookshop • Jan 15, 7pm
VIRTUAL EVENT–Join Anderson's Bookshops
for a virtual event with bestselling author
Jennifer Holm to discuss her newest middle
grade novel, The Lion of Mars! Blast off
with New York Times bestselling and
Newbery Honor-winning Jennifer L.
Holm's out-of-this-world new novel
about a kid raised on Mars who learns
that he can't be held back by the fears of
the grown-ups around him. Mars may be a
world far, far away, but in the hands of Jennifer
L. Holm, beloved and bestselling author of
The Fourteenth Goldfish, it can't help but feel
like home.
5 Things to Do
3. Sidewalk Sale Downtown
Glen Ellyn • Jan 14-17
GLEN ELLYN–Kick off the year with unbe-
lievable savings while supporting Down-
town Glen Ellyn boutiques. The Alliance of
Downtown Glen Ellyn is very grateful for
their sponsors – Pete’s Fresh Market, Du-
Page Medical
Group, and The
Penn French Prop-
erty Group.
5. Free Home & Garden Show • Jan 16 & 17
OAKBROO –The Home and Garden Show returns to the beautiful Drury
Lane Theater and Event Center on January 16 & 17 for its largest event
with free admission and free valet parking. The event planner has shows
planned all year long in the following locations– Arlington Heights, Naper-
ville, Tinley Park, Romeoville, St. Charles, Crystal Lake, Lake County, and
North Shore.
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4. Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour • Feb 5, 8pm
CHICAGO–Celebrating the recent breakthrough and rise of female come-
dians, the Ladies Night Out tour features a formidable ensemble of eight
fierce females casting their comedy spell in venues across North America.
Hosted by Real Housewives of Atlanta alumna Nene Leakes, the tour fea-
tures the razor-sharp wit of former The View co-host Adele Givens, multi-
talented media personality Sherri Sheperd, The Real regular Loni Love,
Janelle James (recent opener for Chris Rock), TV actress Kim Whitley and
up and comer Melanie Comarcho.
2. Leann Rimes LIVE In Concert
February 5, 7pm • Genesee Theater
WAUKEGAN–Perhaps best known for her Country crossover
success with hits like How Do I and Can't Fight The Moonlight,
the songstress is hitting the road and bringing along her hit-
filled catalogue. Having sold over 37 million albums inter-
nationally, the seasoned performer is still a forced to be
reckoned with and her energy on stage is enough to have
Country's young stars quaking in their boots. www.chicago-
of 2021
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos by Mike Catuara
Unless Otherwise Noted
Introducing 5 Driven, Creative,
Multi-Tasking Masters
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NAPERVILLE–Alicia, PhD and JD from Northwestern Uni-
versity, brings a lifetime of experiences to helping others
maximize their potential for growth and success by using
a scientific approach to workplace issues to create ethical
and effective environments.
She was born in Trinidad, West Indies; emigrated to Amer-
ica as a high school sophomore; and was exposed to
upper-level education that brought her in contact with
many successful, motivated, and educated people. She
began her career teaching traditional psychology courses
at the undergraduate university level, was promoted to
teaching organization behavior (OB) and organization de-
velopment (OD) at the graduate school level and started
her own company (RECA) as a private practice.
Alicia is excited to witness modern approaches being used
to resolve traditional problems, transforming effectiveness,
and increasing bottom lines, while also addressing em-
ployee needs and exacting loyalty.
“I see recognition of women’s success. I see tolerance for
issues that previously plagued the workplace but were ig-
nored (e.g., equal pay, sexual harassment) dissipating,
and a renewed respect for the all-encompassing value of
women in society,” she shares.
This independent businesswoman, wife, mother, and
grandmother has a lot to balance on a daily basis and giv-
ing up is never an option for Alicia; so, she conveys the
same approach from her career to her family life and vice
versa keeping a watchful eye on dreams and the efforts
that lead to happy, meaningful, and successful lives.
Her personal pursuit of happiness includes supporting
nonprofit programs in her community, as well as nationally
and internationally; she also hopes to start a foundation
to make educational and other advancement opportunities
more readily available to those less fortunate.
Alicia Gittens McCareins
Owner, Research, Evaluation & Consulting Associates, LLC
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of 2021
12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
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ST. CHARLES–Having been a hair stylist and salon owner
for over 20 years, Jessi was frustrated for herself and her
clients experiencing hair loss, lack luster strands, and
breakage; so, in true entrepreneurial fashion, she created
Ren Jord because conventional products were not work-
“I started researching and realized all the harsh chemicals
that are prevalent in so many of our products,” Jessi says.
“As a result, I passionately created a unique product line
of organic hair treatments and my clients (and me!) were
seeing amazing results and healthier hair!”
The name originates from Jessi’s Norwegian heritage
meaning “pure Earth” as Ren Jord only uses pure, organic
ingredients found in nature and ensuring packaging and
materials are also recyclable and compostable.
Wife and mother of three children under the age of 8, she
is constantly pulled in many directions and has tried to
learn to live life organically as well – letting things happen
as they will and always setting aside 15 minutes of ME
time for yoga, meditation, and prayer to sustain the pres-
sures of the day.
“I think as a society- especially women, we think we need
to “have it all together” and post pictures of only edited,
positive photos on social media- instead of being more
real, vulnerable, and transparent,” Jessi shares. “I always
grow the most after I have gone through a difficult time.”
Furthermore, she feels it’s important to share those tough
experiences and lift each other up; and since Ren Jord is
a new business, Jessi is excited to continue to grow and
support local women-owned businesses in the community.
Jessi Atkocaitis
Founder, Ren Jord Organic Hair Care
Product Photos by Lauren McLeod
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of 2021
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OSWEGO/NAPERVILLE–Becky has learned to train her
mind to see the good in every situation, inclusive of the
overall attention to one’s health due to the worldwide pan-
demic. It has heightened her personal interest in the well-
being of others, prompting an involvement with modern
advancements to reduce exposure to the worrisome
chemicals and compounds that surround us every day.
She is passionate about working for a company that offers
a new approach to modern health creating a haven for
overall family wellness. Becky loves the clean label alter-
natives, the flexibility of being able to create her own work
schedule, the convenience of working from home, and
navigating a new career that fits her active and healthy
lifestyle as a busy single mom of three adult children.
