West Suburban Families Share their Unique Love Story
This month it’s all about LOVE. Families throughout the west suburban community
have been together more this past year due to the pandemic– enjoying quality time
at home while creating new memories. This issue shares Love Stories shared by
local families, along with more inspiring features to help celebrate LOVE all month
Our cover feature highlights west suburban Family Love Stories–each with a
unique story to share. From vow renewal and adoption, to marying a second time
around, becoming a blending family filled with love, each story is so very touching
and filled with love, reminding us just how important family can be.
We also feature 7 Spectacular Valentine’s Day Gifts to Fall In Love With, giving
you a variety of fun and unique gift-giving options all found locally. So many fun
finds! For the bride and grooms-to-be, you will for sure love 10 Trends for Saying
‘I Do’ Locally. Each featured trend will help make your planning blissful, ensuring
your special day if everything you dreamed for it to be.
Thank you for reading this special Valentine’s Day issue
dedicated to all things LOVE! Our team always enjoys
putting this issue together year after year, and it is so
loved by our readers. Enjoy!
We have many unique issues planned fro 2021 so
please be sure to support our mission and subscribe
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We love local! We know local! 
Lindy Kleivo
Publishing Director, West Suburban Area
Pictured at Aurelio’s In Geneva with Her Youngest
5 Hello From Glancer Magazine
9 5 Things to Do
10 COVER Family Love Stories
20 10 Trends In Saying ‘I Do’ Locally
22 GUIDE Eat, Drink & Be Mine
28 Dining & Cocktails
30 Trendy Traveler: Mexico Resorts
32 Fitness with the H4 Training Team
34 Unique In Suburbia: Marcel’s
36 Million Dollar Listing: Wheaton
38 Home Design & Decor
39 Meet the Design Team at Nona Jo’s
40 Literary Local: Sharon Doering
41 Selling English Rows Naperville
42 To Give, To Inspire: Hearts of Fox Valley
45 Glancing the Gallant: Brave Local Mom
46 Kid Stuff: February Fun In 2021
48 Dental News
49 Healthy Living
52 Shop Local
53 Mom’s Little Black Book: DeSarge Dance
54 Shopping + Style: Boutiques
56 FREE GIFT Jeans & a Cute Top Shop
61 7 Spectacular Valentine’s Day Gifts
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FEBRUARY 2021 | Vol 19
The Love Issue
This month it’s all about LOVE. Families
throughout the west suburban community
have been able to spend more time to-
gether this past year– enjoying quality time
while creating new memories. This issue
shares Love Stories shared by local fam-
ilies, along with more inspiring features to
help celebrate LOVE all month long. Sub-
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Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 5
6 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 7
8 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
1. Treat Yourself to
Bundtinis® from
Nothing Bundt Cakes
WEST SUBURBS–OK. How sweet are
these? TReat yourself or someone
special to a dozen Bundtinis®, small
bite-size cakes available at Nothing
Bundt Cakes. Located in Geneva, Nap-
erville, Plainfield, Wheaton, Elmhurst,
Darien and Algonquin. Order online!
5 Things to Do
3. Give the Gift of Roses
from Andrew’s Garden
WHEATON–A Bit of European Floral Lux-
ury. Andrew's Garden is a full-service Eu-
ropean-style flower and gift shop offering
local and national deliveries. Andrew's Gar-
den specializes in couture designs for every
day occasions, weddings, corporate events
and other celebrations. Located in Wheaton
with a second location opening ind downtown
Naperville very soon.
5. St. Charles Restaurant Week
February 22-26
ST. CHARLES –Showcaseing many restaurants throughout town, don’t
miss this special community event in Kane County! View participating res-
taurant menus and specials at
Check back often as organizers will continue to update the list.
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 9
4. Valentine's Night Hike
Lyman Woods • Saturday, February 13 • 7pm
DOWNERS GROVE–Enjoy an evening under the stars on a romantic night
hike. Follow a lantern-lit trail to find special surprises and make memories
along the way. End the evening with roasted marshmallows and other tasty
treats with your sweetheart around a cozy campfire. Snowshoes available
if there is enough snow on the ground. Price is per couple. Register online
2. Make Valentine Ravioli
Together ♥ From the Dough to
the Plating • $34.99
Friday, February 12 • 5-7:30pm
ONLINE EVENT • This year, give the gift of mak-
ing dinner together. Make heart shaped, filled col-
ored Ravioli from scratch. This is an interactive
class seasoned with AlDente’s authentic Italian ac-
cent! The price is for 1 person. After your booking
send them an email and theye will send you back
the list of ingredients. HURRY! Space is limited for
this online class.
10 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos by Mike Catuara
Unless Otherwise Specified
10 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine
12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 13
NAPERVILLE–When Kristen was maid of honor at one her
closet friend’s wedding and Bruce was the best man, they felt
it and married five years later at Sacred Heart Church in New
York followed by a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Fast forward
another 25 years, the couple decided to renew their wedding
vows in Monroe, New York at St. Anastasia Church, followed
by a romantic COVID-19 getaway at the Sky Top Lodge in
Pennsylvania. They were thrilled to share this celebration with
her mother, their children, and other relatives present; after all
their parents were their guiding light with 50 years of marriage
Kristen, an Honors Math and Project Idea teacher at Naper-
ville’s Meadow Glens Elementary School; a Yoga teacher and
Reiki Master at Abhyaasa Yoga Studio in Naperville, and the
founder of Bring Your Own Bag Naperville, and Bruce, the
owner of People’s Construction in Naperville have three chil-
dren, Ryan (33) serving in the Air Force in Florida with his wife
and daughter; Adam (21) a recent Western Michigan University
graduate, and Brooke (17) a senior at Naperville Central High
With busy professional and social lives, in addition to children
and grandchildren, any marriage must master beginning each
day with a deep breath, smile, and the willingness to start each
day renewed.
“The bond of friendship and family, and the strength of forgive-
ness are without a doubt what allowed our marriage to en-
dure,” Kristen says. “We are happier now than we have ever
been and planning for the next 25 years is full of excitement
and joy.”
