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Glancer Magazine, December 2020

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THE CELEBRATION ISSUE Celebrating the Season with 15 Fascinating Faces of 2020 What a unique year it’s been, to say the least! From shut downs and travel bans, to quarantines and eLearning, the year 2020 is for sure one that many of us will leave far behind. Yet, through it all, for many residents this year was a time for perseverance, clarity and repurpose. For some, the shut down brought a renewed lifestyle allowing them to focus on what’s most important, giving more time to spend with their family. For many business owners it meant pivoting from their well-known path, and focusing on rebuilding while traveling outside of their comfort zone. For sure, it’s been an interesting time for most. Through the year, amid the chaos presented by COVID-19, we have met countless residents who have stayed positive, helping others along the way. From our Glancing the Gallant stories shared last Spring, to this month’s 15 Fascinating Faces of the Year, each has a telling story to share about their triumphs and genuine love for their community during what has been a wildly unprecedented time. Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season and always! Thank you for your readership. Lindy Kleivo Publishing Director, West Suburban Area lkleivo@glancermagazine.comDECEMBER 205 Hello From Glancer Magazine 9 5 Things to Do 11 COVER 15 Fascinating Faces 34 Dining & Cocktails Holiday Style 36 10 Trends In Giving Back 38 Meet Realtor, Penny O’Brien 39 Happy to Be NeighborsIn Naperville 40 Trendy Traveler: Riviera Maya 42 Unique In Suburbia: Harvey’s Tales 44 Million Dollar Listing In Sugar Grove 48 To Give, To Inspire: Wrapped In ♥ 50 Kid Stuff: Holiday Fun for Everyone 53 Literary Local: Colleen LeMaire 54 Dental News 55 Healthy Living 56 Fitness with H4 Training 57 Mom’s Little Black Book 58 2020 Holiday Gift Guide 64 Wedding Essentials 65 V Fusion Studio Invites You In 66 Business of the Year 68 7 Spectacular Places Multi-Vendor Shops to Support this Season Follow Us In Social Media and Share this Month’sCaptivating FeaturesTABLE OF CONTENTST E A M   G L A N C E R PUBLISHER Glancer Magazine, Inc. PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Lindy Kleivo EDITORIAL | Print + Digital Kristen Kucharski Columnist / Writer Mindy Kyle Columnist / Writer Brianna Bartemeyer Features Writer Stephanie Schmoker Dining Critic Tiffany Schmoker Dining Critic SALES / MARKETING Lindy Kleivo Publishing Director PHOTOGRAPHY Mike Catuara Features Photographer P U B L I C A T I O N S GLANCER MAGAZINE A West Suburban Chicago Lifestyle Magazine Featuring the Best of West Suburban Chicago for Communities In DuPage, Kane & Kendall GLANCERMAGAZINE.COM A Hyper-Local Daily Features Site Highlighting On Trend Stories for Communities In DuPage, Kane & Kendall GLANCER GO-TO GUIDE Highlighting Local On Trend Events + Deals for For Communities In DuPage, Kane & Kendall C O N T A C T  U S EDITORIAL Press Releases, Local Events, Community News ADVERTISING Digital Advertising + Local Marketing Solutions SUBSCRIPTIONS Monthly Flip Version + Daily Digital www.glancermagazine.comGlancer Magazine, highlighting the best of DuPage, Kane & Kendall Counties, is produced by Glancer Magazine, Inc. Glancer Magazine, You’ve Been Glanced and the Glancer logo are registered trademarks of Glancer Magazine, Inc. All rights reserved. Print and digital magazine reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. DECEMBER 2020 | Vol 19 The Celebration Issue One of our most anticipated issues of the year, celebrating the season along with 15 Fascinating Faces of the Year. Special thanks to our advertisers who made this issue possible. Subscribe today for daily, weeky and monthly updates at ©Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved Glancer Magazine, Inc. Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 5DDEECCEEMMBBEERR 22002200

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8 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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1. Wheaton Christmas Lights WHEATON–Enjoy this amazing Christmas light display with over 45,000 lights all syn-chronized to music located in Wheaton at 911 W Evergreen Street. Tune in to 102.5FM. Opening Night - Sunday, December 6, 2020 and running through January 1. The home-owners raise money each year for Muscular Dystrophy Association. If you enjoy the lights, please help them reach their goal. You can leave a donation in our "blinking donation box" located on the curb or online on their facebook page @wheatonchristmaslightsDECEMBER 20205 Things to Do2. Oswego Christmas Walk Week DEcember 5-12 OSWEGO–In lieu of the party on Main Street, Oswego is host-ing a whole week of Christmas Walk festivities to keep spirits bright this holiday season! Look forward to annual traditions like the Cookie Walk, new holiday fun like care-avans straight to your neighborhood, and a grand finale Christmas Drive-Thru Celebration. Like the 2020 Christmas Walk Week event on facebook today and visit 3. The Believe House NAPERVILLE–Each year this home invites residents to drive by and enjoy a whimsical and festival light display complete with characters from yesteryear and more. The static display is very traditional and reminiscent of Christmas past and loved by all. 4. Chris Kringle Market • December 4-6 & 11-13 OTTAWA–Celebrate the season at the Chris Kringle Market December 4-6 & December 11-13. Held under the twinkling lights of the Jordan Block Park, this Euro-inspired event brings local and international holiday traditions, shopping and dining to historic downtown Ottawa, Illinois. Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 95. Mistletoe Market • December 12 BURR RIDGE–A one-day indoor holiday market will be held inside two former store locations at the Burr Ridge Village Center from 9am-7pm on Saturday, December 12. Each location will offer a variety of vendors that will be selling everything from beauty and food to clothing and jewelry. Hosted by Hosted by Burr Ridge Village Center and Edwards Realty Com-pany. No admission fee for customers to attend the market and we will be limiting the number of people allowed in. Masks required.