“Being happy and confident are the prettiest things you
can wear,” she says. “Knowing who you really are is true
Becky feels she has untapped potential and is the happi-
est she has ever been which is a strong statement coming
off a year that has been difficult for many. As a board
member, foster, and volunteer with animal control, as well
as involvement with Family Counseling Services in Aurora,
service work is a huge part of what keeps Becky balanced.
Prioritizing lists of needs, wants, and must be done activ-
ities for each day helps her maintain an organized sched-
ule and ensure contentment in today’s busy modern world.
Becky Rivich Keporos
Modere, Online Entrepreneur
of 2021
16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
love to start her own modern beauty channel on YouTube, or
another platform, in the next few years! She is inspired and en-
couraged by the major online influencers, her mother, her
daughter, as well as her career as the Director of Esthetics at
Concierge Med Spa; after all, even on Beth’s most stressful
days, she finds playing with makeup and tutorials is her number
one way to decompress!
As a working wife and mom of two young kids, she feels blessed
for the support of her family, as well as to the modern advan-
tages of working with a team of mostly women who understand
life sometimes must come before work and jump in to help each
other when needed.
Beth found the confidence to pursue an education, career, and
family from watching her own mother work hard to support her
kids while always ensuring to care for herself, which included
maintaining a strict skincare regime morning and night, never
skipping it even after a long workday.
“She has always supported me and has told me to take what I
love and make a career out of it and I feel like I have done ex-
actly that,” Beth shares. “Now with a daughter of my own, I hope
that I can inspire her in similar ways. I hope she looks at me
and sees a confident and hard-working woman and that she
finds what brings her joy and goes for it!”
Beth is thrilled by the modern trend of men also participating in
antiaging treatments, as well as younger patients taking interest
in the “prejuvenation process.”
“I look at my mom who is 70 and compare her to what my
grandma looked like at 70 and there is a huge difference just be-
cause of the evolution of hair styling and coloring, oral care, and
sunscreen,” Beth adds. “Now with all the developments in non-
surgical procedures and medical grade skincare, the next gen-
eration is going to look 40 when they are 70! It is so exciting!”
Beth Alberts
Director of Esthetics at Concierge Esthetics and Plastic Surgery
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of 2021
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
WHEATON–Working out - That's where it all started for NASM
Certified Personal Trainer Val McMurrough. Her personal fitness
regime was as much a mental escape as a physical one for her
when she was feeling overwhelmed. Through exercise she was
able to tune into her inner strength and regroup to carry on for
the day; so, it comes as no surprise that when COVID-19 hit and
closed most fitness centers, Val took what she knew best and
brought fitness into people’s homes to help provide that mental
and physical release to others also struggling.
Her in-home fitness career began 9 years ago as her children
Emma (17), Ava (15), Anna (13) entered the school years. She
feels blessed to be married to her high school sweetheart who
shares the same passion and together they will be also opening
Eat The Frog Fitness in Elmhurst this Spring.
“I am having the time of my life and I love working hard for my
business, my clients, and my team. I honestly never saw a busi-
ness coming my way,” Val says. “Fear kills more dreams than
failure ever will! Stop thinking and start doing! Being uncom-
fortable is totally normal, but if you are in action, you are winning
not just watching.”
Val is thrilled to be constantly evolving with current culture that
meet fitness demands and looks forward to future innovations
and revolution to provide an ideal experience and real results.
Val McMurrough
Owner, In Home Fitness by Val
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 19
#1 | The Medical Spa Facial
Facials are a soothing and refreshing rejuvenation treatment. Most facial treat-
ments involve the gentle cleansing and moisturizing of the face, addressing signs
of aging and other minor cosmetic concerns. While you can find facials at many
traditional spas, there are a few key advantages of receiving a facial at a medical
spa. A team of medical professionals is qualified to administer stronger facial treat-
ments, which can mean better results. Plus, skin care experts know exactly what
your skin needs based on your skin type and cosmetic concerns. Concierge Med-
ical Spa offers the following facials– Laser facial via laser skin resurfacing, Vampire
facial via Plasma, Acne facial and Traditional facial customized to your skin type.
Treat your skin to a relaxaing and beneficial facial today.
#2 | Float to Find Calm
One of the hottest trends that is here to stay is floating to find clam and inner peace.
If you are looking for a quiet space to just BE, we have found just that place at
nica Float Club. Float in 10 inches of skin temperature water with 1,600 pounds
of Epsom salt to keep you afloat even if you fall asleep. You have your own private
Float Room and can control the underwater LED light and white noise. Annica
Float Club is located at 4S100 N. IL-59 in Naperville,
Trends For
Mind, Body
and Spirit
10 TRENDS 2021
20 • WESTERN SUBURBS •JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
#3 | Get Physical in Nature
Connecting with nature is good for the body & soul. One way is to join the
Morton Arboretum’s Pine Pacer Challenge prompting you to get outdoors.
Start 2021 off with their new running and walking challenge. Participants are
invited to set a goal of 25, 50, or 100 miles, track their activities through the
month of January, and submit mileage on the Arboretum's virtual result web-
site to chart their progress. Though participants are encouraged to get their
miles on site at the Arboretum, they can also simply run or walk around the
block, on a treadmill, or anywhere else they enjoy. The goal is to meet a per-
sonal challenge and enjoy the many health benefits of physical activity and
spending time in nature.
#4 | Above the Mask Beauty Services
While the percentage of Americans getting manicures and pedicures has
dropped 55% from 2019 to 2020, many above-the-mask beauty services
have stayed strong. Permanent makeup (including eyebrow tinting and mi-
croblading) have remained steady year over year. BOTOX®, fillers, and sim-
ilar treatments have been consistent, as well. Lash extensions have only
seen a 13% decrease.
#5 | Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy involves exposing your entire body to temperatures of -272° F
for up to about three minutes. Using an open-chamber nitrogen gas-cooled
system, your body quickly recognizes the quick drop in temperature and re-
sponds by contracting blood vessels. Blood starts moving away from your
extremities and into your core, where all of your vital organs are located.
This change in blood flow allows your body to detox and flush away toxins
through your kidneys and lymphatic system while filling your blood full of ox-
ygen. French Medspa of
fers this service in St. Charles. Learn more online.