Following a motto of “Lighten up and Let it Go” the couple is
thrilled to have been able to celebrate the sacred occasion of
renewed marriage and knows that no matter what, they will be
able to overcome any obstacles ahead of them and forge
ahead with the foundation of everlasting love. They are hope-
ful for a second honeymoon to Hawaii or Europe in this
summer! -Kristen Kucharski, Photo sby Mike Catuara
The Kainrath Family
How do you spell love –Piglet
You don’t spell it, you feel it –Pooh
their Vows
16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • NOVEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine
14 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine
14 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Love Story
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 15
NAPERVILLE/WHEATON–Nothing expresses family love more
than the Gelande family motto, “You were born from my heart”.
Twenty-four-year Naperville residents, Mike, a CFO for Etnyre In-
ternational and Barb, a Special Education Teacher at Hubble Middle
School in Wheaton, dreamed of having a family. They desired to
adopt a pair of siblings and embarked on the adoption journey in
2006 with European Adoption Consultants (EAC).
Although it took about two years to finalize, the couple was even-
tually connected with Lilia (7 ½) and Misha (6) and headed to a
small town 2,400 miles east of Moscow in January 2008.
“I will never forget walking out of the orphanage with two beautiful
children,” Barb shares.
Although both Lilia and Misha had medical issues including Rickets
(a vitamin D deficiency), and were extremely malnourished causing
underdevelopment for their ages, Barb and Mike let their love propel
the healing of their children, who were truly born from their hearts.
They went through years of growth hormone injections to aid in their
growth; and along the way, they also learned that both kids had
FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).
“Like autism, FASD has degrees of severity. Our daughter was less
affected than our son. This led to many years of counseling, bio-
feedback, and behavior problems with our son,” Barb reveals. “Our
adoption story came with real struggles. More than we could imag-
ine. However, I will always remember this quote by Sue Atkins, there
is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one. Even
with the struggles, we have always kept a positive outlook and
searched for the good in each day.”
Love will conquer all for the Gelande family and they continue to
celebrate the successes. Today, Lilia is 20 years old and attending
National Louis University and majoring in Elementary Education.
Misha is 19 years old and a senior at Camelot in Naperville. The
family is members of Alleluia Lutheran Church in Naperville and con-
tinue to expand their hearts by sponsoring a child named Nicholas
in Peru with Compassion International through the church.
Every January 25th is "Gottcha Day". They make Russian food and
look through old photos and remember how thankful they are to be
a family. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted
The Gelande Family
A Beautiful Story of Adoption
16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 17
ELBURN/ST. CHARLES–Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain and
Ashley Sloane met at work and became best friends. Their love
continued to grow and on a get-away trip to Charleston, SC in
November 2019, Ron surprised Ashley when they walked onto
a waterfront pier and he got down on one knee and proposed.
They were excited to bring together their newly blended family,
Mason Hain (17), Ashlyn Hain (16), Sloane Kosinski (8), and De-
lavan Kosinski (4) for a big wedding in Disney World, but due to
COVID-19, the trip was unfortunately cancelled.
However, ‘Dreams Really Do Come True’ and just like a true
fairytale, love conquers all. With Ron’s brother officiating, the
two were joined together as one in their Elburn kitchen with
family and friends witnessing through the living room window
from the front lawn. Thanks to the innovative technologies of
Zoom, the ceremony was viewed across the country.
The Hain family has a lot of love to share throughout their new
family of six.
“Having four kids with a wide age range means always scanning
for new ways to support, engage them, and make them feel
equally loved and important,” Ron says. “The littles get up
around 6:30 a.m. and are in bed by 8 p.m., then the teens really
become active; so, there’s never much down time. But, having
a loving wife, who is an incredible mother, makes all of it seam-
less and fun.”
Ron may be the Sheriff in town, but Delavan (4) runs the house
and keeps everyone on their toes with her humor and antics,
while the other kids complete their e-learning and look forward
to returning to softball, tennis, and college visits.
Living in Elburn, the family loves downtown establishments like
Gaedel's, Schmidt's and Obscurity and enjoy the proximity of St.
Charles and Geneva for entertainment and food. They are a so-
cial bunch and cannot wait to reconnect with family and friends
and share their newfound joy in each!
-Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted
The Hain Family
A Blended Famly Filled with Love
A Blended
Family of 6
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
NAPERVILLE–Brooke is used to living an active vibrant life as a
graduate of Neuqua Valley High School who facilitated local book
drives for charity and participates in the LGBTQ community. She
continued her involvement at Hofstra University as a Resident As-
sistant and interned with YA imprint at Macmillan Publishers; so, liv-
ing away from her Naperville family and friends, in the middle of a
pandemic became very lonely upon her college graduation.
With a heart of gold and love to share, Brooke sought to adopt a
cat. She grew up with cats and knew the companionship one could
bring; furthermore, Brooke was also aware that it is difficult for
shelters to place special needs cats in forever homes because
people think that they propose to many challenges.
“Special needs cats are just as deserving of a family, even if it
means giving them a little extra attention and patience,” Brooke
shares. So, she adopted Novie, originally named Finch, a three-
year-old cat with special from North Shore Animal League on Long
“Novie (short for adoptive month of November) has cerebellar hy-
poplasia (CH), which means the part of her brain in charge of bal-
ance is underdeveloped,” Brooke adds. “Some cats with moderate
CH walk a little wobbly, but Novie has a severe case. She cannot
jump, walk, or even stand, yet she is very capable and determined.
She rolls, flops, and drags herself across the room to get where she
wants (the floor is covered in foam yoga mats to make it easy for
her). She uses the litterbox and eats food just like any "normal" cat
does. Honestly, the way she moves around is adorable and it just
makes her more charming to all who meet her.”
Although Brooke has been almost completely shut in her apartment
because of COVID, she is not lonely because she hangs with Novie
every day.
“It truly feels like I've become a mother because Novie is so much
like a baby - sometimes she's feeling hyper and independent, and
other times she just likes to cuddle up on my arm and sleep.”
Novie is a great companion while Brooke completes her daily tasks
working in data entry with the hopes to enter the children's publish-
ing industry in the very near future.
