One Year Later....
Featuring stories of triumph and perseverance during what has been an unprece-
dented time, this month we are celebrating the renewed vibrance of our community
and those who make it such a special place to live, work and play
It’s been one year since businesses were shut down, schools were closed, and life
as we knew it was suddenly turned upside down. Some local shops and restaurants
were forced to close permanately due to the uncertainty of the marketplace, while
others operated minimally. Many residents were instructed to work from home, while
they taught their children via eLearning. It was a time most of us will never, ever
forget. Though the effects of the 2020 pandemic will be felt by many for years and
decades to come, and even as it contiunes to linger on, this Spring offers much
hope as our community starts to blossom again.
Our cover feature highlights Resilient Small Business Owners–each with a
unique story to share. From trusting the power of positvity to being taught new les-
sons along the way, each featured local area entreprenuer speaks from the heart
as they give us an inside look into their journey this past year.
Our 10 Trends Adding to Downtown Vitality features
unique happenings in favorited downtown areas through-
out the western suburbs, while our 7 Spectacular Places
Reshaping the Community feature highlights valuable
resources for residents and business owners.
Thank you for reading this special issue, we value your
reeadership and your viewership. We love local! We know
Lindy Kleivo
Publishing Director, West Suburban Area
‘Working Remote’ Selfie, May 2020
While Wearing Her Favorite Shirt
APRIL 2021
5 Hello From Glancer Magazine
7 5 Things to Do
8 COVER Resilient Business Owners Share
24 10 Trends Adding to Downtown Vitality
26 Downtown Naperville–Be In The Mix!
28 Unique In Suburbia: Mistwood Golf Dome
29 New to Downtown Downers Grove
30 Dining & Cocktails
32 Trendy Traveler: An Authentic Dude Ranch
34 Moms Little Black Book: Paintball!
35 Home Decor Hot Spot, Trend + Relic
36 West Suburban VIP: A Glen Ellyn Artist
37 Million Dollar Listing: Wheaton
40 Home Design & Decor
41 Meet the Design Team at Nona Jo’s
42 Literary Local: Crushing the Competition
43 Susan Colella, Naperville Real Estate
44 To Give, To Inspire: Giving I/T Futures
45 Meet Penny O’Brien of Naperville
46 Earth Day: Celebrate In Oswegoland
48 Fitness First: Local Experts Share
50 Kid Stuff: Springtime Fun for Every Age
52 Summer Days: Camps, Programs & Fun!
60 Boutique Essentials
62 Prom Time! 30% Off Select Dresses
66 7 Spectacular List
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APRIL 2021 | Vol 19
Spring At Last!
One year later– featuring stories of triumph
and perseverance for businesses during
what has been an unprecedented time, this
month we are celebrating the renewed vi-
brance of our community and the resilient
residents, business owners and com-
munity leaders who make it such a special
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Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 5
6 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Local Business
Owners Share
On Resiliency
One Year Later
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos by Mike Catuara
8 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
10 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
To create as close to an in-store experience as possible, Autumn-
began offering an evening and morning Instagram live series
called Thursdays w/The Collective and Coffee Clutch w/The
“This is where I could feature and describe various
products and even feature guest appearances from
some of our makers and artisans that we carry,”
she says. “Even now that we are open, we also
continue to offer personal shopping appoint-
ments after hours and by video call.
Autumn credits her supportive customers; her
family and dear friends; long work hours; a lot
of tears; strong prayer; and meditation for her
personal and professional survival this past year.
She believes in small businesses and supports
local at her favorite restaurants such as NWB
(great burgers and bourbon), Meson Sabika for
tapas, and Bien Trucha for Mexican.
All in all, Autumn lives and breathes in the belief that we
all have the ability and responsibility to leave the world a little
better than we found. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Mike Catuara
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 11
NAPERVILLE/OSWEGO–Even a business that has
been opened since 1972 and running strong was
not immune to the complete shutdown from
March 22 through May 29, 2020 - only offering
limited retail sales by delivery.
Oswego resident, Ashley Smith had
worked at Elegante Salon and Day Spa in
Naperville, servicing hair, nail, and skin-
care for men and women since 2009 prior
to taking ownership in 2017. She wasn’t
new to the industry and was seasoned for
the traditional highs and lows of any busi-
ness, but this was something she could
have never anticipated.
“I was glad I was always of the mindset to plan
for the worst even if you didn’t think that would ac-
tually happen,” she says. “Planning for a rainy day will
forever be instilled in my practice.”
Patience, optimism, and empathy have been ingrained in Ashley since
birth, so even on her most difficult days, she always tries to find the
positive take away and silver lining.
“I believe positivity produces positivity,” she adds.
During the shutdown, she rallied the team to keep
in frequent contact and encouraged quality time
with family members. She also met with fel-
low salon owners once a week via Zoom
which facilitated purposeful talks to share
their struggles and validate they were not
One year later, Ashley is grateful for her
loyal guests and ensures their ultimate
safety. Her stylists have kept en vogue
and are able to provide new techniques
such as curtain bangs, as well as trending
spa services such as microblading and per-
manent makeup.
Forever appreciating the time had during the lockdown
with her partner Jason, his two children, her three siblings,
their spouses, her niece and nephews, Ashley ensures they remain a
top priority in her daily life.
-Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Mike Catuara
Ashley Smith
Salon & Spa Owner Shares How She Navigated the Tough Waters this Past Year
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 13
14 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
GENEVA/SUGAR GROVE–Jacqueline, her sister Nikki, and
their mom Mary own Cafe & Barr and Love Theory Bridal
Shop in Geneva. The café, which opened in June 2019, was
Jacqueline’s dream and the impact of COVID-19 hit them
“Being a new business and just starting to get into things it
was truly out of left field,” she says. “We quickly scrambled
to get stuff going, utilizing our neighbors, and trying to stay
afloat with gift baskets, and to go orders; however, we are
more of an experience place, hosting live music and events,
so when you take the main squeeze out of the equation, it
was very hard to stay where we needed to be.”
Jacqueline constantly planned and brainstormed ideas with
her mom, sister and closest merchants like Lynne Ball from
Liz & Kate, and Paula Krampf from the Geneva Library, to
plan collaborations or deals and also used social media to
share fun and exciting ideas with the community.