#6 | Skincare for Communities of Color
“‘Good skin’ is a luxury and status symbol in this country, and communities
of color have been left behind,” says Caroline Robinson, MD, a board-certi-
fied dermatologist based in Chicago. Next year, brands are making strides
to correct this: Unilever-backed Melé will release six new products that are
formulated for melanin-rich skin; a brand-new line called Eadem, which has
already launched a content platform highlighting women of color, will debut
a curated collection of skin-care products; and Thirteen Lune, a just-
launched e-commerce site that sells products from brands founded by folks
who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), will add new cre-
ators to its docket.
#7 | Rosemary as an Essential Oil
Essential oils have become…well, essential in health and wellness circles
for providing stress relief and other mind-body benefits. While lavender may
help you snooze and eucalyptus can soothe sore muscles, rosemary essen-
tial oil is another great option to have on your radar. That’s right: While rose-
mary tastes great on roasted chicken with lemon zest and olive oil, you can
actually enjoy the herb as an essential oil and use it as part of your wellness
routine for its cognitive and stress reduction benefits. Learn more about rose-
mary oil, as well as how best to use it, straight from trusted practitioners at
the website above.
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 21
#10 | The Salt Spa
It’s important to find a place for peace and connection. At Salternatives Spa
in Geneva you can float into physical and mental bliss, breathe deeply in
their salt room, release tension and toxins in our infrared sauna or melt into
one of their signature g massages. You will also find relaxing and even heal-
ing services or classes, or enjoy simply hanging out in their Relaxation Room
to meditation, color, or engage in quiet conversation. Ahhh, peacefulness
#9 | Hair Detox
A detox plan for your hair is essential in 2021. Hair follicles get clogged with
chemicals that are commonly found in conventional hair care products.
These synthetic fragrances, parabens, PEG's, Phthalates, and sulfates
greatly impact scalp health. When follicles are damaged with these harsh
ingredients- its prevents healthy growth and healthy hair. Most hair loss is-
sues are due to hair follicles being damaged or clogged- once you go
through the detox phase and apply Ren Jord products- it helps stimulate
and promote healthy scalp which will give you optimal hair growth. Healthy
hair starts at the roots!
#8 | The Gold Sculpting Bar
According to, the at-home spa day is here to stay and it starts
with a facial self-massage using a professional makeup artists Jillian Demp-
sey’s 24K vibrating T-bar ($195). It not only leaves your face lifted and
sculpted, it also leaves your face feeling refreshed and less puffy. Bonus:
When you swipe it a few times vertically along your throat, this device erases
“tech lines,” the horizontal wrinkles that form from looking down at your
phone or other devices. This is one beauty gadget worth splurging for!
H4 Training specializes in individualized personal training,
in a small group setting, while always adding new exer-
cises and equipment to improve client results.
Gabe Davilaof Oswego/Aurora
ACE (American Council on Exercise certified trainer),
PN1 (Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification)
Gabe believes that online and at-home options are a niche
trend that will continue to grow along with other digital of-
ferings; however, it cannot replace the aesthetical fitness
results that are generated when working with a personal
trainer educated on the most up-to-date science and pro-
gramming incorporating the right balance of recovery days
and stretching.
“No matter what you do, pick a mode of exercise that you
can consistently do and make sure it's fun, so that way you
keep coming back to it”
Beginner Cardio Tips
• Short, intense cardio sessions that are (10-30 minutes)
• Supplement cardio with strength training to burn more fat
• Cardio is anything that gets you heart pumping for a
prolonged duration
• Hill walks and sprints burn calories and great for the legs
• Cardio after strength training for better results
Glute Tips:
• Do direct glute exercises that isolate your buns
• Squats/lunges too
• Use exercises that involve different planes of motion:
side lunges/lateral band walks
• Training the glutes/lower body 2-3 times a week
• Eat your protein!
trainer tips
24 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
trainer tips
H4 Training specializes in individualized personal training,
in a small group setting, while always adding new exer-
cises and equipment to improve client results.
Taylor Block of Geneva
Taylor strongly urges people to stop comparing themselves
to others with the reminder that if you set small goals for
yourself, you are more likely to stick with it over the long
run. She believes anything is possible if you have a posi-
tive mindset and are willing to work hard toward your goal.
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard”
Healthy Eating Tips
• Half your plate should be veggies
• Eat the rainbow
• Plan ahead before grocery shopping and stick
to the outer aisles in the grocery store
• Start tracking your food (not calories) to look for
healthier changes
• Stop cutting carbs. Lots of carbohydrates contain vitamins
and minerals our bodies need. Instead, focus on the types
of carbs you're eating.
Belly Buster Tips
• Watch out for sneaky sugars like in natural fruit juices
• Portion control! Eat smaller portions
• Don't eat while distracted
• Drink more water
• You can't spot treat. Belly fat comes off by losing overall
body fat.
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 25
26 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
H4 Training specializes in individualized personal training,
in a small group setting, while always adding new exer-
cises and equipment to improve client results.
Jordan Scott Reyes of Chicago
NASM Certified personal trainer, B.A. in Exercise
Science, Certified Precision Nutrition
According to Jordan, people will be more data driven due
to the advances in wearable technology and will start to
focus on the holistic aspects of health such as sleep and
recovery rather than just the "faster, stronger" approach.
Finding a program, a trainer, an at-home based fitness
model, or a gym/studio that you ENJOY will make all the
difference in keeping a consistent workout regime.
“Every individual is different, but everyone needs move-
ment - so find something that helps you move to be a
better you.”
Guilty “Healthy” Pleasures Tips
• Halo Top Ice Cream
• Kodiak Protein Pancakes
• Smoothies with Almond Milk
• Justin's Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.
A GoMacro "Protein Pleasure" bar heated up exactly
9 seconds in the microwave!
Big Guns/Fit Arms Tips
• Change up your volume and intensity.
Low heavy reps to High Lighter reps
Add variety to tempo - "burn" out reps, slow
concentrated tempos, isometric pauses
• One-arm high-cable curl
• One-arm side raise while maintaining a lateral lean
• Cross-body Triceps extension
trainer tips
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 27
trainer tips
Healthy Options Made From Scratch
GENEVA–Woodgrain Pizzeria takes fast-casual dining to the
next level. At Woodgrain, they specialize in hand-crafted, fast
fired pizzas and fresh salads. New to Geneva on Randall Road,
it’s become a favorite destination in just a short time. A perfect
choice whether you’re looking for a quick meal on the go, or a
satisfying sit down dining experience with friends and family.