To share in the love, you can follow Novie via her Instagram page
@noviefinch. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted
Brooke Sokoloski
So Much Love & Care for Her Special Needs Cat
A Special
Needs Cat
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 19
#1 | Micro Weddings
210 Cedar, St. Charles •
A micro wedding is an intimate, more personal wedding with a smaller group of
close family and friends. 210Cedar is a boutique event space located in the Cen-
tury Corners Historic Shopping District in downtown St. Charles. Exposed beams,
natural light, and an outdoor space with a view of the city, make this venue a perfect
space that is warm and inviting. It is a place where old memories can be shared,
and new ones will be made with accommodations for up to 40 guests. Clients pro-
vide their own food and beverage.
#2 | The Great Outdoors
Norfolk Farm, Oswego •
Dreaming of a wedding surrounded by white fences of lush green pastures filled
with Kentucky Derby Bloodline Race Horses? Northfork Farm will make your
dreams come true with elegant country outdoor wedding facilities. With beautifully
appointed areas featuring mature trees, majestic flower gardens, rich green pas-
tures with famous thoroughbred horses, and wonderful hospitality. Immediately fol-
lowing the ceremony, the tent and horse barn area will be available for cocktails,
games, bonfire, and country dining.
Trends when
Saying “I Do”
10 TRENDS 2021
20 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
#3 | Farm to Table
Heritage Prairie Farm, Elburn
Mother nature sets the perfect backdrop on a beautiful Certified Organic
Farm. This all-inclusive venue specializes in completely original outdoor
weddings through Farm to Table Cuisine. Throughout the planning process,
they keep a very close eye on the Farm’s natural bounty. Then, the crew
harvests when possible from their USDA Certified Organic Farm what can
be interwoven into the personal taste of your menu. Then a customized
menu is created from scratch to create a unique wedding.
#4 | Sustainability
Green Wedding Alliance, Chicago Area
Chicago's Green Wedding Alliance is a growing community of environmen-
tally & socially responsible event vendors. They connect with conscious
consumers for mindful weddings, commitment ceremonies & social events.
The Alliance is a collaborative network of over 40 member vendors who
strive to grow & inform others of their responsible business practices.
#5 | Warehouses
Warehouse 109, Plainfield •
A new venue in an old warehouse. Featuring a spacious and flexible event
space, meeting the need for an interesting venue to host your next event.
WAREHOUSE: 109 provides many unique vignettes; including a gallery of
antique motorcycles, a vintage bar, and a 1958 Airstream turned into a
lounge. Over 4,000 square feet of interior space with an additional 2,000
square feet of courtyard space Create your own unique indoor/outdoor
event for seated dinners of up to 150 guests, receptions for up to 200 guests
and wedding ceremonies.
#6 | Sweet Tables
Vanilla Sugar Bakery, Glen Ellyn •
Vanilla Sugar Bakery is a sister owned scratch bakery. All of their recipes
have been crafted and tweaked for many years using only the finest and
freshest ingredients. Which means there are no preservatives, fillers or ad-
ditives in any of the products baked in the VSB Kitchen. Each and every
morning they begin baking in the early morning hours so that you are always
guaranteed the most incredible gourmet sweet eats. Unique treats.
#7 | Music Twist
Jim Perona, Classical Guitarist, Wheaton •
With a repertoire that consisted of traditional wedding music, classical guitar
staples and his growing list of contemporary arrangements, Jim has now ar-
ranged over 200 songs for solo guitar and features them prominently in his
performances. The classical guitar performance technique combined with
the familiarity of the repertoire has made for exciting performances and
highly acclaimed awards. Jim has also been personally invited by John
McDonough (Chicago Blackhawks President & CEO) to perform on multiple
occasions for the Chicago Blackhawks organization at the United Center.
Jim was also invited to perform for the United Center Concert Club, serving
as the pre-concert act to headliners Fleetwood Mac.
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 21
#8 | Floral Photo Backdrops
Floral Wonders, Geneva/Batavia
Founder and creative force behind Floral Wonders, Eva Kamieniak's life has
always been driven by her love of design. From those first drawing classes
as a five-year-old to making clothes and furniture for her Barbies, she knew
she loved the creative process. The journey that culminated in the opening
of Floral Wonders includes interning at a milliner's shop, graduating from
Harrington College of Interior Design in Chicago and hands-on experience
in the world of interior design, photography and fashion. She specializes in
Floral Backdrops for weddings and is passionate about flowers - all of them!
From the lushest peonies to the most delicate ranunculus, with all the roses,
lilies, tulips, and greens in between.
#9 | A Touch of History
Naper Settlement, Naperville
Naper Settlement was built in 1864, the charm and elegance of Century Me-
morial Chapel comes through in its original stained-glass windows and dec-
orative hand stenciling. The curved buttresses, carved pews and globe
lighting highlight the Gothic Revival style of architecture. Make some mem-
ories in one of Chicagoland’s only historic wedding chapels!
#10 | Bling In the Barn
Bling in the Barn, Geneva •
Creative innovation is the heart and soul of providing a direct source to wed-
ding props, customized wedding decor, and centerpieces for them to create
inspirational designs for every client and to execute the vision flawlessly.
They bring an innovative approach to each couples’ style. If you can dream
it, they can build it, and believe in making the impossible possible. Their
specialty is authentic and memorable celebrations, paired with unparalleled
attention to detail, bespoke design, and flawless execution.
22 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Valentine’s Date Night
In a Box ♥ $85
Saturday, February 13
by Iron&Glass Romeoville
and Happy Belly Chefs
ROMEOVILLE–Have a special Valentine’s
Weekend date at home! The Happy Belly Chefs have
whipped up a lovely menu of 5 courses for two that we
will pair with 5 beers that will be all packaged together
in a box with handy instructions.
Grapefruit and Fennel Salad with Hazelnuts and
Shave Paremsan with White Balsamic Dressing
Paired with an IPA
Roasted Chilled Shrimp with Smoky Cocktail Sauce
Paired with a Lager or IPA
Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo Manicotti with Mozza-
rella, Ricotta and Spinach
Paired with a Farmhouse
Sweet and Tangy Sicilian Brisket with Beer Braised
Fennel and Onions
Paired with a Porter or Stout
Almond Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce and
Poached Cherries
Paired with a Stout
Place your order at:
Head Over to I&G Romeoville on 2/13 anywhere be-
tween 3-6pm to Grab Your Date Night Box
632 S. Weber Rd, Romeoville, IL
Daddio’s Diner
Valentine’s Weekend Special
by Daddio’s Diner
BATAVIA–Daddio's Diner is a retro neighborhood diner in the
heart of Downtown Batavia. We are offering up a delicious array
of Valentine's Specials for you to order and pickup to share with
your loved ones!