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12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • NOVEMBERR 2020 • Glancer Magazine10 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Benny White NAPERVILLE–Benny’s commitment to his country began many years before he was the first Black elected to Naperville’s City Council. He is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army, as well as the Department Chair/Senior Army Instructor at Joliet West High School JROTC. The words of John Lewis have never meant more to Benny than they have this past year after witnessing the murder of George Floyd. Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. As a Black man and father of two Black kids, he was in a lot of pain and worried about the place he has called home for the past 15 years. He felt compelled to be a voice and sounding board for the Naperville residents. Earlier this year, Benny marched alongside Mayor Chirico and other peaceful protestors, personally stopping at different places to listen to passionate speeches from community members who expressed their sadness and frustration at the injustices they witnessed or had experienced firsthand. At each stop, he joined many in taking a knee to remember the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that the Minneapolis po-lice officer knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck. Benny also shared his personal experiences and encouraged people to continue to take the peaceful path forward and reminded them that in order to create change, more needed to get involved in their community by joining civic organiza-tions, local government commissions and committees. “We have made tremendous strides in our community to mitigate inappropriate behavior when it comes to diversity and inclusion,” Benny says proudly. “I was glad to have had a hand in having lan-guage added to the City’s mission statement that now includes, an inclusive community that values diversity.” He and the council also recently approved the creation of a Human Rights & Fair Housing Commission, and are currently in the process of hiring a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager. Benny encour-ages members of the Naperville community to challenge their own biases, confront their inner circles when inappropriate things are said, and to discuss and learn from one another while getting involved in organizations that are trying to make a difference in our community. Be a voice by joining organizations like Naperville Neighbors United, Unity Partnership, Indivisible Naperville, Naper Pride, and the Nap-erville Interfaith Leaders Association and join him in being a part of the solution.Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 11Each December we feature 15 Fascinating Faces of the Year, highlighting west suburban residents who are making a difference in the lives around them. Each story is inspiring in its own unique way. We are honored to announce our list for 2020 and are grateful to be given this opportunity to share these stories.Stories by Kristen Kucharski Photos by Mike Catuara

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12 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineDiya Sudhagar NAPERVILLE–At only 11 years old, 6th grader Diya Sudhagar used her time wisely during the global pandemic to start a blog, She likes to write about her observations, thoughts, or just about anything she is feeling. Many of her topics are based on everyday life such as e-learning in middle school, fa-vorite restaurants, book reviews, and cooking with her family. She has a passion for new planets and sea animals, as well as enjoys sharing the simple joys of apple picking and making slime. Diya believes in "being happy with what you have while working to-ward what you want" and has used the time permitted through the pandemic lockdown to focus on the things she loves such as reading, writing, singing, sketching, and staying connected to her Indian culture through Hindustani Classical Music and Bharatana-tyam (an Indian classical dance form). Reading the blogs through the eyes of a middle schooler is a re-freshing end to an unsettling year.

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 13

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16 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineON THE COVERDan Polizzi OSWEGO/AURORA–eing a Firefighter and Paramedic during a pandemic has been a tough struggle for Dan who is a 12-year vet-eran of the Aurora Fire Department. Find-ing the balance of doing the best job he can to help people, while not infecting his close family and friends has been one tough battle. He is used to working hard and manag-ing high levels of stress as a member of the Tactical Rescue Team, Dive Rescue Team, and the Special Response Team with the Aurora Police as a TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Services) Medic. His en-tire life he has been an active - always involved in sports such as football, baseball, wrestling, ice hockey, MMA, motocross, snowboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing, soccer, box-ing, and skydiving to name just a few; so it should come as no surprise that he competed in the last seven seasons of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Dan was inspired by spirited reality shows, such as Sasuke to apply online to Ameri-can Ninja Warrior submitting a ques-tionnaire and video showcasing his talents. He earned a spot in Sea-son 5 and beat the qualifying course. Although he missed moving on to the Vegas finals, Dan came away with a very strong training partner, Bran-don Mears who he met in Bal-timore and discovered they were both firefighters in Illinois. The two became known as the “Towers of Powers” and have competed in every season since. “Ninja Warrior started out as a per-sonal goal in the beginning, something I aspired to conquer for myself; but now Ninja Warrior has become so much more,” Dan says. “After seeing how much competing can inspire others and motivate kids to be active, I try to lead by ex-ample and be the best role model possible.”

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 17John Cebulski AURORA–In a year dominated by COVID-19, riots, and elections, we quickly forget life changing moments that happened just a year earlier such as the Henry Pratt Shooting in Aurora in 2019. Husband and father of four, avid coach for his children’s’ sports, garden enthusiast, and local league softball player, Officer John Cebulski was first on the scene, taking the back end of the diamond to ensure no one comes from behind as they searched the building that was filled with boxes and crates providing un-limited hiding spots for the shooter. As more shots were fired, the team split and Officer Ce-bulski turned into a stairway yelling Aurora Police; however, before he could finish the word Aurora - he had been shot - a .40 caliber round went through his knee cap breaking the femur and resting in the back of his knee. It has been over a year now and he has since retired from Aurora Police Depart-ment. When he starts to feel sorry for himself, he recalls the words a priest once told him; ‘if you get depressed, go work at a homeless shelter; that will cure your depression.’ He is continually inspired by all the good he sees even as 32 years of law en-forcement attempted to chip away at his innocence. While 2020 has been a challenging year unlike any other, he also feels it has also been an opportunity to show our children that “while some things in life will be out of your control, you can still adjust your sails and travel bravely on.”

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18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Linda Cheatham WHEATON–With the help of over 2600 volunteers, People’s Resource Center (PRC) has been bringing neighbors together to respond to hunger and poverty in DuPage County since 1975. So, in March when everything was shut down and people were encouraged to stay at home, Director of Opera-tions Linda Cheatham with other PRC senior leaders needed to swiftly react and redesign how to continue delivering food and social services while also creating a safe space for employees and volunteers to continue working on site. Managing and leading during a world-wide crisis is a huge challenge, especially when compiled with ensuring mental and emotional needs are being met both at home and work. “We’ve Got This,” has been a motto Linda has carried from her family of six in Oak Park to the thousands working at PRC in Wheaton. To-gether, they have filled over 24,000 cars with food and man-aged 3,800 calls for financial and social services assistance this year. Although it has been challenging to adapt to modified services while working at a distance, Linda feels proud that they are successfully still responding to basic human needs while promoting dignity and justice, and creating a future of hope for the community even in the midst of a pandemic.Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 19