Scrumptious, indeed! Your food is always made-to-order with a
large selection of premium quality ingredients including vegan
and gluten-free options, making is a local healthy choice. Wood-
grain’s authentic italian open hearth oven bakes classic hand-
stretched dough to perfection in less than 5 minutes. Wow! So,
whether you’re a carnivore, vegan, or a gluten-free pizza lover,
this local hot spot has something to satisfy your taste buds.
View the menu at
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JULY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 29
Cheers to Foxtail In Downers Grove
Adding to the Downtown Charm
DOWNERS GROVE–The Foxtail is a lively cocktail bar and Mediterra-
nean restaurant located in the heart of downtown Downers Grove on
beautiful Main Street. Using the best ingredients while providing a great
atmosphere has made this locale become a fast favorite for residents
througout the western suburbs. Offering brunch, lunch, a raw bar and
dinner, Foxtail has adapted to the latest COVID-19 crisis by providing an
enclosed outdoor eating area along with curbside pick-up. If you love
scrumptious dining selections, craft cocktails and live music, be sure to
add Foxtail to your list of must-visit hot spots for 2021.
Geneva’s Preservation Wine Bar
A Carefully Curated Wine List Paired with a Cocktail
Line-Up that Takes Mixology to New Dimensions
GENEVA–Have you been? Preservation Bread & Wine is a restaurant, cafe
and wine bar focused on preserving traditional preparation methods to offer
flavorful sandwiches, cheeses, meats, savory bites and desserts paired
with a first-class selection of wine, beer and spirits. Enjoy first-class wine
& cocktails. Simply so divine with a heated patio open for seating.
Hot Pear Cider Is So Loved
and For Good Reason
Visit Empire In Downtown Naperville & Order One Today
NAPERVILLE–Cheers to winter and Empire’s Hot Pear Cider. It’s de-
lightful and cozy– perfect for cold January afternoons. Made with half
spiced apple cider, half fresh squeezed pear juice, cinnamon sticks, &
vanilla beans served either zero-proof or (even better) w/ a shot of your
favorite spirit. Come grab a glass & warm up on this beautiful day.
Rocky Mountaineer brings its luxury train journeys to the
Southwest United States in 2021 with the Rockies to the
Red Rocks route, a two-day rail journey between Denver,
Colorado, and Moab, Utah, with an overnight stay in Glen-
wood Springs, Colorado.
Rocky Mountaineer operates multi-day, daytime train journeys
that feature incredible scenery, regional cuisine, and attentive
service in its spacious, glass-domed train coaches. The com-
pany has long had the goal of expanding its routes to bring its
train travel experience to showcase new destinations. This
new route will be in addition to the three rail routes that run in
Western Canada, between Vancouver and the Canadia
n Rockies towns of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.
"Rocky Mountaineer will bring a new luxury train tour to ex-
plore the historic rail route between Denver and Moab. Over
the past 30 years, Rocky Mountaineer has become renowned
for our world-class train travel experiences, and now we are
opening our newest train experience in the region where train
travel history began," said Peter Armstrong, founder of Rocky
Mountaineer. "This region, with its magnificent scenery, na-
tional parks, vast opportunities to explore, will delight millions."
See the Unseen
West Aboard the
Rocky Mountaineer
30 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 31
Rocky Mountaineer will launch the route
with a preview season of 40 depar-
tures across 10 weeks from August
15 to October 23, 2021. The
company is working with local
tourism organizations, hotels
and tour operators to curate
custom vacation packages
that feature tours,
activities, and stays in Den-
ver and Moab, so guests
can experience even more of
the region.
"The work to find a new route
has been underway for several
years as we needed to find a spe-
cial location with many of the same
features we have in Western Canada –
incredible scenery, iconic destinations, and the
option for an all daytime, multi-day journey that is best
experienced by train. Rockies to the Red Rocks will
have all of this and more, and is an opportunity to bring
our award-winning Rocky Mountaineer experience to
showcase the epic scenery of the Southwest United
States," explained Steve Sammut, president and chief
executive officer of Rocky Mountaineer. "The coronavi-
rus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the travel
industry, and there is continued uncertainty of when
tourism will recover. However, we believe American trav-
elers, and those from around the world, will be eager to
explore this region by rail with us and we look forward
to welcoming them in 2021 and beyond."
The two-day rail journeys, including a one-
night hotel accommodation in Glen-
wood Springs, will start
from $1,250 USD plus tax per per-
son. Travellers can reserve a
place on a 2021 departure with
a refundable deposit of $25
USD by contacting their travel
professional or Rocky Moun-
taineer directly. Guests can
also visit www.rockymoun-
routes/rockies-red-rocks to
sign up for information on the
Rockies to the Red Rocks route.
About Rocky Mountaineer
Rocky Mountaineer has offered luxury
train journeys between Vancouver and
the Canadian Rockies, showcasing the best
scenery Western Canada has to offer, for over 30 years.
Rocky Mountaineer is a must-do travel experience that
offers unparalleled journeys in its spacious glass-domed
train coaches thanks to the incredible scenery, delicious
cuisine, attentive service, and social atmosphere. Since
it was founded in 1990, Rocky Mountaineer has wel-
comed more than 2.2 million guests and become the
largest privately owned luxury tourist train in the world.
Rockies to the Red Rocks
Locations In Wheaton & Geneva
WHEATON & GENEVA–It’s time to take care of #1 with
H4 Training! This program is best for individuals with very
specific needs who require dedicated attention. H-4’s
sessions focus on the specific goals of each client with
workouts tailored to each person. Visit online to learn
more and to check out the many other programs available
to you. Watch for a Q & A at
written by H4 Training's founder, Hank Ebeling, Local In-
dustry Expert in the Fitness category.
H4 Training
Wheaton & Geneva locations.