Surprise your valentine with a "Light My Fire" Breakfast Bowl or
our "Romeo & Juliette" Waffle, pictured here!
Call (630) 879-5299 to order and check out our website at
for our full menu and more info!"
Daddio's Diner
134 W. Wilson St., Batavia • (630) 879-5299
Open for curbside pickup & family style catering
Tues-Fri 8am – 7pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 2pm
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 23
Galentine’s Day ♥ Girlfriend’s
Night Out • February 12
by Pizza & Culinary
LISLE–Grab your best pal and join us for cocktails and
small bites as we celebrate friendship! We will enjoy
drinks and bites with our besties as we learn new, fun
recipes for your next get together, virtual happy hour, or
your own Galentine's Day celebration!
• Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites
• Ginger Snap and Blue Cheese Dip
• Dark Chocolate Brownies with
Raspberry Goat Cheese Swirl
• Raspberry Rose Fizz
Your chef instructor will teach the proper techniques to
elevate your cooking.
You will work with other guests in a fun, hands-on envi-
ronment led by our Chef Instructor.
Work from a recipe that was created for each specific
Work others to prepare each dish from start to finish
Classes are roughly 2 to 2 1/2 hours, unless otherwise
noted above, and each student will enjoy a full meal of
what you created in class
Cooking classes are conducted in our state of the art
Blue Star outfitted demonstration kitchen and each class
is led by an experienced chef instructor.
Wine, beer and Soft drinks are for sale (sorry, no BYOB)
Students receive a 10% to shop before or after class
View More Details & Guidelines Online
24 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
Valentine’s Day Weekend
February 12-14 ♥ $35 Prixe Fixe
by SixtyFour - Wine Bar & Kitchen
NAPERVILLE–Enjoy Valentine's Day Weekend at SixtyFour!
$35 Prix Fixe all weekend, or choose off of their regular menu.
Plus, if you join us Sunday, get a complimentary glass of spar-
kling wine or beer!
SixtyFour - Wine Bar & Kitchen features 64 wines by the glass
every day, 64 local craft beers, curated cocktails, a retail sec-
tion, and a full lunch and dinner menu.
Menu available online. Reservations can be made at
123 Water Street, Suite 105A, Naperville
Valentine's Dinner for Two
February 12-14
by Francesca’s Restaurants
CHICAGOLAND–Love is in the air at Francesca's this Valen-
tine's weekend! Celebrate with a steak & lobster dinner for two
catered by Francesca's, complete with salad, dessert & a com-
plimentary bottle of wine. Order by Noon deadline on Thursday
2/11 for pick-up on Friday 2/12, Saturday 2/13 or Sunday 2/14
between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
26 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Portillo’s Famous Chocolate Cake Dons Its
“Lovely” Shape for Charity Partnership with
No Kid Hungry
CHICAGOLAND–Portillo’s, the fast-casual restaurant brand known for its menu of Chicago-style favorites, proudly an-
nounces a new charity partnership with No Kid Hungry. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, Portillo’s will offer its Heart-
Shaped Chocolate Cake, a limited-time holiday spin on the brand’s iconic Famous Chocolate Cake ($15.99-$16.99,
based on location).
As part of the partnership, Portillo’s will be donating $5 from each cake purchased – up to $25,000 – to No Kid Hungry.
This charitable contribution will benefit No Kid Hungry’s mission to end child hunger in America by ensuring that all chil-
dren get the healthy food they need every day to thrive.
The single-layer cakes will be available in restaurants from February 5-14. Portillo’s fans across the country can also
purchase a Heart-Shaped Cake on The shop-n-ship cake retails at $43.99, which includes free two-day
shipping, and is available to ship to all 50 states.
For more information on the restaurant, please visit or follow Portillo’s on Facebook, Twitter, or In-
stagram. Customers can find the Portillo’s location nearest to them by visiting
Indulge In the Menu of Deluxe Romantic
Experiences for Valentine's Day and Beyond
Offered at Mexico's Velas Resorts
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO–Lovebirds seeking an
ultra-romantic getaway this Valentine's Day can
choose from a menu of romantic experiences now of-
fered at Mexico's award-winning Velas Resorts.
Among other offerings, Grand Velas Los Cabos offers
a Brunch at Sea Experience aboard a 55-foot yacht
and an awe-inspiring Los Cabos Stargazing Package.
Courtesy of a high-quality 127 mm Maksutov-Casse-
grain telescope, guests can discover the stars, planets
and constellations stretching over the Baja Peninsula,
considered by NASA one of the top 20 places to re-
search the night-sky.
Romance In
Puerto Vallarta
30 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 31
For those looking to pop the big question,
Grand Velas Riviera Maya offers the
Ultimate Proposal Package.
Along with a multi-course ro-
mantic dinner and dessert on
the pristine white sand Carib-
bean beach, the experience
includes presentation of the
ring by a magician, bottle of
champagne, bouquet of
flowers and more.
At Grand Velas Riviera
Nayarit, couples can enjoy
a Cinema Under the Stars
Experience in the resort's gar-
den, amphitheater, or beach,
where a private screening of a movie
of choice will be shown. One can also pop
the question during skydiving with the Over-the-
Top Engagement Package.
A Private Lovers' Picnic awaits at adults-only bou-
tique hotel Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta. The 4-hour
experience includes a secluded area for a serene pic-
nic surrounded by lush flora, personalized gourmet
menu by the hotel's chef, cocktails made fresh from the
botanical garden, and more.
For spa-loving couples, Velas Vallarta offers an exclu-
sive Moonlight Massage on the property's jetty ac-
companied by soothing sounds of the night tide.
For the ultimate Valentine's Day experi-
ence, the resort collection recently un-
veiled a Grand Velas Journey
across Mexico with private jet
travel in cooperation with Air
Partner. The 14-day adven-
ture features 14 once-in-a-
lifetime experiences, such as
microadventures to Mexico's
natural wonders and spirited
day trips to Tequila and Valle
de Guadalupe; tasting of the
World's Most Expensive Taco
at $25K; cooking with one of
Mexico's only Maitre Cuisiners
de France; accommodation in
Presidential Suites, and more.