Personally, Jacqueline used meditation and healthy eating to
help balance her emotions to keep her from thinking negative
thoughts. She is kind and compassionate and tends to think
of others before herself, but through this journey she has re-
alized you can’t pour from an empty cup, so she is making a
conscious effort to practice self-care. (continued)
Jacqueline Barr
Local Cafe Owner Shares on the Power of Positive Thinking this Past Year
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 15
Glancer Magazine • MARCH 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 17
This past year has also taught
Jacqueline to never lose the
“I don't ever want to become
stagnant or disconnected from
my business,” she shares.
“We will always be looking for
cool new things and evolve to
match what our customers
wants and needs are. We like
finding cute little things that
when make you smile when
you see them, if even for a sec-
ond. We want you to always be
able to discover something
new about us and about your-
self while you are here.”
With new colors, healthier op-
tions, and grab & go foods,
Jacqueline hopes to make
Café & Barr an open space for
the community to feel safe and
free– to be themselves while
bringing neighborly businesses
together. She also helps run a
group called Experience
Geneva, IL that hosts events
and does the First Fridays in
Geneva, IL.
Bringing people together and
sharing in the joys of family is
what keeps her going day in
and day out.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 17
20 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
22 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Born and raised in Naperville, Kevin and Brian
Hahn were no strangers to the restaurant indus-
try when they opened their third, Hale Street
Cantina in downtown Wheaton amidst the
pandemic. With front windows that fully
open, outdoor seating, and the Hale
Street tent, June was the perfect time to
open while also following all COVID
guidelines and recommendations.
Best known for their 18 different
burgers with creative toppings, along
with 20 different rotating beers at the
Main Street Pub in Glen Ellyn and
Jackson Avenue Pub in Naperville, they
decided to put a Mexican twist on Hale
Street Cantina offering Mexican- Ameri-
can Fusion.
They felt so fortunate that all three restaurants
allowed for the open-air policy and space to pro-
vide social distancing to continue operating during the
various phases of COVID-19.
“The cities in which all our businesses reside have been extremely
accommodating and have done everything they can to help suppor
t their local businesses,” Kevin says. “We
are incredibly grateful for our friends,
families, and loyal customers who of-
fered continued support. One key
lesson we learned is to always be
They are excited for the sea-
sonal changes and can’t wait
for the expansive outdoor
dining again.
“At Hale Street we have our
outdoor tables, but the city
of Wheaton is also bringing
back the Hale Street tent;
both the city of Glen Ellyn and
Naperville are helping to pro-
vide space for outdoor dining
within the street and parking
Their goal is to always provide a mem-
orable dining experience while improving qual-
ity of food and service for their restaurants, and always
ensure spending quality time with family and friends as well.
-Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted
Kevin & Brian Hahn
The Pandemic Has Taught Local Restaurant Owners to Always Be Versatile
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 23
#1 | Coffee Crawl
Downtown Geneva
Geneva Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Coffee Cup Crawl on April 10
from 10am-3pm in Geneva. Thirteen businesses will be serving samples of
coffee, including coffee creations, and coffee with a kick (must be 21). Tickets
are $26 and can be purchased online. Tickets and souvenir cups are limited.
#2 | Second Fridays
Downtown Batavia
Second Fridays are an interactive and vibrant experience around downtown
Batavia working to complement the monthly art gallery opening at Water
Street Studios. Businesses within the downtown area will offer nontraditional
programming in their spaces on every second Friday of the month from 6pm
to 9pm. Second Fridays will resume May 8th.
to Local
10 TRENDS 2021
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • MARCH 2021 • Glancer Magazine
West Suburban Downtown Communities Continue to Blossom this
Spring – We Invite You to Support Downtown Vitality All Season Long
24 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
#3 | Live Music Open Mic Nights
Downtown St. Charles
Enjoy live music and open mic nights weekly at Flagship on the Fox. In
addition, come see Country Music Artist Austin Hopkins perform on April
15th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. He will be playing a mix of country, pop and
rock. Chris Richey will be laying down the beat! He'll play many of his
original songs that have been played on radio including his hit award
winning song "Right Now". Austin has performed on ABC 7 Windy City
#4 | Sailing Into Summer
Downtown Naperville
There will be more than a dozen PAINTED SAILBOAT SCULPTURES
arriving in late May, displayed at various downtown sidewalk locations
for viewing. This will be combined with several ‘nautical‘ events in the
summer months to help people enjoy the summer months while shop-
ping, dining and enjoying Downtown
Naperville’s shops, restaurants
and spas!
#5 | New
In Town
Downtown Naperville will wel-
come several new businesses,
in addition to those recently
opened including Sweetwaters
Coffee & Tea, Little Barn Baby, Treasures
Naperville, Lovesac and Hizemans, as well as Andrew’s Garden, The
NOW (Massage), Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker and more. Also this
summer, Outdoor Cafe Dining via streetscape cafe dining will be avail-
able. Street cafes will be set up by May and people should make reser-
vations to enjoy outdoor dining by calling the specific restaurant.
#6 | Fine Art Show
Downtown St. Charles
The St. Charles Fine Art Show showcases the original, juried work of
fine artists in mediums including Clay/Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing/Il-
lustration, Fiber (Non Wearable), Jewelry, Photography, Glass, Mixed
Media, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Acryllic Painting, Printmaking,
Sculpture, and Wood. All are exhibited and available for sale during this
outdoor and free event May 29 & 30.
#7 | New, Fun & Fabulous!
Downtown Downers Grove
Downtown Downers Grove has been active in welcoming new busi-
nesses, in the midst of a global pandemic. It recently welcomed Gia Mia
Pizza Bar, Head Space Barbershop, and Topiaire Plant Boutique; also
new are Bar Chido and The Outpost Mexican Eatery.
#8 | Art & Market
Downtown Aurora
Art & Market is an indoor market in downtown Aurora. Shop at nearly a
dozen vendor booths at a small, curated food and artisan market held
inside Society 57, 100 S. River St. through May.
#9 | Come to the Table
Downtown Wheaton
Eat Drink and be charitable! Join the event of the year! One night a
year only on April 28th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Support a local restaurant
and the Downtown Wheaton Association while feeding the hungry in
your community. Proceeds go to help support the Downtown Wheaton
Association and People’s Resource Center.