34 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Dr. Aleesha Fischer
NAPERVILLE–Dr. Aleesha Fischer, the founder of Naperville Chiro-
practice & Massage, was born in South Dakota. She played basket-
ball and volleyball in high school and college. She went to NSU in
Aberdeen, SD, obtaining a Biology Major. During undergraduate
school she shadowed many different medical professions. She fell
in love with chiropractic and the natural way of healing. She started
chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University and
graduated there in 2004. She moved to Las Vegas, got married and
started working.
After 2 years working as a chiropractic associate, she bought the
practice and worked there until moving to Illinois in 2012. After taking
a break to raise her daughter, she decided she really missed helping
people feel their best so when an opportunity came up to open an
office Downtown Naperville she took it.
“I am very passionate about helping people get out of pain as well
as getting the spine and nervous system functioning at its best. So
many think pain and not feeling well is normal and part of aging, but
I disagree, so many conditions can be helped with chiropractic care.
Pain is exhausting and decreases quality of life. I want to help my
patients stay strong and active which will lead to a full, happy, pro-
ductive life.” shared Aleesha.
Naperville Chiropractice & Massage is located at 47 E. Chicago
Avenue, Suite 332-B in Downtown Naperville.
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 33
Illinois … our Land of Lincoln and beloved ‘Midwest
Nice’ state has given us: Wrigley Field, Betty White,
deep-dish pizza, Harrison Ford, Starved Rock, Por-
tillo’s, Walt Disney, Twinkies and McDonald’s. Out-
side of the famous names and iconic buildings,
Illinois is a leader in agricultural production too - spe-
cifically corn. This sustainable powerhouse-of-a-
grain supports our economy, environment and
everyday lives - it’s in our cleaners, carpets, food,
fuel … and whiskey.
Yes, WHISKEY. Enter Whiskey Acres Distilling Co.
Whiskey Acres, located in DeKalb, began production in 2014 and is
Illinois’ first certified-farm distillery. This estate distillery was founded
by 4th and 5th generation farmers. The goal was to diversify its of-
ferings, showcase its high-quality grain (thanks to Illinois’ rich soil!)
and share its passion with friends and family. Whiskey Acres worked
with Dave Pickerell (RIP), a whiskey industry legend, to master the
highest-quality distilling practices in the industry. Much
like grape varieties, the same is true for corn. Every year,
the farm grows 16-24 different varieties of corn - not all
of them become whiskey. Whiskey Acres truly picks the
‘cream-of-the-crop’. And its impressive ‘Seed-to-Spirit’
process allows for everything to be managed in-house.
This 2,000 acre farm boasts: a historic tasting room, vis-
itor center, large flagstone patio, whiskey garden, pro-
duction building, barrel warehouses, farm buildings and
grain bins. This award-winning distillery produces year-
round, seasonal and limited-release spirits. Nicino is a
seasonal favorite - a liqueur made with walnuts from
Morton Arboretum, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon
and cloves.
As they say, “great whiskey isn’t made - it’s grown.” Cheers to a new
Watch for Unique In Suburbia in each monthly issue of Glancer Magazine.
by Brianna Bartemeyer
Photos Submitted
in Suburbia
34 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 35
Unique Local Process
Every year, the farm grows 16-24 differ-
ent varieties of corn - not all of them be-
come whiskey. Whiskey Acres truly
picks the ‘cream-of-the-crop’. And its im-
pressive ‘Seed-to-Spirit’ process allows
for everything to be managed in-house.
Downtown Naperville living awaits. Just steps from the
Riverwalk, Centennial Beach, Nichols Library, and all of
the fabulous the shopping and dining the downtown
area offers. This unique 6 bed 6 bath home is over
6,000 square feet on 4 finished levels. A stunning 2
story foyer entrance welcomes you into this beautiful
custom home. Just gorgeous!
6bed • 5.5bath
4,536 sqft • 7,514 sqft lot
624 Stevens St, Naperville, IL
(630) 369-9000
Presented by:
Nikki Genthner
Brokered by:
Coldwell Banker Realty -
36 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Beauty & Location
This exquisitely designed dream home
is freshly painted with floors refinished,
a paver driveway and patios. The park
is just 1/2 block away. There are many
unique and custom touches in this
home and the location is unbeatable.
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 37
Plan a New Kitchen, Basement or Bath
NAPERVILLE– Recognized as a premiere remodeling company,
with a 10,000 square foot showroom in Naperville, HomeWerks
has a beautiful online gallery of photos and ideas to help you
plan your next remodeling dream come true. Now’s a great time
to start planning your next kitchen, bath or basement project!
Family owned and operated since 1996, HomeWerks special-
izes in full service remodeling. The kitchen and bath displays are
interactive, allowing visitors to experience many product features
first hand. With the focus of providing high quality products, pro-
fessional installation and exceptional customer service
HomeWerks Kitchen and Bath •
38 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Also Providing In-Home Consultation
The popular Naperville home accessory & gift boutique offers a
wide arra of services. From silk floral arrangements and window
treatments, to in-home consultation. Let them see your space…
Why is it so easy to help a friend design her space, but when it
comes to your own house you freeze up? Don’t worry; Nona
Jo’s understands! Their team will work with you to make the right
choices that fit your style. Whether you are building, remodeling,
or refreshing your house, they’ll be by your side for every deci-
sion. From flooring, paint colors, kitchen and bath remodels to cus-
tom furniture, window treatments, artwork, lighting, and
accessorizing, we will transform your house into a home. No project
is too small or too large. Learn more today at
Beautiful Syle
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 39
Fishermen, Birdwatchers and Wildlife Viewer's
Secluded Paradise – One of a Kind Riverfront
Property In Oswego
This unique ranch has been completely redone with an open floor
plan and fabulous river views from every room and it is now on the
market. What a beautiful find!
This home has unbelievable river-frontage to the west, and bordered
on the southeast side by a natural limestone abutment. A private
bridge spans the small Cedar Run Creek running through the prop-
erty with views towards a small waterfall.
Super secluded, yet close to everything. Absolute phenomenal fish-
ing with smallies, cats and walleyes and spectacular views of Amer-
ican Bald Eagles overwintering up and down the river. Nestled
between two parks and the fox river bike path; walkable to down-
town Oswego and Violet Patch Park. Carlisle Wide Plank Hickory
Floors, Baseboard Hot Water Heat, KraftMaid Cabinets, Custom
Oak Trim with Tung Oil Finish, Granite Countertop, Fireplace and a
hidden MB Walk-in-closet. Architectural plans for a second story are
available. Schedule a tour today. Presented by Brian Hilgen of
Re/Max Of Naperville.