Nightly rates start at $164 at Velas Vallarta;
$225 at Casa Velas; $373 at Grand Velas Riviera
Nayarit; $582 at Grand Velas Los Cabos; and $621 at
Grand Velas Riviera Maya. All-inclusive rates are per-
son in double.
For reservations or
more information,
call (888) 407-4869
or visit
Locations In Wheaton & Geneva
WHEATON & GENEVA–It’s time to take care of #1 with
H4 Training! This program is best for individuals with very
specific needs who require dedicated attention. H-4’s
sessions focus on the specific goals of each client with
workouts tailored to each person. Visit online to learn
more and to check out the many other programs available
to you. Watch for a Q & A at
written by H4 Training's founder, Hank Ebeling, Local In-
dustry Expert in the Fitness category.
H4 Training
Wheaton & Geneva locations.
32 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Local Mom Shares Her
Passion for Helping Others
NAPERVILLE–Dr. Aleesha Fischer, the founder of Naperville Chiropractice
& Massage, was born in South Dakota. She played basketball and volley-
ball in high school and college. She went to NSU in Aberdeen, SD, ob-
taining a Biology Major. During undergraduate school she shadowed many
different medical professions. She fell in love with chiropractic and the nat-
ural way of healing. She started chiropractic school at Northwestern Health
Sciences University and graduated there in 2004. She moved to Las
Vegas, got married and started working.
After 2 years working as a chiropractic associate, she bought the practice
and worked there until moving to Illinois in 2012. After taking a break to
raise her daughter, she decided she really missed helping people feel their
best so when an opportunity came up to open an office Downtown Naper-
ville she took it.
“I am very passionate about helping people get out of pain as well as get-
ting the spine and nervous system functioning at its best. So many think
pain and not feeling well is normal and part of aging, but I disagree, so
many conditions can be helped with chiropractic care. Pain is exhausting
and decreases quality of life. I want to help my patients stay strong and
active which will lead to a full, happy, productive life.” shared Aleesha.
Naperville Chiropractice & Massage is located at 47 E. Chicago
Avenue, Suite 332-B in Downtown Naperville.
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 33
When was the last time you learned a new skill?
There is a palpable fear of embarrassment or failure
that prohibits many of us from trying new things. But,
life is about experiences! And one of the greatest
joys of ‘adulting’ is continued learning. By seeking
new skills, we discover new passions … forge new
friendships … gain new hobbies and embrace new-
found strengths.
Finding creative outlets for personal growth builds
confidence, reduces boredom and energizes neural
pathways. As we’ve slowed our hurried pace of life,
there is one skill that has experienced a resurgence - it’s cooking!
Those interested in further developing life’s most savory skill, Mar-
cel’s Culinary Experience in Glen Ellyn is sure to satisfy!
This suburban gem, located in the historic George M.H. Wagner
building, opened its doors in September of 2011 and offers hands-
on cooking classes for all ages and skill levels. The
name ‘Marcel’ pays homage to the owners’ grandfather
(a French chef) who was born and raised in Tours,
France. This one-of-a-kind cooking school exposes stu-
dents to professional chefs, while celebrating food in a
fun, new way.
Since 2011, Marcel’s has expanded its business portfolio
to include Marché (its specialty gourmet market - featur-
ing many local artisans) and Maison (its in-home private
chef experience). Ask about the Marché Love Stinks Val-
entine’s Day gift box, famous pimento cheese spread or
seasonal pickled blueberries!
Fall in love with a new skill this month! We hope it takes you on a
fabulous food adventure. But, more importantly, as Marcel’s reminds
us - “what is on your table is less important than who is around it.”
Watch for Unique In Suburbia in each monthly issue of Glancer Magazine.
by Brianna Bartemeyer
Photos Submitted
in Suburbia
34 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Welcome 604 W. Jefferson Avenue, a stunning custom built
home in the coveted downtown Wheaton historic district. Enjoy
the convenience of being a quick walk to everything the vibrant
downtown has to offer– the train, Longfellow Elementary School,
beautiful parks, Wheaton College, the Prairie Path, Wheaton’s
French Market, shops and restaurants. Situated on an uncom-
monly large lot, the serene outdoor experience includes a cus-
tom pergola, hot tub and plenty of yard for play time.
5 bed, 4.5 bath
3,888 sqft • 0.39acre lot
604 W Jefferson Ave, Wheaton, IL
(630) 230-0500
Presented by:
REALTOR® Julie Schwager
Brokered by:
36 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
A Stunning Beauty
This quintessential farmhouse with
wraparound covered front porch has
been impeccably maintained by the
original owners. Boasting 3,888 square
feet above grade plus an additional 1,696
square feet in the finished basement.
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 37
Plan a New Kitchen, Basement or Bath
NAPERVILLE– Recognized as a premiere remodeling company,
with a 10,000 square foot showroom in Naperville, HomeWerks
has a beautiful online gallery of photos and ideas to help you
plan your next remodeling dream come true. Now’s a great time
to start planning your next kitchen, bath or basement project!
Family owned and operated since 1996, HomeWerks special-
izes in full service remodeling. The kitchen and bath displays are
interactive, allowing visitors to experience many product features
first hand. With the focus of providing high quality products, pro-
fessional installation and exceptional customer service
HomeWerks Kitchen and Bath •
38 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Meet the Designers
The popular Naperville home accessory & gift boutique offers a wide array
of services. From silk floral arrangements and window treatments, to in-
home design consultation. Meet this month’s featured designer:
Diana Burt – Interior Design Stylist
Diana is a Certified Interior Design Stylist with over 12 years of experi-
ence, and she’s been on the Nona Jo’s team for more than five years.