#10 | Wine & Finds
Downtown Glen Ellyn
Downtown Glen Ellyn’s 7th Annual Wines & Finds, a wine tasting and
shopping event is scheduled for Thursday, June 17. Couples, friends
and wine enthusiasts are invited to spend that Thursday evening enjoy-
ing Glen Ellyn’s historic downtown and all that it offers. You’ll receive
your Wines & Finds tasting glass and a program detailing the partici-
pating businesses. Each store will offer two wine selections to taste and
light appetizers specifically chosen to pair well with the wines. Tickets
will go on sale May 17, 2021.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 25
Be In The Mix!
NAPERVILLE–Whether you’re here to shop, dine, spa or stay, you’ll
find the perfect mix of over 150 best-in-class stores and spas along-
side Naperville’s most exciting eateries from fine dining, bistros to
bites on the go. Discover your favorite shops, spas and restaurants
in our pedestrian friendly, historic downtown with amenities in every
direction. Visit online to view the directory for business listings and
hours or use the convenient “click & go” online maps for helpful
guides when planning your visit. It’s your time, spend it well.
Springtime Fun!
26 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Springtime Fun!
Give the Perfect Gift!
NAPERVILLE–Good at over 150 shops, spas &
restaurants in Downtown Naperville, the gift cards
are available in your choice of denominations
from $10 - $500. Enclosed in a handsome gift
card enclosure, Downtown Naperville gift cards
make the perfect gift for any occasion! No fees to
purchase. www.downtownnaperville.com
Mothers Day Chocolate Walk • May 8
NAPERVILLE–360 Youth Services and the Downtown Nap-
erville Alliance are excited to offer the 6th Annual Downtown
Naperville Chocolate Walk! This fun event is sure to satisfy
your sweet tooth. Each participant receives a tin for gath-
ering all your chocolate treats, as well as a lanyard with a
map touring many wonderful Downtown Naperville Shops.
At each stop you will experience a chocolate tasty treat to
enjoy on the spot or to take home. All proceeds will benefit
360 Youth Services programs to support local youth in
need. 360 provides counseling for youth and their families,
substance use prevention education, and housing for youth
experiencing homelessness.
Downtown Naperville Memorial Parade
NAPERVILLE–The Naperville Memorial Day Parade will step off
at 10:30am on Mon., May 31, stepping off from Jackson and
West Streets, heading east along Jackson Avenue, north up
Washington Street to Benton Avenue and into Central Park. It’s
customary to hear applause and witness salutes from spectators
who line the streets, recognizing the supreme sacrifice of many
military families and that freedom isn’t free. An event loved by
all year after year.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 27
BOLINGBROOK–It’s safe to say that many of
us were told to ‘be patient’ growing up - espe-
cially, with our desire for instant gratification.
The reminded practice of patience has been
palpable this past year - it’s allowed us to learn
new skills, respond with kindness, refocus ex-
pectations … and simply, take pause. A sport
that uniquely challenges (and teaches!) every-
one to exercise patience is golf. It’s enjoyed out-
side or inside … individually or competitively …
and it’s open to all ages. And lucky for us, Bolingbrook is home to
Mistwood Golf Dome.
This 60,000 SF, newly-renovated indoor golf dome boasts 30 hitting
bays, two 900 SF putting greens, a short game area and McWethy’s
Sports Bar. Last summer, Mistwood invested in a new skin, new
premium TaylorMade TP5x balls, new turf and two
additional Toptracer hitting bays. In fact, it’s the first
dome in the country to have Toptracer technology
(and currently the only one in Illinois!). This tech-
nology allows golfers to measure the data of each
shot and virtually ‘play’ some of the world’s most
iconic courses - including: Pebble Beach, Spyglass
Hill, Kiawah Island and Old Course at St. Andrews.
For those interested in improving their game, book
a private lesson or club fitting with a PGA/LPGA
professional. Pro tip - try McWethy’s award-winning
wings. All food is locally sourced, too!
It’s time to get back in the swing of things! Whether you’re looking to
‘up your game’, learn a new sport or spend time with friends, it’s a
TEE-rrific time. After all, golf is a series of swings - each having its
own unique story. Here’s to finding your perfect swing!
by Brianna Bartemeyer
Photos Submitted
in Suburbia
28 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
New Businesses Opening Up In Downers
A variety of small businesses, amazing owners and community support makes
downtown Downers Grove the destination it is today. Downtown Downers Grove
has been active in welcoming new businesses, in the midst of a global pandemic.
It recently welcomed Gia Mia Pizza Bar, Head Space Barbershop & Topiaire
Plant Boutique. In the next month, Downtown Downers Grove will welcome
two new restaurants– Bar Chido and The Outpost Mexican Eatery.
Plan your day to explore downtown Downers Grove! Its boutiques have some-
thing for everyone and its restaurants & cafes can please every taste bud.
Whether you are comfortable with in-store shopping, indoor dining, outdoor din-
ing, taking to go, delivery or curbside pick-up, our business owners are happy
to accommodate your needs.
Local Hot Spot
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 29
Join the R. Urban Wine & Beer Club
LISLE–This local area wine bar is passionate about featuring
wines from around the world that their team has personally en-
joyed. With this in mind, R. Urban Wine Bar & Cafe continually
searches for quality wines of great value from respectable vine-
yards that exemplify their place of origin. Their menu does not stop
at wine, however, and guests love all of the unique options avail-
able to them. From wood fired wings... to handcrafted butcher
boards... to pizzas...your weekend dinner plans are covered!
There's something for everyone on their menu- even your little
ones. Join the R. Urban Wine Club where you can choose from 3
levels– Standar, Magnum or Imperial. Each complete with amaz-
ing benefits that every wine & beer lover will enjoy.
4738 Main Street, Lisle
30 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
18 • WESTERN SUBURBS • JULY 2020 • Glancer Magazine
So Much Brewing at this Local Hot Spot
Elmhurst Brewing Company Invites You In
ELMHURST–Have you been? If not, you’re missing out! This eclectic mi-
crobrewery is designed to serve the thirsty folks of Elmhurst and beyond!
They offer a full menu, beer garden, kid's area, wine & spirits too. Easter
Sunday we will be open for Brunch from 11am until 4pm with a special
Kalsarikannit for Saturday 4/3 and Sunday 4/4. To learn more about this
west suburban hot spot, visit www.elmhurstbrewingcompany.com.