1703 State Rt 25
Oswego, Illinois
2bed / 1bath
1.12acre lot
40 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
This proud Naperville resident shares that helping local sellers and
buyers doesn’t feel like work making it easy to be dedicated and re-
sults oriented When she is hired to list a home she gains much of
the marketing inspiration from her sellers when she asks “ what do
you love about your home?” From there she designs high end cus-
toms booklets with professional photography & drone shots, de-
scriptions of updates, & develops unique ways to target the right
buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings with professional stag-
ing , 3D tours great for out of state buyers and constant follow up
with all parties are all included for her recipe of success! Susan is
currently meeting with sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-
ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent Susan Colella anytime
to discuss your real estate goals for 2020.
Susan Colella, Baird & Warner, (630) 946-3813
Susan Colella
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 41
To Give,
To Inspire
A Monthly Caring + Sharing Column
42 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
For many of us with school-
aged children, we have spent
months learning to switch edu-
cational gears to remote learn-
ing. It hasn’t always been
easy, but we have found ways
to adapt to circumstances bey-
ond our control. Organiza-
tions like GiGi’s Playhouse, a
place for families and the com-
munity to learn about and
celebrate the diagnosis of Down syndrome, had to
also become creative on how to continue their thera-
peutic services.
Normally, individuals gathered at the Achievement
Center for educational and training programs and ac-
tivities in an environment of total acceptance. There
are over 50 free-standing Playhouses throughout the
United States and Mexico, and the Fox Valley Center
in Aurora has had the honor of working with over 400
families. Programs are offered 100% free so that the
cost will never be a barrier to achievement. When
Covid restrictions hit last March, the organization did
not hit pause and continued with their lifetime com-
mitment to their families by launching a national vir-
tual and on-demand platform named GiGi’s at Home.
The Fox Valley location has already accumulated
1,000 hours of virtual programming.
One of GiGi’s most popular programs is their literacy
tutoring. Their 1:1 program is designed to be a suc-
cess-oriented guide to help students gain skills and
confidence that will carry over
into school, home and the com-
munity. “We understand that
individuals with Down syn-
drome learn differently, and our
aim is to make our program
easy, motivating, and success-
ful,” says Katie Vaughan, Site
Coordinator for GiGi’s Play-
house Fox Valley. “We cele-
brate each students’ ‘best of
all’, meaning expecting partici-
pants to do just a little better
than the week before.”
This spring, GiGi’s Playhouse will be introducing their
newly enhanced 1:1 math tutoring. Right now, they
are looking for a number of literacy and math tutors
to volunteer and help keep these programs running
successfully. Tutors need to be at least 16 years old.
They are also looking for committee and board
members to help execute programs and leaders of
their therapeutic programs like GiGiFIT. They have
their GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge launching on
January 5th!
To learn more about volunteering as a literacy or math
tutor and the many programs available at GiGi’s Play-
house and their GiGi’s at Home virtual platform, visit
Mindy Kyle is passionate about helping people
discover what brings them joy and to live a
full, healthy and happy life. She has her
Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing
from DePaul University and is a veteran of
Chicago’s theater and commercial world as
well as a graduate of the Second City Improv
School. Mindy lives in Naperville with her hus-
band, three children and the cutest dog in the land.
A Newly Enhanced 1:1 Math Tutoring Program
for Individuals with Down Syndrome
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 43
PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that
consistently comes to clients’ minds
when they think of Penny O’Brien is
“hustle.” As a Seller Representative
Specialist, she loves meeting with sellers
to discuss pre-market home improvements
and guide them to make their home “showtime
ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in professional staging
and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for “good-looking
listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale. Penny
says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”.
Penny O'Brien Broker
Relocation Specialist / Negotiation Expert
(630) 207-7001 •
Read Penny’s Local Industry
Expert Column at
PPeennnnyy OOBBiieenn
44 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 45
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos by Mike Catuara
The Barley Family
GENEVA/NAPERVILLE–Take that trip, do the adventure, ex-
plore, and live your life to the fullest - “Always Go” – that is the
motto Geneva residents, John and Ashley Barley and their three
children Declan (11), Scout (3), and Banks (1) – and what an ad-
venture it has been as the owners of Solemn Oath Brewery in
Naperville which opened in 2012.
As entrepreneurs their free time has been consumed by the
brewery but through Solemn Oath they remain wildly active.
Each year they work with dozens of charitable organizations ac-
ross Chicagoland including the Naperville Parks Foundation, the
Naperville Area Humane Society, and many others. This year
during the pandemic they also had the opportunity to work with
some fantastic organizations including My Block, My Hood, My
City and Grocery Run Club. Beyond that, they would typically
be either travelling or driving to and from Declan's hockey games
across the Midwest with the Geneva Cyclones youth hockey or-
In March, many things changed for the Barley family. John lost
his father, best friend, and business partner to cancer right when
the world was shutting down and the business dynamic had to
shift dramatically. The market for 60% of their on-premises draft
sales had disappeared like a light switch and they had to adapt
quickly to survive as a business.
Although the year has been a year filled with punch after punch
after punch, the Barley’s maintain their “just do it” attitude and
persisted on with the camaraderie, hustle, and love of their pa-
trons, family, and each other.
With the support of the City of Naperville, in June they built a
massive outdoor space called the Solemn Oath Community Beer
Garden providing plenty of space for social distancing. Now dur-
ing the winter months, it has been converted to a majestic forest
fairy tale called the Solemn Oath Community Dome Forest.
The Barley’s always live life to its fullest! Like many, the pan-
demic has given them a lot more time together, but the nature of
their business does not allow for working remotely; however,
whenever they are at home as a family, the music is on and every
single person is singing and dancing…..“it breeds confidence,
humor, and support of each other.”
Winter Fun
at The Forge Ice
Skating Shelf
LEMONT–It wouldn't be the
holiday season without this
classic winter activity! Lace-
up your skates and glide ac-
ross The Forge's Ice
Skating Shelf. Teleport
yourself to childhood mem-
ories and create new mo-
ments to cherish with loved ones this winter season at The
Forge. Skate rentals are included in your reservations, so you
don't have to dig out yours from the back of the closet!