Diana’s joy is finding just the right curated design package for her clients’
home and lifestyle. Her specialty is infusing your current treasures with
today’s style to making your home feel updated and comfortable. Diana’s
creative ability resides in: Interior & Exterior Paint Consultation; Home Se-
lections: Furniture & Layout; Window Treatments, Flooring, Tile, Color & Tex-
ture palettes; Accessorizing and Staging Homes; Holiday Decorating; Outdoor
Learn more today at
Beautiful Syle
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 39
40 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
by Mindy Kyle
Photos Submitted
She Lies Close
It has been a long writing journey for Naperville author Sharon
Doering who has been writing for over twenty years. She
started writing short stories in her twenties as an escape from
a draining job, then wrote three novels before she landed an
agent and four more novels before a publisher offered her a
book deal. “When I sat down to write my first short story, I fell
madly in love with the process,” says Sharon. “I was persist-
ent. She Lies Close, a darkly comedic psychological thriller,
is my first traditionally published novel.”
In She Lies Close, recently divorced Grace Wright moves her
two small children into a new house, hoping for a fresh start,
hoping to reset her crippling insomnia but learns she moved
right next door to the only suspect in the kidnapping of five-
year-old Ava Boone. “I took the premise of a dangerous next-
door neighbor and added a big old bag of What Ifs,” Sharon
explains. “I wanted to write a dark, desperate and funny
thriller where the characters are stretched too far, and we wit-
ness some of them snap.”
Currently writing at home and doing the e-learning shuffle with
her three kids, Sharon has a second psychological thriller
coming this summer. You can find She Lies Close every-
where books are sold.
We’d Love to Meet Them! Introduce
Us at
This proud Naperville resident shares that helping local sellers and
buyers doesn’t feel like work making it easy to be dedicated and re-
sults oriented When she is hired to list a home she gains much of
the marketing inspiration from her sellers when she asks “ what do
you love about your home?” From there she designs high end cus-
toms booklets with professional photography & drone shots, de-
scriptions of updates, & develops unique ways to target the right
buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings with professional stag-
ing , 3D tours great for out of state buyers and constant follow up
with all parties are all included for her recipe of success! Susan is
currently meeting with sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-
ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent Susan Colella anytime
to discuss your real estate goals for 2020.
Susan Colella, Baird & Warner, (630) 946-3813
Susan Colella
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 41
To Give,
To Inspire
A Monthly Caring + Sharing Column
42 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
We are a little over a month
past the holidays now. Dec-
orations have been put away
(maybe), new toys are being
played with (hopefully), and the
post-holiday diets have started
(ahem…). However, so many
families this year were impacted by COVID, job loss,
health issues and unfortunate circumstances that they
found themselves in need of assistance during the holi-
days. If they lived within the boundaries of school dis-
trict 303, Big Hearts of Fox Valley was there to lend
them a hand. Their reach covers St. Charles and por-
tions of Wayne, Wasco, Elburn, West Chicago, South
Elgin, Campton Hills and unincorporated Kane County.
Since 2014, Big Hearts of Fox Valley (BHFV) has
been working with D303 social workers to identify fam-
ilies in need that may have circumstances that would
impact their ability to provide gifts during the holidays.
BHFV’s Christmas Gift Sponsorship & Holiday Toy
Drive helps get gifts to children from wish lists they per-
sonally create. The entire community is then invited to
come together to the Gift Wrapping Party to help wrap
donated gifts and celebrate the magic of Christmas.
With the help of several local community sponsors,
there is plenty of food, drinks and entertainment for the
entire family. Although, they weren’t able to have a
party in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, they are hop-
ing and planning to have one in 2021. “This free event
is a great opportunity to show children about the im-
portance of giving back,” says Jennifer Mobley, BHFV
President and Co-Founder. “In 2019, we had 800
volunteers at our party. D303
staff then took the wrapped gifts
to each school for parent pick-
In January 2020, BHFV began
the Big Hearts Throughout the
Year program, which runs ac-
cording to D303 school calendar
and assists families with basic
necessities, hygiene supplies and grocery store gift
cards throughout the school year. Their fundraising is
primarily through social media with their greatest need
beginning in September of each year when they gear
up for the Christmas Sponsorship Program. Donations
are made directly through their website at www.big- or mailed into their St.
Charles office. “When you donate to our organization
or sponsor a child, you can be assured that you are
helping a local family in need,” says Mobley.
BHFV is entirely volunteer run. They use volunteers
to contact local businesses for fundraising, for the holi-
day toy drive, as a liaison to the schools, cataloging
and organizing Christmas gifts and for necessities
drives. To learn more about their on-going volunteering
opportunities, fill out the volunteer form on their website
ties .
Mindy Kyle is passionate about helping
people discover what brings them joy and to
live a full, healthy and happy life. She has
her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative
writing from DePaul University and is a vet-
eran of Chicago’s theater and commercial
world as well as a graduate of the Second City
Improv School. Mindy lives in Naperville with her
husband, three children and the cutest dog in the
Volunteer Ran Group Supports Families
In Need throughout School District 303
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 43
PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that
consistently comes to clients’ minds
when they think of Penny O’Brien is
“hustle.” As a Seller Representative
Specialist, she loves meeting with sellers
to discuss pre-market home improvements
and guide them to make their home “showtime
ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in professional staging
and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for “good-looking
listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale. Penny
says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”.
Penny O'Brien Broker
Relocation Specialist / Negotiation Expert
(630) 207-7001 •
Read Penny’s Local Industry
Expert Column at
PPeennnnyy OOBBiieenn
44 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
46 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Treat the Kids to Some Fun
DIY Valentine’s this Year or
Give them the Chance to
Get Crafty
ONLINE– Surprise your child with some DIY val-
entines this Valentine's Day. Learn to make love-
themed lunch box treats, creative
notes, and other Valentine's
Day gifts. Or help your child
craft a set of valentines for their
classmates. From printable
candy bag toppers to silly pun
cards, these clever DIY Valen-
tine's Day ideas will make this
February 14 extra special.
Brookfield Zoo Run
April 1-May 30, 2021
VIRTAUL EVENT–Join in on the fun for a virtual Spring Run starting
April 1, 2021! The Zoo is finalizing details now. Please check back
for additional information soon.Make sure you sign up for the Brook-
field Zoo email newsletter so you receive regular updates, the latest
event news, and special offers direct to your inbox!
Click for More Kid Stuff!