Beer Cider Cupcake Pairing
Tapville Social & Molly’s Cupcakes Collab
NAPERVILLE–OK, how fun is this? Tapville Social is pairing craft beer &
cider with Molly’s Cupcakes throughout the months of April, May, June.
What a perfect spring collab. We know you will just love it! Join the event
to sample five delicious Molly’s Cupcakes and five beer and cider selec-
tions. Tickets are required. Be sure to tag us in your pics!
Strawberry Fields, New to Popular Eatery
The Burger Local Adds a New Cocktail to their Menu
GENEVA–This vintage inspired eatery is loved by many and for good
reason. Offering proprietary blend burgers and more, the urban sports
bar has a vintage video game room along with creative inspired drinks
such as the one pictured. They recently announced another new ad-
dition to their cocktail list– “Strawberry Fields” is made with brandy
rum, peach schnapps,orange juice, lime juice and simple syrup (straw-
berry)....YUM! The Burger Local, 577 S. 3rd Street, #102, Geneva
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 31
Experience one of the last untouched pieces of
Florida wilderness at Westgate River Ranch Resort
& Rodeo – an authentic Florida dude ranch that lies
just one hour South of Orlando in Polk County, FL
– where you can kick back and relax in the beauti-
ful, great wide open.
The Ranch, which lies on 1,700 acres overlooking
the scenic Kissimmee River, features horseback
riding, an award-winning Saturday night rodeo and
much more. This ideal destination for an unforget-
table family vacation getaway has everything you’d
want to experience at an authentic dude ranch.
32 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
To round out your ranch experience,
savor mouthwatering BBQ at the West-
gate Smokehouse Grill, grab a cow-
boy boot mug at the Saloon, or order
quick service pizza and more at the
Deli in the General Store. West-
gate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo
features several onsite dining and
restaurant options, as well as cat-
ering services.
The Ranch offers something for every-
one - and every budget. Choose from our
Luxe Teepees (with activities incuded),
Glamping Tents, Cabins, Lodge Guest Rooms,
or Tent Camping. You're always invited to come back
and try a new experience!
Saturday Night Rodeo
Hold your breath in anticipation as expert riders fight to hold
onto a wild, bucking bull at the longest-running Saturday night
championship rodeo in the United States! Experience the
thrills from our 1,200-seat Rodeo Arena as you watch exciting
bull riding, trick riding and barrel racing.
Street Party
Stick around after the Saturday Night Rodeo for an energetic,
fun Street Party on the stage directly in front of the River
Ranch Saloon! Brush up on your Western line dance moves
as a DJ entertains the crowd with lively tunes.
Everyone is invited to sing, dance and com-
pete in games at this can’t-miss party!
Airboat Rides
Enjoy the beauty and serene nature
of the Kissimmee River during this
40-minute guided Airboat Ride.
You’ll see a wide variety of Florida
wildlife, including alligators, turtles,
deer, and more while learning
about the interesting history of the
area from your experienced guides.
Swamp Buggy Rides
Go way off the beaten path with this 40-
minute Swamp Buggy ride through the
picturesque, green wilderness surrounding
the ranch. The massive tires on these custom-
made Swamp Buggies give you amazing views of
the breathtaking scenery around the property. This adventur-
ous ride over rugged terrain of brush and mud is a fun and ex-
citing way to explore the outdoors.
The acivities list is long. In addition to those that we included
here, guests can enjoy a full-service marina, pony rides,
horseback riding along untouched trails, a trap & skeet range,
zip line, bungee jumping, horseshoes, a mechanical bull, mni-
golf, an archery range and outdoor pool plus much more!
Pull on your boots, bring the bandana and enjoy a unique ex-
perience. You’ll love this spot for a family vacation. Nothing
beats the laid-back vibe, fresh air and great outdoors. Happy
Sevierville, TN Colorado Springs, CO
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 11
As adults we sometimes forget how much fun it is
to be a kid. The responsibilities of jobs, children,
household chores, sports, etc. tend to take over
and we forgot about the things we love.
With my girls off at college, I have found that
my adult friends and I enjoy the stereotypical
kid activities equally as much. We gathered a
group of 14 adults, mostly over 50 years old,
and most that had never played paintball be-
fore; so, it was a new and exciting experience for
the majority.
Our host Drew provided several game options, such as
One Shot, Assassin, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and
more; additionally, delivering detailed instructions for our safety and
entertainment prior to entering the 50,000 square foot indoor arena.
We were masked and ready, and our hearts were pumping as we
strategized our options using the faux houses, barriers, giant truck
tires, and abandoned vehicles for protection and diversions. We
are an extremely competitive group and it was game on! at the
countdown of…… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… when we scattered throughout the
space taking cover to protect our team brand while taking aim at
our opponent. We were terrified of being hit since the rumor on the
street said that it might sting and leave welts; however, we were still
willing to sacrifice our bodies for the win!
We laughed, screamed, as well as sat very quietly in inconspicuous
spaces while gaining confidence and flair with adrenaline flowing at
rapid rates throughout our bodies. Our two hour time frame went
quickly and our quest to tackle a new adventure was
The owner, Aaron and his team made the ex-
perience memorable ensuring safety and fun
for all. A highly recommended activity for kids
and adults alike.
The ultimate indoor paintball map designed by
the kid in us all. Huge 50,000 square foot play-
ground offering open play, teams, drills, and pri-
vate events inclusive with full gear, paintgun, and
paintballs, and mask.
Power Paintball X
1161 S. Main Street, Lombard
(630) 824-8051 • www.PowerPaintballx.com
Hours: Monday through Thursday by reservation only; Friday 4
p.m. to 10 p.m. Open Play; Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. private book-
ings, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. open play; Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. team
practice, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. open play.
Price $: Weekday packages as low as $25/day.
Naperville mom Kristen Kucharski graduated from Illinois State Uni-
versity in 1992 with an International Business Degree. She has two
energetic daughters and her house is always full of children. Kristen’s
column titled, Mom's Little Black Book, is a monthly feature written for
moms who are looking for ways to keep their kids busy. Read her past
columns at www.glancermagazine.com/bloggers
by Kristen Kucharski
Photos Submitted
MOM’S lile black book
34 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
A Creative Co-Op In St. Charles
trend + relic is an experience that shoppers remember, as this unique multi-vendor marketplace has
carefully selected experienced merchants who are artisans, builders, refinishers and painters, each
offering the most special items to adorn your homes. The talented merchants work hard to create and
curate unique items, both vintage and new. Many of the treasures that you will find at trend + relic
have been handcrafted including jewelry, candles, furniture & art. Each of the wonderfully talented
merchants have created beautiful spaces in the shop as well as local markets so you will find some of
your very favorites here.