Reservations are required to skate. Due to current COVID-19
policies to comply with the Stay At Home Advisory, private
family bookings are currently the only available option for
Ice Castles at Lake Geneva
January 2020 - February 2020
LAKE GENEVA–Built with thousands of lit-up icicles, the interactive Ice Castles
display at Destination Geneva National features tricked-out tunnels, thrones,
slides, and fountains. This Instagrammable ice kingdom will be yours to discover
through early March, if Mother Nature allows. Winter never felt so royal! Stay at
the Suites & Cottages at Geneva National -- and walk to Ice Castles! This ex-
perience is weather dependent.
Click for More Kid Stuff!
Frosty Fest
Red Oak Nature Center
Saturday, January 30
BATAVIA–Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean
you can’t celebrate winter! Families are welcome to join us at
Red Oak for Frosty Fest where you can go for a snowman
scavenger hunt on our snowflake trail, build your own frosty
friend and enjoy seasonal snacks while warming up by the
fire. Everyone 3 years and up must purchase a ticket for entry.
Adults are discounted. Order tickets today! 3-6pm
46 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 47
by Mindy Kyle
Photos Submitted
P.J. HarteNaus
of Glen Ellyn/Galena
Belden Boy Series
Meet long-time Glen Ellyn resident, educator and author P.J.
HarteNaus, who four years ago retired from 35 years of teach-
ing and moved to historic Galena, home of her award-winning
and anti-bullying Belden Boy Series books.
“My last assignment for my Master’s Degree in Education
asked us to create something educational for children,” says
HarteNaus. “I was asked to help save a boarded up, 1859
one-room schoolhouse in Galena - Belden School.” This proj-
ect and her bullying experiences from childhood and those of
her students inspired her to write The Adventures of Peter
McDugal, the first book in her unique series. The Belden Boy
Series is a set of tales of the ups and downs of friendships
back in the late 1800’s. Each of the books helps children
understand all sides of bullying: the victim, the bully, and the
Along with selling her books on Amazon and online at , HarteNaus drives the Belden Boy Book
Mobile, a 1953 green Chevy farm truck named Mary Jane to
schools, farmers markets, book fairs and storefronts to market
her books. “Full of bales of hay, flowers and buckets of my
books, Mary Jane attracts everyone!” HarteNaus also holds
the Belden Boy Writing Camp each summer in the real setting
of the Belden School and invites children who are interested
in becoming budding authors.
We’d Love to Meet Them! Introduce
Us at
Valley View Dental offers a full array of general dentistry services,
cosmetic dentistry, periodontal, dental implants, orthodontics proce-
dures, and oral surgery. This includes Invisalign, BOOST Teeth
Whitening, CEREC one-day crowns, and same-day emergency
visits guaranteed. With a large staff of bi-lingual doctors and staff,
on-site labs at each location, extended business and weekend
hours, Valley View Dental has the ability to treat patients according
to their own schedules and convenience with all Covid-19 precau-
tions taken. Stop by and see why others in the community have
trusted Valley View Dental for over 20 years.
Located In Naperville, Montgomery & Romeoville
Valley View Dental •
48 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
NAPERVILLE–Golf season will soon be here! Ladies (and gents), be sure to add
Naperville’s two favorites to your list of must-play 18-hole golf courses. Come
Springtime, Springbrook and Naperbrook will be ready for great weather, while
offering challenging golf and the best rates, practice time on the range and relax-
ation post-round on our welcoming patios with food and drinks. Tee time reserva-
tions and more online. Naperville Park District’s Springbrook & Naperbrook Golf
ST. CHARLES–Let this spa
help you disconnect and im-
prove your health, beauty and
relaxation with specialized
massages, meditation, in-
frared sauna, and reiki energy
work. Complete your visit with
a natural hair or nail treatment
to feel as beautiful outside as
you do inside.
Tranquility Spa
113 N. 2nd Ave., St. Charles
WESTERN SUBURBS–Concierge Medical Spa is a luxury medical
spa with highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners and esthe-
ticians offering the most comprehensive esthetic medical services.
From body contouring to highly advanced future-forward restor-
ative and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our esthetic experts
are some of the best in the industry. As the number one provider
of Coolsculpting in the Midwest and Top 200 in the country of Al-
lergan injectors, our services produce excellent results and have
high client satisfaction. www.concier
BATAVIA–Through holistic healing and sha-
manic healing, the center offers different
services from cultures around the world
to bring balance and harmony to your
physical and emotional planes. Find
unique classes like drum circles, re-
storative yoga and gong meditation
Healing Arts Metaphysical Center
4 E. Wilson St., Suite 101, Batavia,
NAPERVILLE–Find a quiet
space to just BE. Float in 10
inches of skin temperature
water with 1,600 pounds of
Epsom salt to keep you afloat
even if you fall asleep. You
have your own private Float
Room and can control the un-
derwater LED light and white
noise. Annica Float Club, 4S100
N. IL-59, Naperville,
hheeaalltthhyy lliivviinngg
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 49
50 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
WESTERN SUBURBS–Transform your life today! In Home Fitness
By Val & Team brings the workout to your home! Busy schedule?
Not ready for a public gym?
In Home Fitness by Val & Team provide private personalized work-
outs with real results! Whether you have a home gym or not, they
provide everything you need.
In Home Fitness by Val, brings professionalism and fitness expertise
to you. Enjoy the convienience of an in-home workout appointment.
Val and her team can't wait to help you on your fitness journey! First
session is FREE.
In Home Fitness by Val
Photo by Ashley Summers
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 51
52 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
WHEATON–Nine sea-inspired matte to luminous shadows in serene
hues for a variety of summertime looks. Palette shades include: Shell
Game (matte), Waterlily (luminous), Coral Reef (matte), Warm Sands
(matte), Mermaid Kisses (matte), Mystic Waters (luminous), Golden
Dreams (luminous), Treasure Hunt (matte), Azure (semi-matte)
Merle Norman Cosmetics
123 N Main St, Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 668-6685 •
MOM’S lile black book
GENEVA–A beauty journey to the milky
way of your lip dreams. Subtle spice,
luxuriant moisture and an always-per-
fect beige that make you feel out of this
world. This formula is thoughtfully com-
posed. It is paraben and pthalate free,
not tested on animals and is poured into
a glass, not plastic, jar.