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22 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Mary Garcia OSWEGO/AURORA–Mary is a United States Navy Veteran and a part time dental hygienist. She loves to sing karaoke and spend time outdoors with her husband and five children. She is also the President of My Daughter's Dress Boutique in Aurora, a non-for-profit organization providing free formalwear to financially qualified customers because she believes no one should miss a spe-cial occasion because they can’t af-ford it. She lives by the words of Dolly Parton, "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain;” which are the very words that got her through the rioting and vandalism that erupted mid-2020 and damaged her store. Seeing the glass shattered all over the sidewalk and witnessing the community boarding up her win-dows with messages of hope while watching a city come to-gether as a whole brought a tre-mendous amount of relief and much needed optimism to a year that has proven almost impossible to keep her doors open. Giving up means letting someone else down - and she won't allow herself to do that!Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 21

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Raymond Rogina ST. CHARLES–After five decades of public service as an educator at St. Charles East High School and Aurora University, as well as Mayor of St. Charles for two terms, Ray Rogina is not seeking re-election, but rather plans to enjoy his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson while reflecting in writing about a diary he has main-tained for the past 10 years. In his own words, 2020 has been “A year of challenge and resil-iency. A year of pain and discovery. A year to reshape one’s think-ing,” and Ray has appreciated the challenge of balancing an economic crisis with a health crisis while participating in a number of development issues in the city that will set the stage for future positive growth. He has hopes that 2021 and beyond will include visiting the re-maining four States he has yet to see and more of Europe; perhaps complete his 16th marathon; add a fourth newspaper to his list of daily reads; watch a lot of baseball; and deepen his impact in the community through non-profit organizations in the Fox Valley area. . Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 25

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24 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineJeremie Bacon LEMONT–The Forge: Lemont Quarries represents all the things co-owner, Jeremie loves in life – Exhilarating activities, Educational opportunities, and Entertaining events. It’s an adventure park, a concert and outdoor movie venue, a grab-and-go eatery, and a group outing/training/learning facility. However, navigating a worldwide pandemic while opening a new 300-acre playground was a journey he did not anticipate when they began dreaming up the idea back in 2014; bought land in 2016; broke ground in 2019; and targeted a late-May 2020 opening. Jeremie thoroughly enjoys the challenge of entrepreneurship. After all, he is also the founder of KonvergAR, an augmented reality design studio, Board Director or Strategic Advisor to a number of for-profit and non-profit companies like 1871, i.c. stars, DMI, Dynamo Software, Tradespoon, and Goodpix among others. He also enjoys working with and investing in young companies that are making strides to change their in-dustries. A few of his favorites include Ocient, Tradespoon, Songfinch, and Brainchase. He feels beyond fortunate that they were able to open The Forge: Lemont Quarries on July 17, 2020, shortly after their original target date. Although COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of The Forge’s business model, they were able to re-spond in real-time to the rapidly evolving circumstances im-pacting their operation; and as people continue looking for COVID-friendly ways to get outside – even in the cold – things like Forgefire Globe Dining, a high-end outdoor dining experience, has been an unexpected offering that has been a big hit and that will remain as part of the lineup for years to come. Jeremie personifies the words of Dave Grohl, “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it's gathering people together to do some-thing fun.” Work is very exciting for him because he loves the challenge of thinking outside-the-box. With four active kids and an in-credible wife, he enjoys being very busy; but, also appreci-ates time to sit and read a good book, sing his favorite songs, volunteer in the community, and compete in triathlons and adventure races. Nothing seems to slow Jeremie down. For him, life is all about finding the possible in impossible!

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Glancer Magazine • NOVEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 23Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 25

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Randy Witt YORKVILLE–“Life is a journey of faith and sometimes it is hard - and even though we are in a hard season, we have to keep our faith,” says Randy Witt, Owner/Operator of Rag-ing Waves. “I have a saying on my desk that reads, the most persistent choice you face today is to trust me (the Lord) or to worry. I work every day to trust the Lord through it all.” Although he likens 2020 to a piñata disguised as a hornets nest, Randy credits his strong faith and deep roots to Mis-sion Church in Bloomingdale, his 34 year marriage to his wife Dawn, his hard working children Sterling and Ally, and the amazing west suburban community for the continued success of his twenty year waterpark dream. Not knowing if they would be able to open this past summer was extremely stressful as 2020 was expected to be a banner year for them with the addition of new attractions and more paved parking. They had invested a lot financially into park improvements and when COVID-19 hit, it felt like the rug had gotten pulled from under their feet. “It was devastating,” Randy shares. “I would look at our managers and feel a great responsibility to figure out how to continue to provide for them. They have been so loyal and I could not let them down. Through it all I knew, God has always taken care of us, so although I was concerned, I knew He would provide a way through this season also. When we found out we would be able to open at on July 10th, it was such a blessing! We knew every day open was a gift – we did not take that for granted.” Although operating a clean and safe 58-acre waterpark is more than a full-time job, Randy tries to decompress via long hikes with his pup Cooper, golf at local courses, short track stock car races, and dinner at Bub City in Rosemont. He feels we will all get through this together and hopes we all continue to support one another, be kind, show grace and enjoy all the ‘wins’ through tough times. 26 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 27