Owned by Karri and Heather, together they bring years of retail, decorating, design, staging and paint-
ing experience to the shop. Their vision was to bring a unique shopping experience to Saint Charles
like no other– creating a space that felt inspired, comfortable, friendly and passionate. At trend + relic,
we are confident that you will experience all that and more.
You will also find monthly paint classes which include How To and make and take workshops. Call the
shop or visit to learn about upcoming classes, including girls night out boutique events
trend + relic, 1501 Indiana Avenue, St. Charles, Illinois, (630) 803-5253
MOM’S lile black book
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 35
36 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
WHEATON/GLEN ELLYN–Glenbard West Senior Wil-
liam Hohe recently earned a Gold Medal in Photog-
raphy for his piece entitled “We’re All Just Children in
Adults’ Clothing”; and a Silver Medal with Distinction
in Art Portfolio for his portfolio entitled “To All The
Friends I’ve Loved” by the Scholastic Art & Writing
Only 2,000 awards were granted out of the 80,000
students and the 230,000 individual works and port-
folios submitted. Due to the prestige of this honor,
William now has the opportunity for his work to be dis-
played in the National Exhibition in New York and the
respective traveling tour, as well as the national online
gallery and the publication “The Best Teen Art and The
Best Teen Writing.”
It will come as no surprise that he plans to pursue a
dual degree in Photography (BFA) and Journalism
(BA) and hopes to attend Parsons School of
Design/The New School in New York City, New York.
William’s ultimate goal is to work as both a fine-art photographer, as well
as be featured in art galleries and museums, and be published in fashion
magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair.
William has trained his entire life for this moment writing for the school
newspaper, taking Photography 1, Photography 2, AP Studio Art 2D Design,
AP Studio Art Drawing, as well as classes at Syracuse University and Uni-
versity of Michigan.
“I became obsessed with taking photos of my close family and surround-
ings, and soon began doing photoshoots that were highly inspired by some
of my favorite artists such as Keith Haring, Cindy Sherman, and David La-
William’s time with art is intensely therapeutic.
“Much of my art is deeply personal and related to the occurrences and
people that are in my life,” he shares. “Art is a way that I am able to process
my emotions in a healthy, productive way and feel a sense of relief through
each piece I complete. Art is therapy for me in that
when words fail me, art is my mode of transferring my
internal thoughts and feeling onto a canvas, photo-
graph, sculpture, etc.”
He considers himself a mixed media artist and has
dabbled in sculpture, a variety of 2D media (oil pastel,
colored pen, charcoal, etc.), and is starting to begin
working with videography as an extension of his love
for photography.
At the core, William is optimistic, focused, and pas-
sionate. He gains inspiration from his favorite artist,
Keith Haring who’s popular drawings, cartoonish-
style, graffiti art origins, and popular themes related
to advocacy for the AIDS epidemic, LGBTQIA+ com-
munity, and social phenomena of the 80s/early 90s.
William lives by the words of Haring, “Whatever you
want to do, the only secret is to believe in it and satisfy
yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else.”
William is an exceptionally driven young man with en-
trepreneurial spirit already owning his own photography business doing
senior portraits, wedding/bridal showers, among other types of photo-
graphic work; yet he is also a typical teen who loves hanging out with
friends, thrifting, and participating in Ecology Club, Student Council, Interact
Club, among other community and service activities.
Beyond graduation, he looks forward to creating art that encompasses the
year of 2020 – art that addresses political occurrences, social movements
such as Black Lives Matter, the Me Too Movement, the youth culture of
Gen-Z, and quilting artists like Bisa Butler who are integrating photographs
of her black ancestry bringing to light the forgotten narratives of the black
community during the 19th and 20th centuries.
“The increased and ongoing striving for inclusivity and diversity within the
art community is at the forefront of “trends” and I’m thrilled that black artists
and people of color are finally getting their much-deserved recognition.”
-Kristen Kucharski, Photos Submitted
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 37
This Home Has It All
Superior craftsmanship and unique details abound in this light filled
home with spaces great for entertaining a crowd. The wide center foyer
with arches opening to generous sized rooms is sure to impress. Kitchen
with coffered ceiling and charming breakfast area opens to exceptionally
large stepdown family room with fireplace. Second level contains spa-
cious center hallway with desk area opening to 4 large bedrooms and 3
baths- as well as a sunny laundry room. Exterior spaces include a wide
inviting front porch, backyard brick patio, mature landscaping and more!
4 bed, 3.5 bath
4,200 sq ft / 0.3 acre lot
311 E Hawthorne Blvd, Wheaton, Illinois
(312) 857-9949
Presented by:
Amy Lorentsen
Brokered by:
Baird & Warner Glen Ellyn
38 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Centrally Located
Why wait for new construction when you
could own this nearly new centrally lo-
cated home. . This home is a convienient
walkable distance to Hawthorne Elemen-
tary, Franklin Middle School and Wheaton
North High School. Close proximity to
parks, library, restaurants and shopping.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 39
View Remodeling Gallery Online
NAPERVILLE– Recognized as a premiere remodeling company,
with a 10,000 square foot showroom in Naperville, HomeWerks
has a beautiful online gallery of photos and ideas to help you
plan your next remodeling dream come true. Now’s a great time
to start planning your next kitchen, bath or basement project!