Odalisque Beauty Apothecary
101 S 3rd St, Geneva
(630) 232-2070
NAPERVILLE–Soon, Winter will be
over and we will be thinking about
Spring. Don’t mis out on the perfect
Spring Lip Kit by Looks Cosmetics.
It includes the Dusty Pink Jumbo Lip
Stick Pencil, Plumping Lip Gloss in
Dainty and Luxury Matte Lipstick in
Looks Cosmetics
A West Suburban Business
I think I speak for all ages when I say that it is al-
ways more fun to be surrounded by your family
and friends than to be in a roomful of strangers
that might be kicking your seat, talking to much
during the movie, running up and down the
aisles, chewing their popcorn too loudly, or
spoiling the movie ending.
Let’s face it – we like to be with “our people”
and have grown to fully appreciate them more
than ever during the last nine months of living
through a pandemic.
As we learn to live in our new environment, I am grateful
for the businesses that are adapting to provide clean, safe,
and private spaces for families and friends to enjoy entertainment
while maintaining a prudent social bubble.
Appreciating a Bears game on the big screen, reminiscing treasured
family home videos, binge watching a favorite Netflix series, or tak-
ing advantage of a seeing a new release film can all be done in the
privacy of your very own cinema, with your very own crew.
Take pleasure in knowing you can spread out in a huge theater
while appreciating your favorite drinks and select menu items with
your social bubble besties.
Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie and the gentleman rents
out the entire theater as a surprise date for just him and his special
someone? This is your chance to recreate moments you thought
were only made for movies, but now you can make them your real-
I have created many unique memories that I never
dreamed possible during this pandemic by thinking
outside the box, so the Box Theater private venue
option is no different!
Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is
what you make of it. Always has been. Al-
ways will be”.
Hollywood Blvd. is offering never-before-seen
pricing on private theater rentals as low as $99
on weekdays. Show a current DVD released film,
stream from a service, view current sporting events,
game, and more. A chance to enjoy a movie with friends
and family in a clean, safe, and private environment.
Hollywood Blvd. Cinema
1001 W. 75th Street, Woodridge
(630) 427-1880 •
Hours: Call for Private Rental Opportunities
Price $: Varies based on Selection
Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illi-
nois State University in 1992 with an International
Business Degree. She has two energetic daughters
and her house is always full of children. Kristen’s col-
umn titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly fea-
ture written for moms who are looking for ways to
keep their kids busy. Read her past columns at
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 53
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos Submitted
MOM’S lile black book
54 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 55
All Things Beautiful for the New Year
OSWEGO–New Year, New Hope, New Ideas. Be inspired
when you peruse through the creatively displayed home
decor, inspirational art, unique gifts, stylish women’s ap-
parel, stunning jewelry, candles and the easy-to-use Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint. Nestled in charming log cabins right out-
side of downtown Oswego, Velvet Grace is worth the trip with
TWO shops to enjoy!
4025 US 34 Oswego • (630) 636.6570
56 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • JANUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 57
Naper Settlement Wedding
Showcase • January 16, 2021
NAPERVILLE–Naper Settlement’s Wedding Showcase on Janu-
ary 16 features over 30 local vendors from every niche of the bri-
dal industry, including photographers, florists, bakers, and more!
In the historic setting of the Pre-Emption House, Meeting House,
and Century Memorial Chapel, couples will have one-on-one per-
sonal consultations with vendors to help them plan their big day. A
90-minute timed entry ticket is required for all guests. Tickets are
available at 10-11:50AM, 12:10-1:50PM, and 2:10-4PM. Register for
tickets at
5. Massage Therapy
NAPERVILLE–If you have a hectic life-
style, you know that being constantly on-the-go is
just part of the routine. However, taking the time for
massage therapy can be a useful tool that can help you
continue performing at your very best. This is due to the
fact that a massage can do more than clear your con-
science and ease your muscles. Massage Therapy can
keep your body in tip-top shape to help you - be you!
1. Integrative Care
NAPERVILLE–Integrative medicine is fo-
cused on finding solutions to achieve op-
timal health. This integrative,
science-based approach looks at the
big picture, taking into consideration
the complex network of interactions in
a patient’s history, physiology, and
lifestyle that can lead to illness. Not
only is your genetic makeup taken
into account, so are internal issues re-
lating to your spirit and mind as well
as physical, social, and environmental
factors that affect overall body function.
4. Fun, Friends & Fitness
AURORA–Love for life and experience
knows no age. If you’re 55 or older, you can
connect with those who share your passion for
an active lifestyle. This program at Prisco Com-
munity Center offers diverse, engaging senior
events and programs. So perfect!
3. In-Home Fitness
team of trainers guide you
though customized program-
ming in your home gym (al-
though a gym is not required).
Working from home along with a busy life-
style makes it challenging to travel to a
public gym. Pretty cool!
7. Healing the Hurt Massage
GENEVA–Whether you are looking to
relax from stress, relieve pain, or let go of tension in
tight muscles, you will benefit from a session from
Aire's therapeutic healing touch. Located inside of In-
victus Health+Recovery on Kirk Road. Schedule a
time today and start feeling fabulous!
Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! With this renewed spirit and positive attitude, there is no better time than now to start feeling fabulous again! Whether you are
wanting to enhance how you feel mentally or physically, or both– this month’s 7 Spectacular list invites you to get excited and engage by learning more about
the local programs we have featured. Each is unique in their own way, and ready to help you achieve totaly fabulousness this January!
58 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JANUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
6. Nexus Small-Group Training
WHEATON & GENEVA–Nexus by definition is a
means of connection between members of a group
or things in a series; link; bond. To H4 the name
Nexus truly defines what their small group training is
all about and that is a bond and connection - some-
thing we all need right now!
2. Yoga for Beginners
WHEATON–Take a beginner friendly yoga
class. YBD 1 introduces the fundamental
hatha yoga poses and incorporates them in to
a basic “Vinyasa flow” with an emphasis on
proper alignment and breathing techniques.
Students will also receive a brief introduction
of yoga philosophy and terminology in this
class to further their understanding of this an-
cient practice. Heated to 80° F to 85° F and
complemented by great music. Namaste!