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Dr. Hank Thiele DOWNERS GROVE / ROSELLE–One of the most stressful days for a superintendent is deciding if they should cancel school on snow days because each and every time you get it wrong in someone’s eyes. “That is every day this year,” Dr. Thiele, Superintendent of Com-munity High School District 99 in Downers Grove says. “Every day is a snow day”. In his fifth year leading the district, Dr. Thiele diligently spear-heads his decisions by leaning on the values taught to him by his grandfather – hard work with a solid foundation of careful and deliberate thinking, combined with self-reflection. In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, when decisions feel life altering, he remembers to take his time to ensure a well thought out decision that is truly in the best interest of his staff and stu-dents while honoring his allegiance to in-person learning. “Our society has been built around having students in school. That is where all of their supports are: their teachers, friends, counselors, coaches, and other trusted adults. For some of our students it is where they get food and for others it is the one place, they can escape abuse and be in a safe environment,” he shares. “Almost everyone remembers an adult in school that made a difference in their life - they find and make those con-nections here at school. The uncertainty and lack of that envi-ronment is causing high levels of stress and I feel like that stress is reduced when students can safely be at school.” It's a tough topic that carries a great deal of responsibility gar-nering overwhelming emotions for even the strongest leader; so, Dr. Thiele ensures to decompress with his wife, Annel and children Maria (20) and Henry (14). He also stays actively in-volved in his hometown of Roselle as a baseball coach and a volunteer for the Lake Park Marching Band Parents Auxiliary. He remembers to continually find the good points even in the worst times because there is always opportunity to look back and find the unexpected growth, newfound connection, or the value of accrued education along the way. “I try to take note of all those while we are in our darkest times,” he says. “That way I can benefit from them when I need it most.” 28 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Nick Scarpino NAPERVILLE–An age ole Thanks-giving decoration has become the icon of a new children’s book en-titled, Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving? Nick Scarpino of Naperville had always loved the oil painting his 86-year old grandmother created over 15 years ago, so he asked if he could write a book about the history of Thanksgiving using her drawings of Hurkey the Turkey as illus-trations. As the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Off-Premise Dining at Portillo's Hot Dogs based in Oak Brook, Nick had previously published a book in 2013 called "Hey Marketers, Get Your Priorities Straight" and developed a kids' card game called "What's Wild?!" in 2006. His grand-mother, Marlene Turner had no previous professional experi-ence, but has always been an active artist. The two collaborated during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, requiring them to work together over Zoom since Marlene and her husband live in Iowa, and Nick lives in Naperville with his wife and four children. The book tells the story of the many influences behind the tradi-tional Thanksgiving turkey. It ref-erences Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Sarah Josepha Hale, among others. It provides kids with a historical, but still ap-proachable and entertaining poem about the roots of an American tradi-tion. Turner’s illustrations bring the story behind the history to life and all pro-ceeds from the sales of the book will be do-nated to No Kid Hungry - an organization that seeks to eliminate hunger in the United States and abroad. “We had fun exploring the history behind turkey as our Thanksgiving meal,” Nick says. “But throughout the process, we were constantly aware that there are far too many chil-dren in this country who need better access to nutritious food.” Nick and his grandma are thankful for their many blessings and look forward to sharing with others. Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 29

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Josie Mattern ST. CHARLES/WHEATON–In March, when the world came to a standstill, Josie, the DuPagePads Volunteer Coordi-nator, and her team built a new housing program overnight. They moved over 100 families and individuals into hotel rooms as a part of their new Emergency Housing (Hotel) program, so everyone had a safe place to stay at “home”. Her job changed from spending most of her day behind the computer coordinating where volunteers were needed, re-cruiting new volunteers, and maintaining relationships with current volunteers to finding non-perishable food to support the people in hotels. “We transformed our Client Service Center into a food pan-try,” she says. “Volunteers have been a part of every step- helping with donations, sanitizing, and packing food for the people we serve; and at the beginning of November, we re-opened our Interim Housing program, to serve even more people.” Josie is so honored to work with over 4000 volunteers who help provide shelter 365 nights a year to over 200 people in the Emergency and Interim Housing programs, delivering 600 meals a day! It is a job that can consume 24-hours of the day, but she takes time to unwind at home with her three cats, Chia, Camper, and Keeper, as well as her newfound quarantine hobby of baking. With the holidays approaching she hopes people will remember to grab an extra package of Ramen Noodles, Ravioli, can of soup, or microwavable, non-perish-able food item to donate to DuPagePads or checkout other opportunities at, for ways to get involved. In a job that never sleeps, Josie is always recruit-ing awesome people. 30• WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Emily Johnson YORKVILLE–Being the Executive Direc-tor of Cedarhurst Senior Living in York-ville has been an incredibly stressful job in 2020 trying to keep residents safe and healthy while living up to their mission of “creating com-munities where each person feels loved, valued, supported and able to live life to the fullest.” It’s hard to live a full life when you can’t leave your room or receive visits from those you love most, so when a Cuddle Curtain in the United Kingdom had popped up on her social media news feed, Emily knew without a doubt that they needed one at Cedarhurst. “There has been plenty of research around the need and benefits for physical touch for most humans, and a cuddle is the best way to achieve many of those results,” Emily says. “Our seniors here have been fantastic in staying quarantined and protecting themselves and others, so it’s more important now than ever that we can reconnect them with their families and include physical touch in a loving, yet safe way.” Emily enlisted the help of Yorkville local, Jeremy King who is the son of 80-year-old resident Rose King and had not been able to hug his mom in more than 8 months at the time of the request. Prior to the pandemic, Rose would get almost daily visits from several different members of her family and it was very important to her and her health to keep those bonds. When they had finished the Cuddle Curtain, Rose was the first resident to reconnect physically with her family and was overwhelmed with emotion by the ex-perience therefore overcoming one of the biggest challenges of 2020.Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 31

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Festive Fun at Fiamme NAPERVILLE–One of Downtown Naperville’s greatest favor-ites, Fiamme is known for Italian cuisine at it’s simplest, yet fi-nest. With ingredients imported and prepared fresh daily, resulting in optimal taste and quality. Always striving to offer the best tasting gluten-free alternatives to all of their pizzas and pastas, families come from all over to enjoy their unique menu. The dairy-free handmade pizza dough provides a menu that is friendly to all vegans and vegetarians as well. Fiamme has a unique and diverse wine list, complimenting all ranges of tastes and preferences, with an extensive and ever-growing craft beer list. Fiammé also has a Loyalty Rewards Program that gets you 10% rewards on every purchase. Now open in Lincolnshire. Located at 19 North Washington Street, Downtown Naperville. DINING DELIGHTSWEST SUBURBAN DININGDININGDINING + COCKTAILS34 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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DINING + COCKTAILSCCoocckkttaaiillssGet Hugo’s Frog Bar on Your Calendar Loved by Many and For Scrumptious Reason NAPERVILLE–Maybe you can’t meet currently, but now’s the perfect time to get Hugo’s on your calendar for a post-holiday toast to celebrate the season. With an extensive wine & cocktail list, including the Espresso Martini, Hugo’s menu boasts fresh seafood options daily. It is Naperville’s destination spot for fresh oysters, crudos, frog legs, lobster and fish, plus Prime Angus steaks and chops. Don’t forget to view their impressive sig-nature dessert menu. Niche Geneva Cocktail Kits are a Big Hit What a Perfect Idea GENEVA–Cocktail kits! You read that right, cocktail essentials to-go. We're excited that @nicherestaurant will be utilizing their Spiced Cranberry ginger brews and @buffalotrace in their kits so you can enjoy Windmill and Niche at home! How awesomely amazing is that? ‘Tis the Season to Head to Two Hound Red Beer & Wine Specials All Season Long GLEN ELLYN–Visit Two Hound Red in downtown Glen Ellyn every Wednesday in December for $15 growler fills and $8 howler fills of the beer ofyour choice. For the non-beer drinkers they have HALF price bottles of wine EVERY day ALL MONTH long. Consider it their gift to you! And speaking of gifts, don’t forget a Two Hound Red gift card for the PERFECT present for that special someone. Buy $100 in Two Hound gift cards and receive one for $25! DININGGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 35