Family owned and operated since 1996, HomeWerks special-
izes in full service remodeling. The kitchen and bath displays are
interactive, allowing visitors to experience many product features
first hand. With the focus of providing high quality products, pro-
fessional installation and exceptional customer service
HomeWerks Kitchen and Bath • www.myhomewerks.com
40 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Meet the Designers
The popular Naperville home accessory & gift boutique offers a wide array of services. From silk floral
arrangements and window treatments, to in-home design consultation. Meet this month’s featured de-
Mary Mazzeffi – Floral Designer
Mary has been in the floral industry for over 40 years—including 6 years as a holiday decorator at the
White House—and on the Nona Jo’s team for more than ten years. Her happiness is found in all things
green and colorful. Mary specializes in silk and fresh flower floral design, indoor and outdoor, seasonal,
and landscape planting. In other words, everything the floral industry has to offer! Mary’s background
also includes:
Floral Events and Seminars
Holiday Decorating
Seasonal Arrangements
Wedding Design
Furniture & Accessories Placement
Learn more today at www.nonajos.com
Beautiful Syle
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 41
by Mindy Kyle
Photos Submitted
Crushing the Competition with Service
WHEATON/GENEVA–Small business owner Hank Ebeling
knows the power of good customer service. Hank is the
owner of H4 Training in Wheaton and Geneva where he has
helped hundreds of clients get in shape, many that have come
to him off referrals. In this highly competitive field, Hank at-
tributes his successes to delivering outstanding customer
service and outstanding customer experiences. “No matter
what business you are in, you can boost sales, increase cus-
tomer satisfaction and loyalty by crushing the competition with
service,” says Hank.
Hank developed a passion for customer service early on in
his career and has spent years attending seminars and
courses, reading books, and listening to podcasts on the
topic. When the pandemic hit, and we were all locked down,
he figured this was the perfect opportunity to write a book on
these skills. “I thought small business owners could use the
advice and help now more than ever,” says Hank.
Crushing the Competition with Service guides business
owners on developing the proper service mindset as well as
developing the right team with that same mindset. It covers
the best tactics and strategies to wow your customers and
how to successfully handle complaints when faced with them.
Crushing the Competition with Service can be found currently
on Amazon. Hank is also available for coaching on increasing
profits, referrals, reviews and retention.
We’d Love to Meet Them! Introduce
Us at editorial@glancermagazine.com
42 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
This proud Naperville resident shares that helping local sellers and
buyers doesn’t feel like work making it easy to be dedicated and re-
sults oriented When she is hired to list a home she gains much of
the marketing inspiration from her sellers when she asks “ what do
you love about your home?” From there she designs high end cus-
toms booklets with professional photography & drone shots, de-
scriptions of updates, & develops unique ways to target the right
buyers on the internet. Restyling her listings with professional stag-
ing , 3D tours great for out of state buyers and constant follow up
with all parties are all included for her recipe of success! Susan is
currently meeting with sellers & buyers now in anticipation of a thriv-
ing Spring market~ Call luxury listing agent Susan Colella anytime
to discuss your real estate goals for 2021.
Susan Colella, Baird & Warner, (630) 946-3813
Susan Colella
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 43
To Give,
To Inspire
A Monthly Caring + Sharing Column
44 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
are over a year now in
pandemic mode, and al-
though we are beginning
to lighten up restrictions,
the wake has left hun-
dreds of thousands of in-
dividuals unemployed or
under-employed. At the
same time, half a million
tech jobs are vacant in
the United States at any
point in the year, some
90,000 of these are entry-level positions. However,
knowing that many people can’t afford training pro-
grams, CompTIA, headquartered in Downers Grove,
developed a charitable foundation called Creating IT
Futures that provides training in the tech industry na-
tionwide to those in need, helping them obtain long-
term financial security.
Creative IT Futures offers a free, intensive, short-term
tech training and job placement program tied to the
CompTIA A+ certification. This certification will help
someone land an entry-level tech job, such as help
desk support, that will offer a family-sustaining wage.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, help
desk support pays a median hourly wage of $26 – sig-
nificantly more than one would find in retail, hospitality
or service industries. “In 2019, 84 percent of our stu-
dents graduated, and 88 percent of graduates landed
a full-time paid position as an IT professional,” says
Charles Eaton, CEO of Creating IT Futures and Ex-
ecutive Vice President of Social Innovation at Comp-
TIA. “Our graduates tell us they are paying off debts,
saving for retirement, getting bonuses and promotions,
buying houses and raising families.”
Creating IT Futures
has also expanded
the foundation’s work
to tech-related STEM
education. “We are
very focused on ways
to create more tech
industry on-ramps
specifically for women
and people of color,
as they continue to be
under-represented in
the field,” says Eaton.
In 2017, they ex-
panded their pro-
grams into middle schools and high schools, and later
acquired TechGirlz, an innovative non-profit providing
free hands-on tech workshops to middle school girls.
The TechGirlz program is always looking for volunteers
to host workshops for their middle school audience.
Creating IT Futures is philanthropically run, relying on
individuals and corporate partners. For more infor-
mation on donating, volunteering or their programs,
visit www.creatingitfutures.org. “So many of the chal-
lenges we face globally could be solved if we provided
someone with a meaningful career and living wage,”
says Eaton. “We are proud to bring new tech talent to
the industry that would otherwise not be there, simply
because they lacked the opportunity to enter the tech
field by other means.”
Mindy Kyle is passionate about helping
people discover what brings them joy and to
live a full, healthy and happy life. She has
her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative
writing from DePaul University and is a vet-
eran of Chicago’s theater and commercial
world as well as a graduate of the Second City
Improv School. Mindy lives in Naperville with
her husband, three children and the cutest dog in
the land.
Local Non Profit Organization
In Downers Grove Is Creating I/T Futures
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 45
PENNY O’BRIEN – One word that
consistently comes to clients’ minds
when they think of Penny O’Brien is
“hustle.” As a Seller Representative
Specialist, she loves meeting with sellers
to discuss pre-market home improvements
and guide them to make their home “showtime
ready” when it hits the market. She strongly believes in professional staging
and offers it as a complimentary service. With a reputation for “good-looking
listings,” she helps clients realize a higher return and quicker sale. Penny
says “Staging transforms a home from average to amazing”.
Penny O'Brien Broker
Relocation Specialist / Negotiation Expert
(630) 207-7001 • penny.obrien@bairdwarner.com
Read Penny’s Local Industry
Expert Column at www.GlancerMagazine.com
PPeennnnyy OOBBiieenn
46 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
OSWEGO–Celebrate Earth Day in Oswegoland with two
great events on Saturday, April 17 at Prairie Point Park!