St. Charles St. Patrick’s Day
Celebration • March 13, 2021
ST. CHARLES– Always a favorite, families will experi-
ence the parade a litt;e bit different this year. Though the
2021 St. Patrick's Celebration will have a decreased foot-
print due to health and safety restrictions from Executive
Orders from the State Guidelines, activities will include
a festive photo opportunity area, roaming bagpipers and
a Treasure Hunt around town. Stay connected for more
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 47
Follow the Clues on a Naper
Settlement Scavenger Hunt
NAPERVILLE–Fllow the clues to find the prize ...a very special
Naper Settlement code you can unlock in ANIMAL CROSSING:
If you play Animal Crossing and want some awesome new content
for your character, listen up! The next time you visit Naper Settle-
ment, grab a scavenger hunt booklet from guest services. You will
use the hints inside the booklet to lead yourself to clues placed on
signs across the campus. Successful completion of the hunt leads
you to a QR code that gives you exclusive Naper Settlement content
in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including images of the Martin
Mitchell Mansion and Joe Naper in animal form!
Valley View Dental offers a full array of general dentistry services,
cosmetic dentistry, periodontal, dental implants, orthodontics proce-
dures, and oral surgery. This includes Invisalign, BOOST Teeth
Whitening, CEREC one-day crowns, and same-day emergency
visits guaranteed. With a large staff of bi-lingual doctors and staff,
on-site labs at each location, extended business and weekend
hours, Valley View Dental has the ability to treat patients according
to their own schedules and convenience with all Covid-19 precau-
tions taken. Stop by and see why others in the community have
trusted Valley View Dental for over 20 years.
Located In Naperville, Montgomery & Romeoville
Valley View Dental •
48 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
VILLE–Golf sea-
son will soon be
here! Come
Springtime, Spring-
brook and Naper-
brook will be ready
for great weather,
while offering challenging
golf and the best rates, prac-
tice time on the range and re-
laxation post-round on our
welcoming patios with food and
drinks. Tee time reservations and
more online. Naperville Park District’s
Springbrook & Naperbrook Golf
ST. CHARLES–Sage Healing Collective
is taking the age-old practice of acupunc-
ture and applying it to the pursuit of nat-
ural skin care and well-being. Cosmetic
acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment
using tiny acupuncture needles to im-
prove skin texture and fight the aging
process. This ancient beauty secret is a
holistic and toxin free approach to reduce
the signs of aging and help skin regain
its youthful glow. Sage Healing Colelc-
tive, 525 S. Tyler Road, Suite S, St.
Charles, (331) 901-5672.
BATAVIA–Through holistic healing and
shamanic healing, the center offers dif-
ferent services from cultures around
the world to bring balance and harmony
to your physical and emotional planes.
Find unique classes like drum circles,
restorative yoga and gong meditation
here. Healing Arts Metaphysical Center
4 E. Wilson St., Suite 101, Batavia,
GENEVA–Chocolate and flowers are so predictable. Show
someone you really care by giving them a gift that is guar-
anteed to please - an Elements Massage gift card. An Ele-
ments Massage gift card is a gift that relaxes and
rejuvenates. So relax, you’ve found the perfect Valentine's
Day gift for your special someone. Visit Elements Mas-
sage-Geneva today!
hheeaalltthhyy lliivviinngg
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 49
WESTERN SUBURBS–Concierge Medical Spa is a luxury medical
spa with highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners and esthe-
ticians offering the most comprehensive esthetic medical services.
From body contouring to highly advanced future-forward restor-
ative and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our esthetic experts
are some of the best in the industry. As the number one provider
of Coolsculpting in the Midwest and Top 200 in the country of Al-
lergan injectors, our services produce excellent results and have
high client satisfaction.
50 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
WESTERN SUBURBS–Transform your life today! In Home Fitness
By Val & Team brings the workout to your home! Busy schedule?
Not ready for a public gym?
In Home Fitness by Val & Team provide private personalized work-
outs with real results! Whether you have a home gym or not, they
provide everything you need.
In Home Fitness by Val, brings professionalism and fitness expertise
to you. Enjoy the convienience of an in-home workout appointment.
Val and her team can't wait to help you on your fitness journey! First
session is FREE.
In Home Fitness by Val
Photo by Ashley Summers
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 51
52 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Shop Downtown Aurora Feb 1-14
AURORA–Enjoy Love Local Days from February 1 to 14 in downtown Aurora. Show
your love 3 different ways & get chances to win gift cards and raffles!
1) Tag #lovelocaldays
Support a downtown business from 2/1 to 2/14. Post a photo of what you purchased
and use hashtag #lovelocaldays on social media. Then tag the photo with @downtow-
naurora on Instagram and @auroradowntown on Facebook. All #lovelocaldays tags will
be entered into raffles for $50 gift cards to downtown businesses. A grand prize raffle
will include two $50 gift cards plus a floral bouquet credit from Blissful Blooms.
2) Email Receipts
Visit a downtown Aurora business from 2/1 to 2/14. Send a photo of your receipt to For every $50 spent, you’ll receive one raffle entry. Grand
prize raffle will include $100 in downtown gift cards plus a floral bouquet credit from Bliss-
ful Blooms.
3) Sign Up!
Aurora Downtown will show love to their newsletter readers by randomly drawing winners
during Love Local Days. Just sign up for the newsletter and you could receive $10 – $25
in gift cards to downtown businesses.
MOM’S lile black book
GLEN ELLYN– Mai Candle Co. is a luxury wax melt
and candle shop based in Glen Ellyn. Their products
are hand-poured in small batches and made with pre-
mium coconut-soy wax and high-quality phthalate-free
fragrance oils.
Their scents are mindfully handpicked by founder, Allegra Gallian, and
help you to relax, get grounded, improve your mood, or feel energized. There’s
something for everyone!
All Mai Candle Co. melts and candles feature an affirmation inspired by each scent
that encourages you to stop, reflect, and enjoy the moment. Wax melts are cur-
rently available and candles will be available this spring. Shop online and learn
more about this unique local company.
I have been known to dance in my kitchen – a lot! I
have perfected the pirouette in socks behind my
peninsula and have been caught on my daugh-
ter’s SnapChat reading recipes while moving
and grooving to the music in the background.
Dancing makes me feel alive. It makes me
feel happy - however, in full disclosure – I can-
not dance! In my head - I am fantastic, but
when I see playback videos, it is more of a
comedy show than an episode of World of
Dance – so, it was absolutely time for me to im-
prove my skills with some formal dance lessons.