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10#1 | Families Helping Families This local non-profit organization provides apartments and volunteer mentors to homeless families in DuPage County while they are working to reclaim their lives through education. A donation of only $30 will pay one day's rent and utilities for a family. Families Helping Families has no administrative expenses, so every dollar they raise is a dollar that helps the homeless. #2 | Palumbo Family Foundation The Palumbo Family Foundation strives to make a difference in two sectors of our communities in the Chicagoland area. One is providing scholarships to well de-serving students of lower income families. Without scholarships, many of these students would not realize their dream of furthering their education. The other is providing medical grants to organizations that serve the needs of local medically challenged children. The Palumbo Family Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit char-itable organization. The administration of the foundation is all volunteers; a 100% of the net proceeds of donations and fundraising events give hope and inspiration to young adults looking for financial help to continue their education after high school; as well as children with medical needs. TRENDSTrends In Giving Back Locally10 TRENDS 202036 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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CREATIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that consistently comes to clients’ minds when they think of Penny O’Brien is “hustle.” As a Seller Representative Specialist, she loves meeting with sellers to discuss pre-market home improvements and guide them to make their home “showtime ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in professional staging and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for “good-looking listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale. Penny says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”. Penny O'Brien Broker Relocation Specialist / Negotiation Expert (630) 207-7001 • Read Penny’s Local Industry Expert Column at PPeennnnyy OO’’BBiieenn38 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JULY 2020 • Glancer MagazineGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 39REAL ESTATEA HEARTWARMING STORY ABOUT A LIFE SAVING NEIGHBOR Did you know that 52% of young adults currently live with their parents? This number has been steadily rising since the 1960s. One of the resulting benefits of this trend is watching neighborhood kids be-come adults. That has certainly been the case for Steve and Kathy Kalkofen, as they’ve watched Michelle To grow into a caring, wonderful young woman. Since 2002, the To and Kalkofen families have enjoyed many shared memories in Naperville. With five children between the two households, there were countless birthday celebrations, sleep-overs, pool parties, trick-or-treat adventures and school events. This past spring, Michelle returned home after completing her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island. While a blessing for Michelle’s family, it proved to be a blessing for the Kalkofens too. On May 2, 2020, Steve and Kathy Kal-kofen were outside enjoying a beautiful night by the fire. Abruptly, it became ap-parent that Steve was in medical dis-tress. Michelle, her boyfriend and younger sister were in their backyard en-joying a bonfire as well, when they heard Kathy yell for 911. Without pause, they hopped a 6-foot fence and rushed to as-sist. Michelle knew CPR and immedi-ately began chest compressions until the paramedics arrived. It was later discov-ered that Steve suffered from Hyper-trophic Cardiomyopathy. Due to the kindness and swift-decision-making from EMTs, police/fire departments, doctors, nurses and Michelle, Steve survived. It’s true, 2020 has not been what any of us have wanted - but, it has been a reminder to be grateful for what we have. Grateful for family, for our health ... and for great neighbors.COMMUNITY LIVINGby Brianna Bartemeyer Photos SubmittedBest Neighbors Ev!

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40 • WESTERN SUBURBS • NOVEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineTRENDY TRAVELERTrendY Hotel Xcaret Mexico Offers Rich Experiences to Reconnect With Nature and Local Heritage Through Its Eco-Integrating Architecture RIVIERA MAYA, MEXICO– As travel begins to make a grad-ual comeback, a common trend amongst those who have re-sumed travel is vacations that incorporate authentic experiences respective and reflective of the natural environ-ment. Situated by the lush Riviera Maya jungle, Hotel Xcaret Mexico invites travelers to reconnect with nature through its unique, eco-integrating architecture, combining natural ele-ments with an unparalleled aesthetic. HOTEL XCARET MEXICO Equal parts style and substance, the eco-driven property features 900 spacious suites, multiple swimming pools, world-class spa, and 12 distinct dining destinations, includ-ing Ha' Restaurant led by Michelin star Chef Carlos Gaytán, an adults-only restaurant with its own surcharge. Ad-ditionally, thanks to its All-Fun Inclusive® concept, guests to Hotel Xcaret Mexico have access to Grupo Xcaret's nature parks and tours and are privy to airport transfers, concierge services, unlimited Wi-Fi, among other perks.An Authentic Environmental ExperienceTraveler

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 41TRENDY TRAVELERAdditionally, the AAA Five-diamond re-sort features carefully curated archi-tecture and decor in every corner of the property, aimed at greet-ing guests with an eco-para-dise ideal for feeling harmonic with nature. Below are some ways guests at Hotel Xcaret Mexico can ex-perience an eco-conscious stay once they're ready to travel: Visit the beautiful cenotes, caves and playones incorpo-rated throughout the property. Be-fore entering the cenotes, guests must take part in a small ceremony where they ask the Aluxes (mischievous mythical creatures) for their blessing, offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience. Indulge in a treatment at the hotel's Muluk Spa. Its ex-tensive facilities include massage cabins nestled in stone caves of natural rock facing the river, sauna and steam rooms, hot and cold-water tubs and more. Guests staying at the property can choose from many options including the "Copal Purification" treatment, part of the spa's many "Mayan Journey" offerings inspired in an-cient techniques of the Mesoamerican natives and that use regional products such as honey and cocoa. Swing on Mayan inspired and made hammocks found in the balconies of every suite. Made of nylon or cot-ton, these carefully designed hammocks are made using wooden needles and frames, with each color representing a feeling based on Mexican folklore; while pink repre-sents happiness, yellow rep-resents hope. Stroll around Hotel Xcaret Mexico to appreciate the 120 one-of-a-kind whimsical soplones - or wind gods - that grace the walls of the hotel, made from wood by local family artisans in Oaxaca and inspired by the region's native huichol art. For those seeking to connect with nature through art, miniature versions are for sale at the hotel's store. At Hotel Xcaret Mexico, each design is strategically placed throughout the property which allows guests to connect with nature and appreciate the authentic culture of Mexico. In addition to its nature-centric offerings, Grupo Xcaret recently debuted its 360 Xafety protocol guide, which includes 1,300 actions that are being im-plemented to carefully disinfect the hotel, parks and tours to ensure the safety of visitors, guests, employees and collaborators. Hotel Xcaret Mexico