The FREE Earth Day Kite Fly from 10am-4pm is fun for
all ages. Bring your own kite to fly or kick back and watch
the pros. There will be professional demonstrations and
stunts using giant kites. Or let your best four-legged friend
run like the wind at the pop up “Arf” Day Dog Park avail-
able from 8:30am-6:30pm. Sit and stay for a meal at a
tasty food truck, and lap up a drink during the afternoon
Yappy Hour. Pre-registration is encouraged, $5 per dog.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 47
Locations In Wheaton & Geneva
WHEATON & GENEVA–It’s time to take care of #1 with
H4 Training! This program is best for individuals with very
specific needs who require dedicated attention. H-4’s
sessions focus on the specific goals of each client with
workouts tailored to each person. Visit online to learn
more and to check out the many other programs available
to you. H4 Training. Wheaton & Geneva locations.
48 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Local Mom Shares Her
Passion for Helping Others
NAPERVILLE–Naperville Chiropractic and Massage is a Sports Based
Chiropractic office that uses chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to
all joints of the spine and extremities.
They understand that each patient is unique and has specific problems
that need to be addressed in order to achieve wellness, which is why the
NCM team offers several different adjusting techniques, including;
• Diversified—A manual, hands on technique to manipulate the spine
• Thompson Drop Table—A gentle type of adjustment ideal for lumbar
spine and hip issues
• Activator Method—Involves the use of a handheld tool to gently and
specifically adjust your spine. Great for nervous patients!
To provide their patients with the best experience for their bodies, they may
also recommend massage, myofascial release, graston, kinesiotape, elec-
trical muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercises and ultrasound to improve
patient outcome.
Naperville Chiropractice & Massage is located at 47 E. Chicago
Avenue, Suite 332-B in Downtown Naperville.
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 49
Celebrate Spring
at Peck Farm
GENEVA– Peck Farm Park is a unique
park found in an urban environment
that offers residents and visitors a
place to slow down and enjoy quality
time surrounded by nature. All cur-
rent guidelines are being followed to
provide a safe experience, including so-
cial distancing and wearing masks. Kids
will love the Butterfly House and Hawks
Hollow Playground. Mom will love mak-
ing new memories!
Cozley Zoo 5K & 10K
Run for the Animals
WHEATON–Register for a fun morninge with family
and friends at Cosley Zoo in Wheaton!
Saturday, June 5, 2021 | 7am Start Time
Memorial Park (208 W Union Ave, Wheaton) or Virtual
Don’t miss this popular community race event that supports
Cosley Zoo! www.cosleyzoo.org
Private Play Time
NAPERVILLE– Explore, create, build, discover, think,
play, and more – all during your very own 90-minute
Private Play Time at DuPage Children’s Museum. The
Museum has been divided into two separate play ex-
periences. Each experience offers exclusive access
to select exhibits for your small group of up to 10 chil-
dren and adults including private restrooms assigned
to your group. www.dupagechildrens.org
50 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Brookfield Zoo Run
April 1-May 30
VIRTUAL EVENT–Join in on the
fun for a virtual Spring Run starting
April 1, 2021! The Zoo is finalizing
details now. Please check back for
additional information soon.Make
sure you sign up for the Brookfield
Zoo email newsletter so you re-
ceive regular updates, the latest
event news, and special offers di-
rect to your inbox!
Camp Naper at Naper Settlement
Returns with 18 New Camps
NAPERVILLE–Camp Naper will inspire your child to learn
about the past and make connections to the future! Choose
from 18 unique camps for every interest! From Camp Sketch
& Skulpt to STEM Camp, each camp offers unique hands-on
activities led by the museum's team of skilled educators. Un-
less otherwise noted, all camps are recommended for children
entering grades 1-6 in the fall.
Register Now for Baseball
Programs at the Naperville
Park District
NAPERVILLE–Introduce your child to the “great American pas-
time” of baseball with the Naperville Park District’s T-ball, Coach
Pitch and Girls’ Softball programs. Kids ages pre-K through 8th
grade can start by learning the basics of the game and gain con-
fidence through skills development and competition. The sport
of baseball is a great opportunity for kids to get involved with
athletics and learn the importance of teamwork and sportsman-
ship in addition to being active and having fun!
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 51
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 53
54 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 55
Valley View Dental offers a full array of general dentistry services,
cosmetic dentistry, periodontal, dental implants, orthodontics proce-
dures, and oral surgery. This includes Invisalign, BOOST Teeth
Whitening, CEREC one-day crowns, and same-day emergency
visits guaranteed. With a large staff of bi-lingual doctors and staff,
on-site labs at each location, extended business and weekend
hours, Valley View Dental has the ability to treat patients according
to their own schedules and convenience with all Covid-19 precau-
tions taken. Stop by and see why others in the community have
trusted Valley View Dental for over 20 years.
Located In Naperville, Montgomery & Romeoville
Valley View Dental • www.vvdental.com
56 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
All About Aptitude Testing
What are you doing after high school? After college?
Are you going to college? Do you need help to find the right
career choice?
The Career Vision Aptitude Advantage can help.
Aptitudes identify your strongest talents and the jobs you
would enjoy, and be good at doing. Combining your aptitudes
with your interests, Career Vision shows you specific career
choices. There are resources about college majors, job out-
look, and what you need to prepare for those careers.
If you have asked “What should I study?”, “What will I do after
college?” and want to learn how Career Vision can help, give
this reputable organization based out of Glen Ellyn a call.
Their assessment process is a positive and objective way to
give you the confidence to make good career choices. And,
your Personal Career Consultant will take time to discuss the
test results with you and also go over all of your choices.
If you are going to college and want to know why and what to
study, reach out to Career Vision today. If you have graduated
college and still haven’t found your best fit, the professional
consultants at Career Vision can help you, too. For over 30
years they have been helping people find their best career
Career Vision • www.careervision.org
• (630) 469-6270
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 57
58 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
WESTERN SUBURBS–Transform your life today! In Home Fitness
By Val & Team brings the workout to your home! Busy schedule?
Not ready for a public gym?
In Home Fitness by Val & Team provide private personalized work-
outs with real results! Whether you have a home gym or not, they
provide everything you need.
In Home Fitness by Val, brings professionalism and fitness expertise
to you. Enjoy the convienience of an in-home workout appointment.
Val and her team can't wait to help you on your fitness journey! First
session is FREE.
In Home Fitness by Val
Photo by Ashley Summers
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 59
All Things Beautiful for Spring
OSWEGO–Hop on into Velvet Grace in Oswego for an unexpected
combination of décor using textures, accents, frames, lighting, and
wall art. Our design specialists can suggest the perfect amount
of warmth for your home that speaks to your heart and soul. To
treat yourself or someone special, we also offer women’s ap-
parel, bath & body, candles, jewelry, hats, handbags, and un-
common trinkets. Velvet Grace is a proud retailer of the #1,
easy-to-use, Chalk Paint®, by Annie Sloan and we can guide you
with your first project.