With masks adorned and small groups of less than ten
(10), DeSarge Danceworld offers individual and group lessons
for all dance genres - Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Hustle, Ball-
room, Latin, and so much more. We chose to learn the Hustle be-
cause it is the easiest of all the dances to learn and with its four-beat
count, the step patterns are easy to master, and go to any style of
music, from any era.
Within 30 minutes, I am confident Dancing with the Stars already
has me on its radar for the upcoming season! We were stepping
and twirling and looked like we were real actual dancers. It was
filled with laughter and good spirit and the owner, Sarge had our
entire group wanting to learn more. We went from zero to hero in
under an hour and left with the confidence to show-off our new skills
along with the desire to return to DeSarge to keep learning more!
Dancing is a bit of a contagious activity and I have discovered that
life is most certainly better when you dance.
“There are shortcuts to happiness – and dancing is
one of them” – Vicki Baum
Learning to dance the “DeSarge” way is fun
and easy. They teach each step pattern with
timing, lead, and follow. They break down
each figure and teach how to master each
pattern. A great activity for all ages, beginner
to advance, to learn all styles including Waltz,
Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Hustle, Ballroom, Latin,
and so much more. All safety measures in
place with individual and small group activities
DeSarge Danceworld
632 Amersale Drive, Unit #104
Naperville, IL 60563
(630) 355-1188
Hours: Call for Private Lesson Opportunities
Price $: Varies based on Selection
Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illinois State Uni-
versity in 1992 with an International Business Degree. She has
two energetic daughters and her house is always full of children.
Kristen’s column titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly fea-
ture written for moms who are looking for ways to keep their kids
busy. Read her past columns at
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 53
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos Submitted
MOM’S lile black book
54 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 55
All Things Beautiful & So Much to Love
OSWEGO–February is a perfect time to visit this beautiful bou-
tique located in Oswego. Be inspired when you peruse through
the creatively displayed home decor, inspirational art, unique
gifts, stylish women’s apparel, stunning jewelry, candles and the
easy-to-use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Nestled in charming log
cabins right outside of downtown Oswego, Velvet Grace is worth
the trip with TWO shops to enjoy!
4025 US 34 Oswego • (630) 636.6570
56 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Just Say the Magic Words:
Glancer Girls! When You Spend $50+ at Jeans and A Cute
Top Shop and Say “I LOVE GLANCER MAGAZINE” You’ll
Receive a Free Piece of Beautiful Jewelry
WHEATON/ST. CHARLES–Jeans a Cute Top Shop invites Glancer
Girls in this month to shop, shop, shop! The popular on-trend boutique
with locations in the heart of downtown St. Charles and downtown
Wheaton will be TREATING GLANCER GIRLS to a special piece of
beautiful jewelry at check out when they spend $50 or more between
February 1-28, 2021. See ad for promotion details.
A Special
Gift for You!
Glancer Magazine • FEBRUARY 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 57
Visit Us Online or at Our Local Pop-Up
NORTH AURORA–Urban Echo Shop features on trend essentials for
the stylish at heart– from clothing and accessories, to home decor,
furniture, gifts and seasonal trends.
Owned by a mom of 3 girls in Sugar Grove, Illinois, Urban Echo
Shop was created to be an adored virtual hometown boutique where
only the latest styles and trends are featured. Residents are invited
sit back and relax while browsing the shop’s simplified trend collec-
tions. Each day is a new day at Urban Echo Shop.
1790 Town Centre Dr., North Aurora • Vendor #3 • At the Entrance
58 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021 • Glancer Magazine
4. The
Longtime cus-
tomers, Shannon Burgess
and Gail Dickson, purchased
The Bookstore from the
Strohs on January 1, 2018
and so far, so fabulous. Support local! Love
Poems (for Married People) by John Kenney, $15.00
1. Lauren Rae Jewelry
NAPERVILLE–Lauren Rae Jewelry Boutique is a
local family owned and operated business loaded
with thousands of pieces of both trendy and classic
jewelry styles and accessories! Lauren Rae has
a large selection of sterling silver, semi-precious
gemstones and most of their jewelry is handmade
or made within the US. Choose from many
unique styles & treat someone special.
5. Floral Expressions
OSWEGO–Floral Expressions and Gifts
Inc. has been hand-delivering premium
floral arrangements and gift baskets to
help strengthen relationships, give love and
support, and celebrate life’s special moments since
2001. This Valentine’s Day, treat someone you love to
their Indulgence Spa Basket, $66.95
3. Crystal House
wned by Chaz and Elias,
this Aurora business specializes in mak-
ing memories in crystal and personalization
using engraving techniques to create custom
awards, gifts with your images or theirs that are des-
tined to become heirlooms including the ‘When I
Follow My Heart’ White Wine Glass, $40
7. The Beer Cellar Glen Ellyn
GLEN ELLYN–Owner Dave Hawley is a craft beer geek
who couldn't find a local store dedicated to craft beer, so
he decided to start his own. The Beer Cellar is the first store
and tap room dedicated to selling fresh, local craft beer in
the western suburbs. Support local this year iwth the Liq-
uid Love Glass, $7.99 www.
“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” –Charles M. Schultz
This month we are continuing to promote the power of shopping local. Here, we list 7 Spectacular Places to Shop for the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever.
You’ll fall in love with each one and hey can all be found locally. From unique jewelry to dance classes and more– remember to show the love & shop local!
58 • WESTERN SUBURBS • FEBRUARY 2021• Glancer Magazine
6.The Sugar Path
GENEVA–This celebration bakery is owned
by two sisters, Michelle and Nina. They offer
cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies for events and
ship cake jars and cookies nationwide. Chocolate Peanut
Butter—-Chocolate cookies crust, Peanut Butter filling,
peanut garnish, fudge drizzle.
2. Fred Astaire Dance Studios
ST. CHARLES–For over 65 years this local
dance studio has been an expert in fullfilling all
of your dancing needs - with expert instruction
in ballroom dancing. They teach social dancing,
health and fitness, with a competitive flair. Join
them for your healthy lifestyle and give the gift
of a dance class....or two. Experience top-
notch dance lessons, anywhere! $20