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HARVEY’S TALES Why did multitasking become a sought-after skill to master? It’s been proven to lower productivity and increase stress levels. In this fast-paced world, we are constantly stimulated by our digital environment - navigating back-and-forth between social media platforms, emails, apps, Zoom meetings and online shopping. Finding ways to unplug, de-stress, pause … and focus are vital. In fact, there is a particular hobby that improves cognitive skills, memory, empa-thy and knowledge - it’s not age bias, gender bias or subject bias … and it’s habitual for highly successful people. It’s reading. Two years ago, Harvey’s Tales in Geneva opened its doors. Built in the 1860s, this historic home was originally known as the Cory House. It has since been converted to a restaurant, Christmas store, needlepoint shop and now charming bookstore in the heart of Down-town Geneva’s Shopping District. Fun fact - it’s rumored to be haunted! The name, Har-vey’s Tales, was an opportunity to honor the owner’s late, beloved Bernese Mountain Dog (Harvey). This beautifully-renovated-and-independent bookstore com-bines a love of family, books, dogs and community. As you browse the shelves, be sure to check out the banned/challenged book room, true crime closet and Hazel’s House (children’s book room). Enjoy a drink from its in-house coffee bar - the Chocolate Chai and Snick-erdoodle Latte are seasonal favorites. And it’s annual Wish Tree display, supporting Anderson Animal Shelter, creates a unique opportunity for bookshop goers to do-nate ‘wish list’ items to the shelter during this season of giving. Forget the Instastories this holiday and unwrap a gift that keeps on giving - time to transport yourself in an actual story. #bluelightfreefun Watch for Unique In Suburbia in each monthly issue of Glancer Magazine. UNIQUE IN SUBURBIAby Brianna Bartemeyer Photos SubmittedUNIQUEin Suburbia42 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 43UNIQUERich In History Two years ago, Harvey’s Tales in Geneva opened its doors. Built in the 1860s, this historic home was originally known as the Cory House and has since been the location for many different types of businesses.

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MILLION DOLLAR lliissttiinnggYour majestic oasis awaits. Ready to escape the hustle of everyday life? This incredible home has 1/3 acre swimming pond with 3 waterfalls in prestigious Strafford Woods in Sugar Grove. This picturesque residence is dressed to impress with its bold exterior design & stunning finishes. Simply stated, it's AMAZING!$1,370,000 6bed • 6.5bath 8,840sqft • 2.93 acres 500 Fairlee Ct, Sugar Grove, IL(630) 391-4882 Presented by: Cathy Peters Brokered by: RE/MAX All Pro44 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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MILLION DOLLARMILLION DOLLAR LISTINGUnique & Beautiful Top quality materials & craftsmanship include Oklahoma Stone granite boulders inside & out, local artisan forged wrought iron rails, repurposed 125 year old Maple Park, IL, barn wood beams, local Amish-made knotty alder 8 ft. arched doors, Australian cy-press all natural flooring plus so much more!Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 45

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46 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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PERSONABLE, ENERGETIC & CREATIVE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL SUSAN COLELLA OF BAIRD & WARNER This proud Naperville resident shares that helping local sellers and buyers doesn’t feel like work making it easy to be dedicated and re-sults oriented When she is hired to list a home she gains much of the marketing inspiration from her sellers when she asks “ what do you love about your home?” From there she designs high end cus-toms booklets with professional photography & drone shots, de-scriptions of updates, & develops unique ways to target the right buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings with professional stag-ing , 3D tours great for out of state buyers and constant follow up with all parties are all included for her recipe of success! Susan is currently meeting with sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent Susan Colella anytime to discuss your real estate goals for 2020. Susan Colella, Baird & Warner, (630) 946-3813Susan ColellaGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 47COMMUNITY LIVING

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To Give, To InspireCARING + SHARINGA Monthly Caring + Sharing Column48 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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Oh, Christmas Tree! Many hold the holiday tradi-tion of cutting down their own Christmas tree, making it a fun family holiday experience. Many farms– some near, some far– have been busy building on this experience by add-ing other holiday events, freebies and more. Visit for a complete list of where to go. KID STUFF 2020Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 51Bubble Bash In a Box NAPERVILLE–Give the gift of a fun family celebration. New Year’s Eve might look a little different this year, but with DuPage Children’s Museum it can be a total blast! The Museum brings the fun to your home with Bubble Bash in a Box. Enjoy a box filled with fun games, festive maker ac-tivities, and other celebratory surprises. In addition to your box, you’ll receive special access to digital content includ-ing musical performances, interactive art and maker vi-deos, and a special countdown with DCM and friends. (630) 637-8000

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Naper Settlement Wedding Showcase January 16, 2021 NAPERVILLE–Naper Settlement’s Wedding Showcase on January 16 features over 30 local vendors from every niche of the bridal industry, including photographers, florists, bakers, and more! In the historic setting of the Pre-Emption House, Meeting House, and Century Memorial Chapel, cou-ples will have one-on-one personal consultations with ven-dors to help them plan their big day. A 90-minute timed entry ticket is required for all guests. Tickets are available at 10-11:50AM, 12:10-1:50PM, and 2:10-4PM. Register for tickets at • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineLITERARYCOMMUNITY LIVINGGive an Experience with a Naper-ville Park Dis-trict Gift Card! NAPERVILLE–Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Give an experience with a Naperville Park District gift card! It’s a great solu-tion for anyone on your list. Reloadable gift cards can be used at Centennial Beach, the Paddleboat Quarry, Millennium Carillon and Fort Hill Activity Center. They also may be used to enjoy pre-registered Park District programs including golf lessons and personal training! Purchase today in any denomination at Fort Hill Activity Center located at 20 Fort Hill Drive. SAY “I DO”