4025 US 34 Oswego • (630) 636.6570
SHOP NOW velvetgrace.shop
60 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 61
Visit Us Online or at Our Local Pop-Up
NORTH AURORA–Urban Echo Shop features on trend essentials for
the stylish at heart– from clothing and accessories, to home decor,
furniture, gifts and seasonal trends.
Owned by a mom and her daughter in Sugar Grove, Illinois, Urban
Echo Shop was created to be an adored virtual hometown boutique
where only the latest styles and trends are featured. Residents are
invited sit back and relax while browsing the shop’s simplified trend
collections. Each day is a new day at Urban Echo Shop.
1790 Town Centre Dr., North Aurora • Vendor #3 • At the Entrance
62 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
Destination Dress Boutique Since 2009
Special Occasions has been charming area residents throughout Chicago-
land since 2009 as a premiere destination location for beautiful gowns, dresses and
evening wear. Guests travel from near and far to experience the selection of their
dream dress in person, not just online. Upon entry into this beautiful downtown Batavia
shop, you are welcomed by an array of unique dresses that you can touch and feel,
offering you endless possibilities as you search for your dream dress, along with a
knowledgeable stylist who is there to guide you. Here, you will find each season’s
most sought after styles and must-have dresses. Founded by Mary Marconi-Popiel in
2009, the shop’s attention to detail makes the ordinary more extraordinary, giving you
a shopping experience that you will not forget. Special Occasions does not simply sell
dresses– this local dress boutique sell dreams! Visit today for your next Special Occasion.
SPECIAL! Enjoy 30% Off Select Gowns
2 N Batavia Ave., Batavia, Illinois, (630) 406-1515
Glancer Magazine • APRIL 2021 • WESTERN SUBURBS • 63
Jeans and a Cute Top Shop Invites You In
WHEATON & ST. CHARLES–Jeans and a Cute Top Shop is a women's con-
temporary apparel boutique in downtown Wheaton and St. Charles. The Whea-
ton store also features a curated pre-loved collection of boutique brands that
have been "bought back" from their customers and resell for $10-$40. If you
have gently worn items, just a few years old, from respected boutiques or cloth-
ing stores, bring to the Wheaton store. If accepted, we pay $5 Cute Cash for
each item. Cute Cash can be redeemed in any Jeans and a Cute Top Shop.
How fun is that? Visit the shop in Wheaton or St. Charles or shop online today.
Spring 2021 is here. Be sure you are fashion ready.
Spring 2021
64 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
1. Naperville
fund was created as
a win-win-win to sup-
port frontline workers
who need our sup-
port, local businesses
who need our patron-
age, and the residents
of Naperville who want to
do what they do best, help
each other. 100% of the
funds collected are managed
by teams at the Naperville Area
Chamber of Commerce and the
Downtown Naperville Alliance in
conjunction with Naperville area res-
taurants and nourish our frontline health-
care workers with individually packed meals
from various Naperville area restaurants. Meals are
delivered to Edward-Elmhurst Health, as well as the
Naperville Police and Fire Departments.
3. Fox Valley
United Way
you are in need of serv-
ices in Kane County during
this taxing time call 2-1-1.
Live specialists are on hand
24 hours a day, 7 days a
week to discuss your needs
and concerns and connect
you to a wide range of local
and state-wide resources.
This includes business assis-
tance resources, rent assis-
tance, childcare help, food,
shelter, help with aging parents,
legal assistance, domestic abuse
and much more. This also includes
the most accurate and up-to-date in-
formation regarding the Coronavirus
from our most reliable and trusted local and
national experts. Calls are confidential and
help is available in over 150 languages. Alter-
nate number: 1-888-865-9903.
66 • WESTERN SUBURBS • APRIL 2021 • Glancer Magazine
"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." –Coretta Scott King
It’s been a long, unusual year filled with much anxiety and uncertainty throughout the community. Today, as each locality starts to blossom with
COVID-19 restrictions lessening, many businesses are beginning down a new path, navigating through change and may need some help while doing so.
This month e feature 7 Spectacular Places Helping to Reshape the Community, each offering a unique way to help help the community.
2. Naperville Kindness Network
Administered at the direction of Mayor
Chirico’s office, Naperville Kindness
Network seeks to share resources for
those who need help and concrete
ways that people can offer help in many
different areas serving many different
5. People’s Resource Center
DUPAGE–With a team of over 2,600 volunteers,
People’s Resource Center offers DuPage County res-
idents nutritious food and other basic necessities like
clothes and rent and mortgage assistance for people facing
tough times. They also connect people with resources—edu-
cation and tutoring, jobs, technology, art, a caring com-
munity—to create a future of hope and opportunity for all.
4. Kane County Assistance Programs
KANE COUNTY–Find financial help in Kane County from char-
ities, churches, and the government DHS office. Organizations
can help with rent or security deposits, pass out free groceries
or clothes, offer medical care or prescription vouchers, and address other
needs of the low income. Charities in Aurora as well as the Geneva re-
gion also offer free back to school supplies or gasoline vouchers as well
as Christmas toys. There is also financial help from foundations in Kane
County, job training programs, work from job positions, and more. Learn
how and where to apply for cash grants, budgeting classes, job place-
ment, and emergency financial aid.
7. DuPage Foundation
DUPAGE–DuPage Foundation’s goal is to raise the qual-
ity of life throughout DuPage County. As DuPage County's
leading conduit for charitable giving, DuPage Foundation provides:
personalized charitable services for community-minded philanthro-
pists; strategic grantmaking through Community Needs Grant Pro-
gram and initiatives; and assistance to not-for-profits in building and
administering their own endowments. DuPage Foundation created
the DuPage Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund to help fuel local
not-for-profits that will be impacted by and charged with responding
to the repercussions of this emergency.
6.Choose DuPage
DUPAGE–Choose DuPage is committed to assisting and
connecting businesses in DuPage County with the resources
they need during this time. If your business is in need of as-
sistance and you are not sure where to turn, you can view a list of busi-
ness and industry resources related to COVID-19 at
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