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Glancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 53by Mindy Kyle Photos SubmittedPatricia Rockwell of Aurora Firecrackered, a Cozy Cat Press Mystery Local author and publisher Patricia Rockwell has spent the last ten years creating a successful business in the light or “cozy” mystery genre. Along with authoring two of her own cozy mystery series, her publishing company, Cozy Cat Press, has helped publish over 50 authors with a combined 200+ titles in their catalog. Patricia has an extensive background in academia, editing and publishing. She re-ceived her doctorate from the University of Arizona and was a re-searcher and Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for four-teen years before she retired. Patricia’s most recent book, FIRECRACKERED, is the fifth in her Essie Cobb senior sleuth mystery series, a series that was inspired by her mom and her friends at an assisted living facility. The books follow 90-year-old amateur sleuth Essie Cobb and her pals at the Happy Haven Assisted Living Facility as they go on adventures and solve mysteries. In FIRECRACKERED, Essie is determined to in-vestigate why a random Fourth of July firework is shot on the front lawn of the retirement home right where she and new resident, Lester Mills are standing, hitting him in the keister. As he is being taken to the hospital, she wonders was it really an accident? Or is there something more sinister behind the explosion? FIRECRACKERED can be found on Amazon, along with the other four books in the Essie Cobb series – BINGOED, PAPOOSED, VAL-ENTINED and GHOSTED. KNOW A LOCAL AUTHOR?  We’d Love to Meet Them! Introduce Us at editorial@glancermagazine.comLITERAARRYYlocalLITERARY LOCALSSAY “I DO”

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FAMILY DENTISTRY WITH A WIDE ARRAY OF SERVICES Valley View Dental offers a full array of general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal, dental implants, orthodontics procedures, and oral surgery. This includes Invisalign, BOOST Teeth Whitening, CEREC one-day crowns, and same-day emer-gency visits guaranteed. With a large staff of bi-lingual doctors and staff, on-site labs at each location, extended business and weekend hours, Valley View Dental has the ability to treat pa-tients according to their own schedules and convenience with all Covid-19 precautions taken. Stop by and see why others in the community have trusted Valley View Dental for over 20 years.most 20 years. Located In Naperville, Montgomery & Romeoville. Valley View Dental DDEENNTTAALLHEALTH + WELLNESS54 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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SWING INTO ACTION AT SPRINGBROOK AND NAPERBROOK GOLF COURSES NAPERVILLE–Golf makes a great gift! Give the golfer in your life a gift card to one of Naperville’s favorite golf courses. Soon it wil be time to enjoy golf again at the Naperville Park District's two 18-hole golf courses. Come Springtime, Spring-brook and Naperbrook will be ready for great weather, while offering challenging golf and the best rates, practice time on the range and relaxation post-round on our welcoming patios with food and drinks. Tee time reservations and more online. Naperville Park District’s Springbrook & Naperbrook Golf Courses BEAUTIFY & RELAX  ST. CHARLES–Let this spa help you disconnect and im-prove your health, beauty and relaxation with specialized massages, meditation, in-frared sauna, and reiki energy work. Complete your visit with a natural hair or nail treatment to feel as beautiful outside as you do inside. Tranquility Spa 113 N. 2nd Ave., St. Charles NUMBER ONE PROVIDER OF  COOLSCULPTING IN THE MIDWEST WESTERN SUBURBS–Concierge Medical Spa is a luxury medical spa with highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners and esthe-ticians offering the most comprehensive esthetic medical services. From body contouring to highly advanced future-forward restor-ative and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, our esthetic experts are some of the best in the industry. As the number one provider of Coolsculpting in the Midwest and Top 200 in the country of Al-lergan injectors, our services produce excellent results and have high client satisfaction. www.concier-RESTORATIVE YOGA & GONG  MEDITATION TOGETHER IN ONE  BATAVIA–Through holistic healing and sha-manic healing, the center offers different services from cultures around the world to bring balance and harmony to your physical and emotional planes. Find unique classes like drum circles, re-storative yoga and gong meditation here. Healing Arts Metaphysical Center 4 E. Wilson St., Suite 101, Batavia, www.healingartsmetaphysical.comFLOATING IS THE NEW CALMING TREND NAPERVILLE–Find a quiet space to just BE. Float in 10 inches of skin temperature water with 1,600 pounds of Epsom salt to keep you afloat even if you fall asleep. You have your own private Float Room and can control the un-derwater LED light and white noise. Annica Float Club, 4S100 N. IL-59, Naperville, www.floatnaperville.comHEALTH + WELLNESShheeaalltthhyy lliivviinnggGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 55

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HEALTH + Locations In Wheaton & GenevaGET 1-ON-1 PERSONAL TRAINING AT H-4 TRAINING, TWO SUBURBAN LOCATIONS WHEATON & GENEVA–It’s time to take care of #1 with H4 Training! This program is best for individuals with very specific needs who require dedicated attention. H-4’s sessions focus on the specific goals of each client with workouts tailored to each person. Visit online to learn more and to check out the many other programs available to you. Watch for a Q & A at written by H4 Training's founder, Hank Ebeling, Local In-dustry Expert in the Fitness category. H4 Training Wheaton & Geneva locations.’s Lile Black Book56 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer Magazine

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COMMUNITY LIVINGFITNESSMONTHLY COLUMNTHE ULTIMATE INDOOR ADVENTURE After recently competing in the Naperville Jaycees Amazing Race with a group of very energetic gals, I was itching to do something similar again. As a new empty nester, I am grateful to be sur-rounded by a group of friends that are as ad-venturous and competitive as I am. I love that there are so many exciting, all-ages activities in our community that maintain my thrill-seek-ing ways even sans kids off at college. If you know me, you know I am huge fan of the show Survivor; even running backyard games for years for all the neighborhood kids, as well as with Special Survivor Games for Indian Prairie School District 204. I absolutely love a good challenge combined with some healthy competition. I’m pretty sure Mish Mash Adventures was created with me in mind. We went with a team of 5 which I think was the perfect number. Each room was a timed challenge. Some physical, some mental, some a combination of both. I would highly suggest dressing comfy, wearing your gym shoes, bringing your water bottle, and preparing for a good workout! If you share my competitive spirit, you will not want to leave the room until you have successfully completed the activity at hand. We scaled walls, “swam” over balls, leaped over “lava”, pushed buttons, threw balls, and then some. We giggled, screamed, crawled, ran, snorted, and hung on to each other for dear life to beat the 10 second rule. I am still laughing at our spirited antics to beat the system. Mish Mash Adventures is open to all ages but is recommended for those over ten. Although it can be quite physical, you can choose to do any room challenge you want – so you can skip rooms and customize your experience to meet your personal physical and/or mental ability. This truly is the ultimate indoor adventure! Overview MISH MASH is an urban adventure where teams work together to complete the chal-lenges that are hidden behind every door. The first of its kind, this is an environment where you can escape and play, all while challenging yourself and your team. If you grew up wishing you could be on all the TV adventure game shows such as Double Dare™, American Gladiators™, and Legends of the Hidden Temple™ – this place was created for you. Mish Mash Adventures 2402 Fox Valley Mall, Aurora (630) 339-3609 • Hours: Varies based on date selected Price $: $30/participant ABOUT THE WRITER Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illi-nois State University in 1992 with an International Business Degree. She has two energetic daughters and her house is always full of children. Kristen’s col-umn titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly fea-ture written for moms who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy. Read her past columns at’s Lile Black BookGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 57

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Relaxation, Restoration And Rejuvenation Hand Delivered At Elements Massage Geneva GENEVA–Massage is the perfect gift for everyone on your list– no matter what style of massage they prefer. Whether it is just to relax or to restore and rejuvenate the body, nothing can beat a personalized, hand-crafted massage session with one of our exceptional therapists. We’re offering the best deals of the year on gift cards for this holiday season. Spread the joy! Stop by, call or visit our website for a variety of specials, as well as COVID-19 safety guidelines put in place. Elements Massage Geneva 507 S. 3rd Street, Geneva (630) 232-7335 • WEST SUBURBAN CHICAGOGive the Gift of Relaxation60 • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineHOLIDAY GIFT GUIDEAll Things Beautiful at Velvet Grace So Much To Love About this West Suburban Boutique OSWEGO–The moment you walk through the doors of the quaint log cabins, of Velvet Grace your senses will explode. From the calming scents of aromatic candles, to the eye-catching cozy vi-gnettes. Warm your heart and soul while you peruse the beautiful seasonal displays filled with timeless and trendy home décor, gifts, women’s apparel, jewelry and accessories. Design specialists are on hand to help personalize your home, choose a unique gift, coordinate an outfit with the perfect acces-sories, or to inform you about the easy-to-use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Need to send a gift out of town? Order online and Velvet Grace will ship directly to their door! Gift Certificates also available. Visit in-store at 4025 US Highway 34 Oswego IL or online at

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GET TO KNOW V FUSION STUDIO  GENEVA–V Fusion Studio trainers (pictued above) take con-sideration to increase your quality of life when creating classes - and now also virtually (join facebook page). Local area owner, Rachel Kowal, is currently pursuing her master’s degree in exercise physiology, and she bases all classes in the latest research. The current schedule has a variety of ef-fective, fun, and unique classes. V fusion will improve your core strength, endurance, and physique safely so you “train for life” with this popular fitness studio. You’re invited to come out and see why so many love it! Enjoy 30-days of unlimited classes for just $95 or try one week for FREE when you men-tion Glancer Magazine. V Fusion Studio, 129 W State, Geneva, www.vfusionstudio.comJOIN TODAY! www.vfusionstudio.comQuality of LifeGlancer Magazine • DECEMBER 2020 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 65

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5. The Rustic Fox NORTH AURORA–This unique market-place arrived on the shopping scene in September 2020 and has already become a fast favorite for thou-sands in the area. The Rustic Fox is a 20,000 square foot lifestyle marketplace with over 120 vendors offering fur-niture, home decor, clothing, jewelry, accessories, kids clothing, and so much more. Many vendors have holiday displays and are filled with unique gift ideas fore every-one on your list. 1. Painted Tree Marketplace Offering gifts, decor, fashion & more, Painted Tree Marketplace is new to Nap-erville in 2020. Recognized by millions across the country, Painted Tree Market-place is a shopping experience like no other! Painted Tree is a creative com-munity of shoppes featuring hundreds of local shop owners, boutiques, dec-orators, artisans and craftsmen all under one roof. Shop gifts, decor, fashion, soaps, candles, and so much more. 4. Vintage Marketplace TheVintageMarketplaceCo AURORA–The Vintage Marketplace Co. has 60 vendors specializing in re-purposed and refinished an-tique and vintage furniture with a large selection of décor from every decade. Visit our 12,000 sqft store (2 Floors!) for unique finds and treasures. Under new ownership. 3. Warehouse 55 AURORA–This is a unique col-lection of vintage finds, repurposed furnishings, mixed with many one of a kind ac-cessories. Here you'll find something for every aesthetic- from MCM, rustic farmhouse, cot-tage chic and modern contemporary. 2. Sadie’s Attic ELBURN–Such a cute shop located in downtown Elburn on Main Street. Shop for rustic wood creations for garden and home, unique quilted items for kitchen and outdoor dining, repurposed decor and furniture– all brought to you by local artisans. 6. The Wyckwood House WHEATON & AURORA–You’ll love this unique shopping experience featuring goods from local arti-sans. From clothing and accessories to gifts and more, the popular shopping spot recently expanded to Wheaton. Their original location is in Aurora. 7. Oakbrook Artisan Market OAKBROOK–This 2-day market in Oak Brook showcases some of the Midwest’s finest artisans in fashion, food, home goods + art. The curated show celebrates the ingenuity of inde-pendently owned, small businesses who channel their passions into creating one-of-a-kind products. Shop with the makers themselves – and learn how they make their unique and functional creations. It’s been a hard year for many local businesses, and this includes small shops and boutiques. Yet, despite the setbacks that COVID-19 has created for many, some businesses went ahead with their pland and followed their hope & dreams by opening up and inviting the community in. Each shop listed here is new in 2020 and excited to meet new customers. This holiday season, support local and shop at these new community shops. • WESTERN SUBURBS • DECEMBER 2020 • Glancer MagazineMULTI-VENDOR SHOPS YOU’LL LOVE6.4.

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